20 Pretty Pots to Refresh Your Succulents

I’m known to say that no room is finished without a houseplant. Some people add leafy ferns or vining pothos and others, namely the brown thumbs, go for the succulents. But adding succulents to your home shouldn’t be seen as settling. There are so many varieties to choose from that can beautify your coffee table and kitchen counter and nightstand. The trick is getting up the gumption to transplant those little cacti out of their plain black store pots into something pretty and decorative. That’s where I fail most of the time. If you’re like me, with a houseful of black potted plants, let’s make a pact. Take a look at these 20 pretty pots and promise me that you will choose some to refresh the succulents in your home.

Moon succulent planter

You just gotta love anything metallic. This little moon pot will give a completely new look to your coffee table and your lucky succulent. (via Urban Outfitters)

Elephant succulent planter

If you’ve never been a fan of just having animal shaped trinkets in your home, consider a duel purpose one. This elephant shaped pot is so adorable yet sophisticated with it’s clean lines and solid color. (via Etsy)

Chalkboard succulent planter

Some of the best decor pieces are the ones you can change without actually changing. For instance, these chalkboard pots will hold your succulents beautifully and you can draw patterns or words on them, depending on the occasion. (via West Elm)

Abstract succulent planter

Maybe all the elements in your home depict your “no rules” decorating philosophy. These abstract spotted pots will add to that feel no matter where you display them. (via Anthropologie)

Teak boat planter

Succulents make a great centerpiece for your dining room table! This teak boat planter will keep them stylish and low so you can easily hold a conversation across your favorite plants. (via Terrain)

Felt succulent planter

These just might be the most adorable pots you’ve ever seen. And certainly the coziest! Plus, these allow for putting your store bought black pot straight into it which is like cheater transplanting. (via Etsy)

Colorblock succulent planter

Everyone needs a little colorblock in their life. These little pots will look so sweet on your bookshelf. They will also make great gifts for hostesses and mother-in-laws and teachers. (via Fab)

Striped succulent planter

Stripes are classic which is probably why every home has something striped in it. So if you’re worried about your pots staying in style, go with these and you’ll banish all your fears. (via West Elm)

Minimal crystal planters

Gemstones might be an impractical choice for plant pots, so how about pots that are cut like gems? These beauties are plain enough to match your home throughout all your decorating years and still very chic. (via Anthropologie)

Hanging succulent planter

You’ve probably noticed that as long as they have lots of light, succulents can thrive in a myriad of places. If you’re low on surface space for pots, hang your favorite cacti instead with geometric hanging planter. (via West Elm)

Mini bucket planter

I just love these colored mini buckets. They would look so great scattered across your kitchen windowsill. Or make them favors for your next birthday party. Either way, they’ll be worth the purchase. (via Terrain)

Monogram succulent planters

Monograms anyone? Whether you spell out a word or only display the first letter of your last name, I promise these succulent filled letters will bring that missing element to your living room. (via Etsy)

Animal succulent planter

I couldn’t resist adding more animal pots. You’ll want to make sure these are kept out of reach of little hands because they may just be too tempting to play with. (via Anthropologie)

Succulent wall planter

Wall mounted pots aren’t only for herbs. Non gardeners can rejoice because your beloved succulents will look just as stellar hanging on the wall in these. (via Crate and Barrel)

Patterned succulent planter

Patterns, patterns everywhere. Black and white patterns will go with whatever color scheme you have in your home. And if you’re brave enough, you’ll add some other colors too. (via Urban Outfitters)

Terrarium succulent planter

These terrarium like pots are perfect to display on your mantlepiece all year round. You can add touches like plastic animals or fake snowy trees to make them seasonally appropriate. (via Anthropologie)

Camera succulent planter

Sometimes, the quirkier the pot the better. Next time you’re out thrifting or garage sale-ing, don’t hesitate to pick up that pot that’s a dog’s head or a camera or a bust. It will giving your living room a great conversational piece. (via Etsy)

Bowl succulent planter

It’s hanging. It’s metallic. It’s exactly the pot your succulent needs to fill that empty corner by your bathroom window. Seriously, how amazing would that look? (via Urban Outfitters)

Robot succulent planter

Don’t forget to take a succulent to the office! This little robot guy promises to bring a smile to your cubicle as well as a splash of greenery. Which is exactly what your Monday needs. (via Etsy)

House numbers planter

So maybe you live in a tiny house that really has no space for succulents. So what? Everybody has house numbers, right? Add this gorgeous planter next to your door that will give you a space for your very own succulents. (via Etsy)