Summer Pink Flamingo Painted Doormat

Summer is in full swing and that means it is a perfect time to 1) spruce up your home and 2) do some fun diy crafts! This homemade painted doormat will cover both of those bases. Plus, you can easily customize it to fit your own style. We kept this DIY painted doormat simple so you don’t have to sweat it – or work up a sweat making it in this heat! So let’s step right on into it!

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For this project you will need:

  • A plain doormat – we got ours at Target for about $6
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Stencil
  • Waterproofer

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Painted Flamingo Doormat Instructions:

To begin making your flamingo doormat, you will first need a stencil. You have a couple options for this, you can use our flamingo stencil that we attached as a PDF at the bottom of this post, use a store bought stencil, or create your own. If you are using our flamingo stencil simply print out the PDFs and line up the flamingo top with the appropriate bottom (labeled by the PDF name) onto the doormat where you want. The flamingo top and bottom will overlap slightly. Next, using an exacto knife, cut out the flamingo bodies from the paper. You will be discarding the bodies and using the remaining outline as a stencil.

Once you have your stencil ready, tape the underside to the doormat so it doesn’t move while you paint. We went a bit excessive with our tape but you don’t actually need to tape every inch down, just enough so it doesn’t move while painting.

Here comes the fun part! Pick out your paint colors – we used pink, black, and orange and kept it simple. Use a sponge brush to dab the paint onto the doormat, using the stencil as a guide. Another option is to use spray paint; however we wanted multiple colors, so we choose to hand paint it.

Let the paint dry for a couple of hours, and then paint on a second coat. If you spray painted yours, you may not have to do a second coat (unless you want it more opaque). Once finished with the the second coat, let it dry for another couple of hours or overnight.

Now you can lift off the stencil to see your creation! The last step is to use a waterproofer/sealant to make sure your doormat can withstand wet and muddy shoes trampling over it. We used Rust-oleum NeverWet Fabric to waterproof our mat for outdoor use!

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Download the PDFs for the flamingo stencils:

Flamingo1 & flamingo1_bottom

Flamingo2 & flamingo2_bottom

Flamingo3 & flamingo3_bottom

Now let your guests mingle on into your house!