How to Pick The Best Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

The vanity can either make or break a bathroom’s design. That’s why it’s very important to consider all the little details before buying one. For example, ask yourself questions such as how many sinks will you need, how you want to mount the vanity, what type of sink you prefer or how much store you need. A double sink bathroom vanity is usually an ideal choice for master bathrooms or for shared or family spaces. To help you make the best possible decision, we decided to put together a bunch of tips and ideas you could definitely use.

wood and porcelain for bathroom furniture

Although we’ll focus mainly on double vanity designs and options, we’ll also explore some of the more general characteristics and things to take into consideration before making a purchase. Let’s start with the placement of the vanity.

Beautiful wash basin for a double vanity

It’s important to make sure that the vanity doesn’t interfere with the bathroom’s traffic flow. So, if you already have your mind set on a particular design, have a closer a look at it and notice if it blocks the door, the shower or makes you uncomfortable in any other way.

Bowl wash basin double vanity

When choosing where to place a bathroom vanity, you also need to think ahead and look around to make sure cleaning will be easy. A double sink vanity will most likely take up a lot of space and this can interfere with the cleaning if you want to reach the corners or to clean between the vanity and the tub for example.

Floating grey wash basin

Of course, cleaning would be very easy, even in the case of a double sink bathroom vanity, if you choose a wall-mounted design that doesn’t occupy a lot of space. You can take care of your storage needs by adding a cabinet or a set of shelves.

Luxury double vanity

Style is also very important as well. For example, if you want the bathroom to have a bohemian look and to be stylish and feminine, a design similar to this one would be a wonderful option. As you can see, the vanity is quite small and has two sinks.

Wood washed fronts for bathroom vanityes

Not all double sink vanities occupy a lot of space. But this has to do with other things such as the amount of counter space you want to be able to use. If you’re not particularly keen on storing things on your counter, then the two sinks can be placed close to one another and with little space surrounding them.

Double vanity with reclaimed wood fronts

Storage is another important factor to take into consideration before choosing a bathroom vanity. In order to make the best choice, take a minute to analyze what exactly you want to store in it. You can have a look at the things you keep in your current vanity and analyze the way in which you use them.

industrial design for bathroom vanity

When dealing with vanity storage, you should make sure you can organize everything properly. So if you all you want to do is have a place for your towels under the vanity, then open shelves could be a great option. For smaller things like makeup products you could use a drawer or two as well.

Small grey washbasin

If you find a beautiful double sink that you like but it doesn’t really offer you as much storage as you would have wished for, there’s always the option to add an extra cabinet or some shelves. But that would mean you’d need more space so think about that before you make a decision.

Luxury faucet for a double vanity

The type of sink also matters. Vessels, for example, are usually bowl-shaped and look really chic and stylish. They don’t require undermount installation and this leaves more room there for storage or for a sleek and open design.

Grey marble double vanity with diff touches for faucet

Of course, not all vessels are bowl-shaped. These, for example, look more like self-rimming sinks also known as top-mount or drop-in sinks. These are installed directly into an opening in the counter, with the edges resting on it.

Black and luxury double vanity

The design of the washbasin can often be the detail that defines the entire vanity. A double sink bathroom vanity can look less bulky and more delicate and simplistic if you choose vessels instead of undermount sinks.

Stainless steel and black for double vanity

The undermount sink is the most common type of all. It’s installed under the counter and because it’s flush with the surface it makes cleaning very easy and efficient. However, they occupy quite a bit of space under the counter.


But sometimes the most important thing about a bathroom vanity is its size. When analyzing the size of a vanity you need to think about the scale of the unit compared to everything else in the room. The vanity should make sense and naturally integrate into the space.

Black framed mirror and double vanity

The amount of storage needed inside a vanity also impacts its size. So the fact that you need two sinks instead of one is not the most important factor when it comes to the overall size. What matters is the store found under the counter.

marble top for vanity and luxury legs

More important than the size of the vanity is perhaps the size of the bathroom. So even if your double sink vanity is small and simple, if the bathroom is spacious you can add more cabinets, shelves and other accessories for increased storage.

Large subway tiles for bathroom

To accurately decide how big or how small your bathroom needs to be or how much storage it needs to incorporate in its design, you needs to evaluate your lifestyle. So, for example, if you have kids or if you have a lot of things you usually keep in the bathroom, look for a large unit. If you’re constantly on the go and don’t need a lot of storage, a design like this one should work.

Live edge wood double vanity

To choose an accurate height for the vanity, think of who is using it. Because double sink vanities are usually used in family bathrooms, couples or kids might use them so make sure the vanity is not positioned too low or to high.

