Clever Ways Of Adding Wine Glass Racks To Your Home’s Décor

Where do you keep your wine glasses? Is it a hanging wine glass rack, a cabinet, one of those traditional wine glass holders or something completely different that you prefer? The possibilities and storage solutions are diverse and they each have their own defining characteristics that make them special. Choosing a certain type has to do with a lot of details including the space’s destination, size and type of décor or style.

Ceiling-mounted racks


Integrating a wine glass rack in the kitchen can be a problem, usually because of the lack of space. However, certain types are created specifically to let you get around this problem, like this one hanging from the ceiling, above the kitchen island which also serves as a bar.{found on greatneighborhoodhomes}.


A rustic wine glass rack can be made of wood and attached to the ceiling using metal chains. It can be a simple DIY project and it would look beautiful in an industrial or rustic space, with a wooden ceiling, exposed beams and rough finishes.{found on colliescustomdesigns}.


This suspended wine glass rack is extremely interesting. The way it interacts with the light fixtures is intriguing. The two functions seem to become part of the same intricate design. The rack hangs above the dining table and can be accessed by all those sitting there.{found on designservicesnw}.

Under-cabinet racks


Under-cabinet wine glass racks are also practical and space-efficient. They can be combined with a wine rack and integrated into the kitchen furniture. The glasses can be placed above the sink, making it easy to wash and dry them.


This type of wine racks can be easily attached to the underside of the kitchen cabinets. They’re simple accessories which one can add even after the whole furniture is designed and installed. It can be part of a remodel.


In the case of an under-cabinet wine glass rack, the module directly above it can be a series of open shelves or it can have a glass door. This space would serve as a wine rack for the bottles. It can also be used for other purposes.{found on richlandrenovations}.


If the glass rack is part of the kitchen furniture from the beginning then it can be integrated into the cabinetry and placed at a higher level so the glasses perfectly align with the underside of the other cabinets forming a straight line.


Usually a combination between a wine rack and a glass rack is preferred. The two go hand in hand and they’re often part of the same design. The wine glass rack is attached to the underside of the wine rack cabinet in this case.{found on hugheskitchens}.


In the case of a wine cellar, the wine glass rack can be squeezed in a nook between the shelves designed to hold the bottles.{found on revelcellars}.

Shelf racks.


To maintain a simple and casual look, you could opt for a simple wall-mounted shelf with a built-in wine glass rack underneath. Keep the bottles on the shelf and the glasses close-by. The shelf can be mounted onto the kitchen backsplash.{found on importtile}.


This is a similar idea except for the fact that the shelf and glass rack is attached to two large cabinets, supporting it on either side. A second shelf mounted above this one makes the whole arrangement look natural and cohesive.{found on naubuilders}.

Wall-mounted racks


Wall-mounted wine glass racks can take many forms. This one is really simple and can be made out of reclaimed wood or from a wooden pallet. Its size can be adjusted according to personal needs and preferences.


Similarly, this rack has a simple and rustic construction. It’s made using reclaimed wood and has a compartment for the bottles and a glass rack underneath. The top shelf is a nice display area for decorations.

Wine Bottle and Glass Holder

This rack mimics the shape of a wine barrel. The curved wood gives it a really interesting look. There are three holes designed to hold three bottles and six spaces for wine glasses on the top and bottom shelves.Available for $119.


Given how simple these designs are, they can be easily turned into DIY projects and transformed and customized. This one has an industrial look an is made with metal pipes and wood. It has six slots for glasses and a shelf able to accommodate up to six bottles.Available for $125.


Simple and straight-forward, this wall-mounted rack is not only good-looking for also space-saving and really versatile. It can be placed pretty much anywhere given its reduced dimensions. It has a built-in rack for stemmed glasses and a box shelf for bottles.Available for $50.


Built using reclaimed wood from pallets and with a dark finish, this rack features four slots for bottles which places them horizontally and space for 4 stemmed glasses at the center. A small shelf offers room for decorations or for more bottles.Available for $75.


There are also other more complex designs such as this one. The whole design is actually not that complicated and it too can be transformed into a DIY project. The bottles are stored at an angle and the glasses underneath.


But if you’re looking for a really simple solution and don’t want something sophisticated or particularly elegant, such a design may be just what you need. It’s the type of wine glass rack that can be installed in any kitchen.{found on apartmenttherapy}.


The artwork in this living room goes really well with the two wall-mounted wine glass racks. All three elements are decorations for the wall, transforming this whole surface into a focal point.{found on marrokal}.



A different solution is to hide the wine glass racks inside a cabinet module. This works out great in this case because the kitchen is open and the rack is placed in the corner cabinet facing the living space. It can be easily accessed without occupying the kitchen.

6 Ft Boat Wine Rack Glass Holder

But if you truly want your wine rack to stand out, consider something completely different. This one was made by repurposing a boat. It became a freestanding rack for wine bottles and glasses and it’s a sculptural piece that can fit in a corner or that can be placed anywhere else. Either way, it will stand out and it will become a focal point for that room.Available on Etsy.