Bathroom Vanities – How To Pick Them So They Match Your Style

Some would say that the vanity is the most important element in a bathroom’s decor. It is certainly the main furniture piece in most bathrooms but there are also other features that can be considered just as important. Everything plays its own role and the end result is a harmonious decor that stands out in its own unique way. But we’re here to talk about bathroom vanities so let’s have a closer look at a few designs and determine the particularities that makes each one special.

Traditional bathroom design vanity with marble on top and dark vanity

It’s nice how some decors feature bathroom vanities with tops that match the wall or backsplash in front of them. It creates a certain dialogue between the vanity and the room it stays in.

Floating reclaimed wood counter bathroom vanity

There’s a modern trend these days that features vanities meant to look like think and solid wooden shelves. Some hide secret drawers inside them while others just showcase the beauty of the material.

Gray and white with a modern front vanity

Geometric forms and designs are one of the details that define a lot of modern bathroom vanities. They’re usually characterized by clean lines and crisp contrasts of color or material.

Modern countertop vanity in black and white

The black and white combo has always been beautiful and luxurious and this sculptural vanity definitely knows how to bring out the best in it. Two solid blocks: one black and one white, one with sinuous undulating lines and one with clean cut angles.

Unk Stone bathroom sink and reclaimed wood vanity

Wood is a very versatile material and it can be treated to withstand the moisture and conditions in the bathroom. A lot of vanities are designed to highlight the unique grain patterns and to use the natural colors to add warmth to the room.

Onda bathroom vanity

Wall-mounted bathroom vanities have the ability to make the room look more spacious by freeing up the space underneath them. They create a sensation of space and brightness that we often look for in a bathroom.

White full marble bathroom vanity with gray vines

When considering cheap bathroom vanities materials like marble are probably not on the list. Some types of marble are however very cheap and this makes such vanities an affordable option in some cases.

Brawn large bathroom vanity with led lights

While the actual design, the form and the dimensions are very important when selecting a vanity, so are the little details. The bathroom vanity lights, for example, play an important role in the case of the atmosphere established in the room.

Modern bathoom vanity with lights and sculptures to decorate

There are lots of creative bathroom vanity ideas out there. Some, for example, have accent lighting embedded in their designs. A strip of LED lights can illuminate the area beneath a wall-mounted vanity or can follow the line of the countertop.

Black double large vanity

There’s a certain understated elegance and glamour in designs like this one. A bathroom vanity that doesn’t impress through its size, shape or color but which stands out in a more subtle way.

Luxury black and white tufted bathroom vanity and toilet

A tufted bathroom vanity: now that’s something that can make a bathroom look memorable. It’s also an interesting and unusual way of making the space feel comfortable and welcoming.

Large countertop bathroom vanity for storage

There’s a nice balance between the clean lines and angles of the vanity and the curved edges of the washbasin and faucet. These elements complement each other and are put together exactly because of that.

Gold bathroom sink on vanity

You can always count on gold to make a decor stand out. We’re talking about the color, of course, although washbasins made of actual gold exist as well. Despite their value, those are not what style is all about.

Recycle an old bike and turn it into a vanity

Some ideas are so unusual and so bold you can only love them. For example, a bicycle turned into a stand for the bathroom washbasin. Now that’s not your everyday vanity. It is, however, a very memorable and unique one.

Traditional bathroom vanity in Gray

The vanity and the mirror most often complement each other or form a matching set. In this case, the shape of the mirror and the curved edges mimic the design of the vanity.

Modern bathroom vanity with black marble on top

There are also times when a round bathroom mirror can complement a vanity that has a rather different look. Both the vanity and the sink shape a rectangular form. But the most interesting feature in this case is perhaps the frame that gives this whole ensemble an industrial look.

Full marble bathroom vanity with gray accents

It’s easy to make a vanity disappear into the wall behind it. That can be done by using the same material and color for both of them. If the sink matches them as well the result will be a space with a very interesting design.

Luxury bathroom vanity for a large family

It’s often the little details that make a bathroom vanity stand out, things like the hardware, the drawer pulls, the carvings on the door panels or the decorations displayed around it.

Eath color tones for bathroom vanity

Matching sets of bathroom vanities and storage cabinets or shelving units are a good option when you’re trying to give this room a clean and simple look that’s also cohesive and harmonious.

White and strips of yellow for bathroom vanity

Notice how this wall-mounted vanity has only subtle hints of color in its design and how the same combination is used for the cubby shelves that decorate the wall in a practical and functional manner.

Irregular bathroom vanity drawers

The single shelf only slightly overlaps with the mirror which goes all the way down to the counter. The vanity has a lovely geometric design and the subtle asymmetrical look suits it well.

Gold accents for bathroom vanity drawers

This combination of mirror and vanity also includes designs that complement each other. The mirror has a smooth and simple frame with rounded edges while the vanity has a wavy shape.

Double sink bathroom vanity

Double sink vanities are a good option for master bathrooms. They may occupy more space but they can be designed to be space-efficient. Wall-mounted designs are perfect in this sense.

Mirror with lights and bathroom vanity with different fronts

What a great way to complement the geometrical design of this contemporary bathroom vanity. The decorative vases and their sculptural forms fill the counter in a really stylish way.

Floating bathroom vanity and a cool mirror with lights

It’s possible to choose a theme when furnishing and decorating the bathroom. For example, make it a beach-themed space by using driftwood, shells and a color palette that\s breezy and perhaps even nautical-themed.

Laquared gray vanity

Use the mirror in your bathroom to highlight the interesting design of an accent wall. The wall can be wallpapered or can be in turn decorated with mirrors.

Copper Wire bathroom vanity - minimalist style

Industrial bathroom vanities can look surprisingly sleek and stylish. These ones have sculptural bases built using thin copper tubes attached to a round base. They hold a round washbasin.