DIY Wall Decor For a Serene Bedroom

Everybody knows that the main purpose of a bedroom is sleep. You actually sleep for about one third of your life! Since you spend so much time on this activity, it’s important that your bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. You want to walk into this space and instantly feel like a weight is lifted from your shoulders. So creating a relaxing environment with serene decor is essential. Rather than cluttering the space with extraneous chairs and desks, decorate with wall art. There are lots of DIYs that are perfectly appropriate for a serene bedroom. Take a look at these 20 projects and decide which bedroom wall art will be best for your bedroom.

DIY juju hatsView in gallery

Juju hats have become vastly popular for decorating in just about every room of the house. Make yourself a few sizes in different neutral shades for a trendy and soft look above your bed. (via Craftberry Bush)

Minimal Thanksgiving BannersView in gallery

Maybe your life is full of stress and you find yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed more often than not. DIY a banner like this one that displays a positive phrase that will help you to embrace the day each morning.

DIY botanical frameView in gallery

Some of the best relaxing decor is green. Whether you collect leaves from your backyard or hit the craft store for fake ones, a botanical frame will look amazing wherever you display it. (via The Urban Acres)

DIY gilded driftwoodView in gallery

Who doesn’t love a good Anthropologie hack? A piece of dipped driftwood might be outrageous for your wallet, but you can DIY the exact same look and create the perfect piece to hang above your bed. (via Domestic Bliss Squared)

DIY watercolor artView in gallery

When it comes to watercolor, I’m all in. This piece of art can be made in whichever color matched your bedroom scheme. You’ll be glad you have such a large piece for above your bed or over your dresser. (via Atilio)

DIY feather mobileView in gallery

Mobiles aren’t only for kids. When you have such a gorgeous gilded feather mobile like this one, you’ll want to hang it above your bedside table so you can enjoy it every morning. (via Homey Oh My)

DIY ombre twig artView in gallery

Time to touch up on your spray paint skills. You’ll want to be sure you have them primed for this ombre twig hanging. Those colors of blue and green will be the perfect serene touch for your bedroom. (via Grow Creative)

DIY wood metal signView in gallery

Rustic wooden signs are a major trend at the moment. So grab that old pallet you stashed in your shed and create this beauty to display your initials or a sweet quote. (via Beckham and Belle)

DIY coffee filter wreathView in gallery

Coffee filters are cheap and ridiculously versatile. You can easily dye them any color you like and then create this pretty floral looking wreath. (via Ciao Mama)

DIY faux fur monogramView in gallery

Faux fur is a great way to add a bit of pizzaz to any home decor. So a white furry monogram for your bedroom wall will not only fill a space with interest but it will add to your serene vibes. (via The Sassy Life)

DIY moon phase mobileView in gallery

Decorating your bedroom in moon phases seems awfully appropriate for a room you spend your nights in. This marbled clay moon mobile is perfect for filling that strange corner behind your closet door. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY wood slice chalkboardView in gallery

Chalkboard is always acceptable, no matter what room you’re in. But chalkboard on a wood slice is extra brilliant because it brings a touch of nature into your room. (via Krafty Kath)

DIY beaded mirrorView in gallery

If you’re thinking that your room isn’t big enough for wall decor, it’s time to make smart decor decisions. You probably have a mirror in your bedroom, right? So take some wooden beads and transform your mirror into a work of simple art. (via Sinnen Rausch)

DIY sihlouette platesView in gallery

Some people say you shouldn’t include photographs in your bedroom decor, especially of your kids. But some moms can’t resist. These silhouette plates are a lovely in between for those of you on the fence about it. (via Homemade Ginger)

DIY crotchet wall hangingView in gallery

You’ve seen the woven wall art, no doubt. But this crocheted wall hanging is so delicate and a great way to start learning the craft of crocheting. (via Persia Lou)

DIY eucalyptus garlandView in gallery

Thinking your bedroom needs a little life? Make a lovely eucalyptus garland that will drape beautifully wherever you hang it. It will add that bit of green and smell amazing at the same time. (via Homey Oh My)

DIY wire starView in gallery

Wire is cheap and easy to work with. So if you’ve been searching for some simple wall art for your country styled bedroom, DIY shapes out of black wire and hang them wherever you please. (via For The Love Of)

DIY wallpaper hangingView in gallery

Some of the prettiest patterns around come in gift wrap, of all things! Grab hold of this affordable DIY and hang your favorite patterned gift wrap like a print in your bedroom. (via Francois et Moi)

DIY burlap boardView in gallery

Do you ever have trouble choosing just one art print to display on your wall? DIY a burlap pin board that will hold all your favorites in a lovely way. (via DIY Weekend Wife)

DIY rustic shelf decorView in gallery

So maybe a shelf isn’t actually wall art. But a shelf can hold all kinds of things, like plants and books and vases and candles and bottles. And suddenly you’ll find that it’s become a piece of wall art in your bedroom. (via The Whimsical Wife)