How To Combine Ikea Items To Build Your Own Wine Rack

Ikea has so many versatile and affordable products that this almost completely eliminates the need for custom furniture designers. You can take care of all your store needs yourself by transforming and combining Ikea products to get what you need. For example, you can make your own Ikea wine rack using a variety of other products such as:

Besta frame + Inreda shelves.

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Use a Besta frame, a Besta glass door, the Inreda mirrored glass shelf insert, 4 Inreda shelves and some lumber to make this piece for your home. It’s perfect for keeping your wine collection organized and all the glasses and accessories in the same place.{found on ikeahackers}.

Billy bookcase.

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A 15” wide Billy Bookcase should be just what you need to fill the space between a cabinet and a wall and to put it to good use. You can transform that niche into a wine rack. You can make two smaller shelf out of each bookcase shelf.{found on ikeahackers}.

Expedit shelving.

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Once you’ve assembled the Expedit, add a wood top which you can find locally. Stain it the desired shade and use glue and clamps to attach it to the shelving unit. Then, if you want, you can also use some pieces of wood to divide the cubbies into four triangular spaces to make them look more like a wine rack.{found on foxandhammer}.

Expedit shelving unit.

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If you want a tall, vertical wine rack, the Expedit single shelving unit should be just what you need. Assemble it leave out the topmost shelf to make room for tall bottles. You can later add two stemware holders to use the remaining vertical space.

Akurum wall cabinet + Perfekt wine shelf and Lidi glass doors.

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Here are the steps you need to follow in this case. Assemble the Akurum wall cabinet frame and then the Perfekt wine shelf. Use the bolts and clamps to put together the two pieces. Attach the 6 legs to the corners of the cabinets and then attach the doors and the door pulls. Then add the wine glasses rack and the butcher block top.{found on site}.

Besta shelf unit + Inreda shelves + Observator bottle racks.

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You need 8 Observator bottle racks for this project. Also, you’ll need wood trim, wood stain, a drill and a rotary tool. Cut the brackets and the bottle racks so they can fit in the shelf unit. Drill the receiving holes in the brackets and insert the bottle racks into them. Put the rack inside the shelf unit. Do this for each shelf.{found on ikeahackers}.

Perfekt wine shelf.

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The Ikea Perfekt wine shelf is great for the kitchen because it fits nicely in the space under the island. So basically you just have to put it there. Paint it if you want so it can match the rest of the kitchen or the island.{found on ikeahackers}.

Perfekt storage system.

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When space is limited, you can only use a portion of the Perfekt storage system to make a wine cabinet. Even better, you can make a niche inside a wall and put the cabinet in there. Add molding on the other edges for a finished look.{found on ikeahackers}.

Expedit bookcase.

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If you want a large wine rack, then use a large Expedit bookcase. Customize it with some MDF to make compartments for the wine bottles inside the cubbies. Some can remain as they are and you can put crates in them.

Hutten wine rack.

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The Hutten 9-bottle wine rack is perfect for the staircase wall or any other wall in your home if you prefer the wall-mounted system. In this particular case, the steps followed include cutting off the three shelves just beyond the first cross bar on each side, screwing the top and bottom shelves to the side-brace and gluing the middle shelf in. then the racks were screwed to the wall.{found on ikeahackers}.

Grundtal double towel bar.

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Two Grundtal towel bars can be put together to make a beautiful and modern wine rack. It’s a really simple project which doesn’t require you to modify anything. Just screw the racks to the wall.{found on ikeahackers}.