Tub Shower Combo: Take Your Bathroom Design To The Next Level

A tub shower combo might be the design element your bathroom is missing. Should you have a tub in your bathroom or should it be a shower? With tub to shower remodel ideas, don’t worry if you have limited space.

Tub Shower Combo

There are plenty of small bathroom tub and shower ideas, so finding one that’s right for you isn’t hard.

Ask yourself, do you like the option of a bubble bath or shower? If yes, a tub shower combo is a no-brainer. Here, we’ll look at tub shower combos that will offer enough inspiration for you to take your bathroom space to the next level.

What Is A Shower Tub Combo Called?

A shower tub combo is known as a “tub/shower.” The combo consists of a bathtub and a shower fixture. It allows you to take a bath or a shower in the same area.

Tub Shower Combo Pros And Cons

If you want to install a tub shower combo for your bathroom remodel project, before you begin, weigh the pros and cons.


  • Saves space: When you install a shower and bathtub together rather than separate, you will save space.
  • Inexpensive: With bathroom installation kits, they’re cheaper, so they help you save money.
  • Versatile: Tub and shower combos address the needs of your family and house guests. The setup doesn’t exclude anyone.
  • Resale value: A home with at least one bathtub is easier to sell than a home without one at all. If you have a tub and shower combo, you can have a bathtub without sacrificing a shower.


  • Accessibility: With walk in tubs, you have to get in the tub to check the water. Most tubs today feature anti-scald valves, but they’re not foolproof.
  • Water Waste: In comparison, showers use 12 to 40 gallons of water depending on water pressure and shower time lengths.
  • Time: Unlike a shower, adjust the water temperature in a bathtub takes longer.

Bathroom Layout

Tub Shower Combo Pros And Cons

You have many options for your bathroom layout. Your first option is to install the shower in the tub, which happens to be perfect for small bathrooms.

A second option would be to separate the tub and shower while keeping them in the same space. A glass wall zone is a common choice.

Your third option would be tub and shower enclosures. This involves installing a smaller tub and shower in a designated area of your bathroom.

Tub Shower Wall Enclosure

If you want a tub shower enclosure, there are a few things you will need to do before installing one.

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
The shower can be designed to serve as a walk-through to the tub

This example showcases a tub shower enclosure that’s separate room rather than a designated space. If you have the space and the budget, this design would offer maximum comfort and privacy.

Swinging Door Enclosure

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
The side by side tub and the shower form a separate unit

This is another example of a tub shower enclosure. The tub and shower are separated from the bathroom by a glass wall.

Tub Shower Spa Enclosure

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
In a large bathroom, you can put the tub inside a spacious shower

Imagine turning your tub shower enclosure into. a spa? As you can see in this example, if you have the space, it can be done.

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
Take advantage as the natural light and views as much as possible

The tile floor and bathtub shower combo work well together and against the floor to ceiling window.

Although you’ll never have a problem with availability, you should plan in advance. You will need to figure out where to put the shower door so it doesn’t interfere with the vanity or toilet.

You don’t always need a glass door to separate the shower and tub from the rest of your bathroom.

Shower door options.

It’s important to plan everything in advance. For example, you need to figure out where to put the shower door so it doesn’t interfere with the vanity or toilet. Of course, you don’t necessarily need a door. You can opt for a simple glass wall to separate the zones or for curtains.

Tub Shower Curtain Enclosure

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
If you value your privacy you can install curtains to hide the shower

In this example, a white curtain divides the tub shower enclosure from the bathroom.

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
A glass wall divider can also be enough to separate the zones

Country Farmhouse Bathroom

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
If you absolutely must have a shower door, make sure you can use it comfortably

The copper washbasin catches the eye point with this layout. With this design, you’ll notice the shower and tub are next to one another, yet separate.

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
If the shower is in the corner, there should be enough room for a door

This example features an open sauna look that relies on natural light. Notice how the corner features two windows with the bathtub underneath. The shower area is enclosed with a glass wall and door, and is a separate thing.


Waterproofing is vital when you have a two-in one shower and tub combo. You need to be careful when choosing the drain, tiles, and all the other materials. Built-in tubs are much easier to install and waterproof than freestanding tubs.

Also, you have to make sure your walls are waterproofed too so it would be a good idea to let the tiles go all the way up to the ceiling.

Jack And Jill Dual Showers

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
If you don’t have a shower door, at least get a mat so you don’t carry the water

A Jack and Jill bathroom adaptation of the tub shower aesthetic. With this layout, the only thing you’d have to share is the bathtub.

