Ways to Use Pumpkins in Your Centerpiece

Fall is such an easy season to decorate for. With the colorful leaves, the brown acorns and the bright orange pumpkins, it’s impossible not to find something to suit your home, especially your dining room table. As friends gather for hearty soups and homemade bread, you want your centerpiece to reflect the season. Hands down, pumpkins are the best way to go. There are so many creative ways to work them into your fall centerpiece, whether they are the main attraction or just an extra pop to what you already have. Here are 14 ways to use pumpkins in your centerpiece.

pumpkin vase

Use your pumpkin as a vase! You can use a real one or a fake one. Either way, cut a hole in the middle, insert a glass vase and fill it up with leaves and autumn flowers and grass. It will end up being your most beautiful centerpiece yet. (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)

brushstroke pumpkin

If you’d rather stick with the pumpkins themselves, think paint. Use some gold and white to add a little glamour to your fall table and create a centerpiece that will put Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage to shame. (via The Merrythought)

marbled pumpkin

Do you go for as much color as possible when decorating your home? That doesn’t rule out using pumpkins. Give them a pretty coat of white and then use your favorite nail polish shades to marble them. If you were looking for feminine and colorful, this is it. (via A Bubbly Life)

chalkboard pumpkins

Chalkboard paint has so many uses, some of them being purely for looks. Paint your pumpkins with chalkboard paint to get a matte pumpkin effect that will look right at home in your country styled dining room. (via The Casual Craftlete)

pumpkin votives

Who doesn’t love a warm vanilla candle in the fall? Hallow out some of those tiny pumpkins and use them as votives for your fall candles. It’s a win win when you can make your smells match your decor like this. (via Little Monster)

sweater pumpkins

Do you have an out-grown child’s sweater? Or maybe an un-trendy sweater? Before you toss it or donate it, use that fabric to your advantage. Make these little sweater pumpkins that will enjoy gracing your centerpiece… and your bookshelf… and your coffee table.

thumbtack pumpkin

Get your thumbtack game on because you’re going to want to craft this shiny guy. Just use those gold office tacks and start layering for the sparkliest centerpiece pumpkin anyone will ever see. (via Kenmore)

menu pumpkin

Let your guests know what you’re having for supper by writing your menu on a larger pumpkin. While you’ll want to use your prettiest handwriting for it, at least it will be easy to wipe off and start over if you slip up. (via The Merrythought)

pedestal pumpkins

Do you have guests coming but you have no time to create any fancy centerpiece? Go the simple route by putting pumpkins on top of pedestals or even candlesticks you already have. Easiest fall centerpiece ever. (via Homey Oh My)

tp roll pumpkin

Let your kids get in the fall centerpiece action with this one! Cover toilet paper tubes in paper or glitter or whatever other fall colored materials you like. Then cut them in strips and string them around a stick for a fun rustic looking pumpkin. (via Domestically Blissful)

contact paper pumpkin

Hellooooo contact paper. Not only does it work for transforming furniture and flowerpots, you can use it to spruce up your pumpkins too! Just imagine these beauties sitting among some glowing tealights on your dining room table. (via Homey Oh My)

simple pumpkins

Here’s another simple I’m-out-of-time idea. Load up on some mini pumpkins and a bouquet of fall flowers while you’re at the grocery. Then just poke some holes, stick your flowers in and line ’em up on your table for maximum fall effect. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

gold leaf pumpkins

Gold leaf is another multi purpose craft medium. It looks especially stunning when covering some white pumpkins like this. I can see these as the centerpiece at a wedding or a fancy grown up dinner party. (via Coastal Bride)

houseplant pumpkin

Maybe you have all the time in the world but very little money to do projects. The frugal thing to do would be to buy one or two small pumpkins and nestle then among the succulents and houseplants you already have. Talk about easy fall decor. (via Yummy Mummy Kitchen)