Luxury Bathroom Designs That Revive Forgotten Styles

Luxury is a state of mind, a concept linked to our desire to reach our full potential and to stand out as individuals. But how is it materialized? How is a luxury bathroom any different than a standard one? Well, in many ways actually. A lot of things can make a bathroom stand out in a glamorous and luxurious way. Things like a bathroom vanity or a mirror can be the features that transform the space from boring to outstanding. But it’s not only that. Everything has to be in sync and to follow the same line in order for the overall design and decor to truly look luxurious.

Double bathroom vanity with gold taps and faucets

Opulence is not always the key to creating a luxurious and outstanding decor. Sometimes it’s just a matter of selecting the right materials and finishes and putting together the right shapes.

Traditional somptuous bathroom vanity

Luxury bathrooms differentiate themselves through their strong visual impact, whether that’s based on simplicity or on heavy ornamentation. A luxurious bathroom seeks styles that have been forgotten and brings them back to life by giving them an update.

Victorian bathroom vanity in black and gold

Black and gold has always been an elegant and sophisticated combination of colors. It’s rarely seen in bathrooms and that makes it special and perfect for a luxurious look.

Round gold bathroom sinks

In fact, adding gold to a decor can transform it from plain to outstanding. Too much gold, however, can have a negative effect on the overall look and ambiance of a space.

Old wood bathroom vanity can be luxury

A luxurious bathroom is decorated with bespoke accent pieces, carefully selected accessories and lighting fixtures and high-quality materials. This one has it all.

Bronze bathrom vanity with black mirror accents

Ornamentation is often a defining characteristic for glamorous and luxurious spaces. A bathroom vanity like this one is designed to stand out in an elegant and sophisticated way without necessarily being the focal point of the room.

Luxury leather on walls and gold faucets

In order to attain luxury, you have to be attentive of all the little details like the way the wallpaper interacts with the mirror or the visual impact of the faucet when combined with the black marble top.

Marble walls and gold accents for bathroom

A luxury bathroom goes beyond being a utilitarian space. It becomes an expression of beauty. Nothing is purely functional. Everything that has a function also has an aesthetic side meant to dialogue with everything else in the room.

Solid wood and gold can be a perfect mix to create a luxury bathroom

Furniture with vintage designs or spaces with art deco flair are luxurious without being opulent. It’s all about the finesse of the lines, the graceful shapes and the subtle and yet striking contrasts.

Luxury small bathroom with a lot of gold for rich people

In order to make a bathroom look luxurious you have to be prepared to work with custom projects. Finding the ideal bathroom vanity in a store is not likely.

Gold bathroom mirror with a big impact for luxury homes

A lot of such bathrooms bring back the beauty of a past era, revive forgotten styles and fill a simple space with a lot of bohemian flair. Such decors are all about rich colors and finishes and rare materials.

Bathroom mirror with a big impact

Of course, not all luxury bathrooms look like they’ve come out of a 1950’s catalog. You can get the same type of sophistication by adapting the decor to a specific style. Be it traditional, rustic, shabby chic or contemporary, there are always strategies to employ in order to get the right look.

Gold modern bathroom faucet

Nothing gets overlooked. Suddenly, the sink faucet becomes a stylish accessory and sometimes even a focal point for the bathroom’s decor. Pay attention to the details but, most importantly, the quality of the materials and finishes.

Minimalist bathroom sink with gold accents for faucets

You can keep a decor simple and make it look glamorous and sophisticated at the same time. Make the small things stand out, things like the faucet, the towel ring or the door knob.

Brown marble on bathroom vanity with front leather pattern

The selection of materials and the way they are combined and complemented by the right colors and finishes is all very important and not just when you’re trying to make an impression.

Luxury bathroom vanity with black mirrors

Transforming an abstract concept into something visible and material is one of the design strategies used when creating luxury interiors. For example, this is an interesting interplay of light and shadow.

chandelier lighting above the double vanity

Don’t hesitate to add some beautiful artwork to the bathroom. A sophisticated painting can really change the ambiance in the bathroom. Hang it on the wall opposite to the mirror so it reflects its beauty and enhances the decor even more.

Luxury bathroom mirror frames in gold

Actually, the mirror itself can be a work of art. Search for antique frames or one with ornate details. You can treat a bathroom mirror in a way similar to a framed painting for the living room.

Black is a luxury color for bathroom

As glamorous and sophisticated as a mirror frame can be, it’s sometimes nice to highlight its beauty in other ways. Place two wall sconces to the right and the left of the bathroom mirror to frame it and accentuate its sculptural beauty.

Crystals tufted on sinks and mirorr with flowers

Size and shape matter. In other words, it’s possible to achieve the right look by paying close attention to these details when selecting the furniture and the accessories for the bathroom. Color and material are also important to don’t neglect these either.