Shabby Chic Bathroom

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
Cover the floor, walls and even the ceiling with tiles if you like to splash water around

The retro style is captured by the green and white tile that screams The 70s.

Bath House Style

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
The shower needs a separate drain, preferably placed in the center

This space was modeled after a men’s public bath house.

Traditional Bathroom Style

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
Waterproofing is super easy when the shower is in the tub

Unlike the other examples, the focal point with this layout are the farmhouse arch shaped windows. The light gray tile accents the traditional white bathtub, toilet, and sink.

Sunken Tub

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
If you want a relaxing mood, a sunken tub and a few candles should do the trick

In this design, the bathtub is built into the ground. The shower is next to and is separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass partition wall.

Freestanding Tub Shower Enclosure

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
A fold-down bench or stool can be very useful in the shower

A vintage men’s spa from the 20s is what this space is all about. The fancy faucets and round mirror offer class and elegance.

Glass Partition Wall

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
Place the shower arm at a comfortable height

A glass partition half wall offers less maintenance and repair responsibilities. Because of its location, it won’t scratch easily.

DIY Tub Surrounds

A tub surround is a vertical area above your bathtub. Tub surrounds are available in many styles. They can look like natural granite, marble, and stone.

Bathtub surrounds are made of PVC composite material. This makes them easy to work with and clean. For example, you’ll never have to worry about grout lines, as sealing isn’t required.

Faux Granite Tile Surround

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
Install hooks and consider built-in storage to save space

The surround in a faux granite tile color. The white freestanding tub is the focal point for this design.

Small Bathroom Space

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
A stool can become a side table when you prefer a bath instead of a shower

The free standing bath is the focal point of the space. After you open the glass door, you can wash underneath the shower before easing into the freestanding tub.

Vintage Tub Shower Combo

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
In a shared bathroom, it could be useful to have two showerheads

This vintage style tub shower combo is a master bathroom design. You’ll notice there isn’t a curtain marking the tub shower enclosure.

Bathtub shower combo fireplace on wall
The shower floor should be non-slip in a side-by-side layout

Why put your tub in the shower or vice-versa? The answer is simple, because it looks good and it’s a practical option, balancing function and style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Much Is A Walk In Tub With Shower?

A walk in tub with shower can cost anywhere between $1,500 to over $20,000. The average tub shower combo installation costs $1,500. If installation requires larger pipes or a wall surround, they will impact pricing. You’ll need to cover labor expenses, which involve removing your old tub.

Does A Walk In Tub Add Value To A House?

It depends on the location of your house, the people who live there, and potential buyers. Walk-in tubs add value to a home if there are elderly and physically disabled individuals residing in it. When you upgrade your bathroom to a tub shower layout, it increases safety and security for its users.

Let’s face it, showers are dangerous and uncomfortable. For the elderly and those suffering from physical injury, using a shower to bathe is out of the question.

Are Walk In Tubs Tax Deductible?

If a walk in tub is purchased for medical safety reasons, it’s a medical expense. Therefore, the materials and installation costs are tax deductible as a Medical and Dental Expense on your IRS tax forms. It would be the same thing if you purchased a medical device.

Contact your company’s HR department ask if they would be willing to let you write a tub shower combo off as a business expense.

What Is A Bariatric Tub?

A bariatric walk-in tub is an easy-access bathtub that has a door and seat and is designed to hold large bathers over 300 pounds. In addition to a wide tub frame, these tubs have wide doors and wide seats. Many brands are wheelchair accessible.

How Big Of A Water Heater Do You Need For A Walk In Tub?

The typical walk in tub requires at least a 50 gallon water heater. Even if your tub is not that big, fill it with at least two-thirds full of hot water.

Can You Use A Tankless Water Heater With A Walk In Tub?

We recommend either a heat pump water heater or a tankless water heater for your walk in tub. Both options are more energy-efficient and seem to offer better advantages than other water heaters.

Before you buy one, call customer support for a second opinion. You can find their contact information on their website.

Tub Shower Combo Conclusion

Homeowners have embraced the tub shower trend. The bathroom design concept continues to evolve and surprise. It seemed the walk in shower would be the ongoing dominant force, but not so. The tub shower has moved beyond novelty status, and it seems the trend is real.

What people like most about the bathtub shower setup is how it has inspired them to use bathtubs again. Plus, a home with a bathtub has a higher resale value than one that doesn’t. Take a photo with a bathtub shower combo in the background and watch how people react. The concept is the freshest thing to happen to bathroom design since the advent of the stand up shower.