Cape Cod Bathroom Vanity

The traditional height for a bathroom vanity, whether it has a single sink or two, is 32 inches. A lot of modern designs, however, have a height of around 34” or 35”. If none of the available options feels right for you, then a custom design should be your best option.

Leather and marble the perfect mix for bathroom

Custom designs are intriguing. They’re not always more expensive than store-bought vanities, especially if you contract someone to design and build furniture for the whole house and you can make a package deal.

Luxury bathroom decor

Custom-designed bathroom vanities are often more efficient and functional than store-bought ones. They offer more freedom and flexibility and can be customized in a lot of interesting and useful ways. For instance, you can have LED lights or sockets embedded into the body of the vanity.

Cool subway fronts for vanity

With a custom bathroom vanity you can also choose the materials you want to be used. this often means that you can use better quality materials and also control the type of finish you want and even the color.

idea Group double vanity sink

The choice of materials is very important in the case of a bathroom vanity. Because the bathroom is a humid space, you need to make sure the materials can stand up to these conditions. The counter is especially susceptible to water damage.

Joya double yellow vanity

Wood veneers, laminates and thermofoil are all good options for a bathroom vanity. For the top, you can choose marble or a ceramic such as in the case of this bold and vibrant double sink vanity design.

Double vanity with barble on top

Look for a durable vanity top. As mentioned before, marble is a very good option. It can withstand all the moisture and can be cleaned easily. Also, it adds an elegant touch to the vanity. Because matching the vanity to the rest of the bathroom can be difficult, it would be best to first choose the top and then the tiles.

Reclaimed wood double vanity

Avoid pressed MDF since it’s susceptible to water damage more than other materials. And if you really want to use wood, make sure it’ properly sealed and lacquered and keep in mind that constant maintenance is needed if you want to preserve the look.

Large rectangular mirror and double vanity

Depending on where you want to put the vanity, several design concerns need to be considered. Master bathrooms are usually quite large so you can afford choosing a double sink vanity like this one.

Red ombre wall for bathroom and double vanity

For a guest bathroom things a bit more complicated. Consider the fact that the bathroom could be used by a lot of different people, including children so pick a moderate height. Also, include enough storage and don’t adventure into very specific styles and details.

Modern double vanity

Because powder rooms are usually small, the vanity needs to be space-efficient. This means you might have to give up on the idea of having lots of storage in here or even a double sink vanity. You could, however, have two individual vanities, each with its own sink and both small and sleek.

Float integrated double vanity

Symmetry is not always a defining characteristic for double sink bathroom vanities. Instead of having the two sinks placed at equal distances from the edges and each other, they can occupy one side of the vanity while the rest of the counter remains open for storage or for placing a vase, a plant or something else.

Wood frames double vanity design

Other elements you need to take into consideration include the mounting options for the vanity. Freestanding or standard designs are the most common because they usually offer a lot of storage.

LED mirror for bathroom and double vanity

Wall-mounted bathroom vanities are usually considered more modern. They have their own set of advantages. They open the floor space underneath and this can make cleaning easier. Also, they sometimes have LED lights under them for a nice touch.

Marble large double vanity with storage for towels

There’s also a third option which refers to corner-mounted vanities. However, this is not the case for double sink designs. So if you want something light, simple and modern, consider a floating vanity and a shelf underneath.

Built in marble washbasin and vanity

The steps you need to take when choosing a new vanity for the bathroom are not exactly complicated. First of all, measure the space. This will help you decide what type of vanity you can put there, its proportions, the number of sinks it can accommodate and other similar details.

Grey bathroom double vanity

The next step could be picking a style. So have a look around and see what your best option would be. If the rest of the house is minimalist, then the bathroom should match those spaces. Look for a vanity that ha clean lines, beautiful proportions and a bit of sophistication.

Double vanity with chalboard paint

You can then focus on other things such as the size of vanity, the amount of storage required, the materials it’s made of, the color and everything else you can think of.

Led light mirror and floating vanity

After that, this of the smaller things. For example, the type of lighting you want to use in combination with the vanity. You can have a bathroom mirror that lights up from behind, a pair of sconces or embedded LED lights.

Orange double vanity with small wash basin

Other details you can consider at this point include the faucets. There are several types to choose from, lots of dimensions, shapes, materials, finishes and even colors.

white double vanity

Considering all the things mentioned so far, choosing a double sink bathroom vanity shouldn’t be very difficult if you set your priorities and straight and you have a clear idea of what you want for the space.