6 Tips To Using Coral In The Kitchen

Coral is fresh, modern, feminine, bright and spunky. It’s a color that’s meant to feel playful and clean. And using it as the main source of color in the kitchen, puts you on the fast track to a super stylish and cheerful space. Today we’re here to give your a few ideas on how to put that fierce shade to work in your own kitchen. Sit back, relax, grab some coffee and enjoy our 6 tips and tricks to using coral in the kitchen! It’ll help springboard some ideas and help you decide what path to take!

1. Pair it with some woods.

Coral kitchen1

Bright coral colors set off any shade of brown, which is why it’s the perfect pairing for wood cabinet and finished. The orange tones in coral compliment the grains of any wood surface and make the pretty color pop.

2. Pair it with whites.

Coral kitchen1

If you want a more delicate look try pairing your corals with creamy shades of white and taupe. It tones down the drama of contrasting browns and coral and gives a lighter look and feel to the room. It’s also much brighter, open up your windows for some natural light and you’ll have a definite happy, playful space to bake some cookies in!

3. Mix with other fun colors.

Coral kitchen1

Coral goes well with a variety of blues and greens. Try adding a bit of aqua to them mix to make your space even more cheerful and fun. Use stainless steel appliances to balance out the excess color as well.

4. Use it in the details only.

Coral kitchen1

Instead of using coral as the main source of wall paint, just use it as the bright-spot detailing. Coral knobs, coral chairs, coral towels … it’ll act as the focal point for your kitchen without overwhelming the entire space with it’s orangey-pink hues.

5. Modernize it.

Coral kitchen1

Coral is a great color to use in very sleek, chic modern kitchen. It’s very crisp and adds to the clean lines of a contemporary kitchen. It’ll be the stylish part of the space but won’t take away from the minimalistic theme.

6. Try deeper shades.

Coral kitchen1

Coral comes in a variety of shades, so use it to your advantage. If you don’t want something overly feminine, add some masculinity by pairing woods with a deeper shade of coral that has more red to it. It does the same in complimenting but doesn’t scream girlish charm.