Narrow Desks For Slim Spaces And Space-Savvy Homes

Narrow desks are wonderful space-savers. They offer functionality in a compact form and they fit in tight spaces. They’re ideal for dorm rooms, tiny attic rooms and small areas in general but also for large open floor plans where you don’t want the desk to be a main feature or for modern and contemporary spaces where minimalism is a key feature.

Bedroom narrow deskView in gallery

A narrow desk is the perfect option for bedrooms. It fits perfectly in front of the window and doesn’t occupy much floor space. This way the room stays airy, doesn’t feel cramped and the work-related features have very little impact on the overall décor.{found on studio360s}.

Attic office small room with narrow deskView in gallery

Use a narrow desk is a narrow room. Its slim configuration allows it to be placed alongside the wall and still leave plenty of space for the user to move freely around it. A great trick is to match the color of the desk to that of the wall against which it’s placed.

Narrow hallway deskView in gallery

You can also fit one of these desks in the tight loft space you’ve created. It can even fit in a narrow hallway. And there’s no reason to believe it’s ay less practical than other types of desks since it too can accommodate storage underneath.

Living room narrow desk behind sofaView in gallery

You can choose to have a narrow desk in the living area and not make a big deal out of it. Perhaps a nice space for it would be behind the sofa or sectional. And since it pretty much looks like a bar, you can use it that way too.

Tight space narrow desk hairpin legsView in gallery

When working with tight-spaces or when you’re trying to save as much space as possible, think multipurpose. In other words, add a narrow desk to the bedroom, in front of the bed. You’ll be able to use as a desk but it also serve as a stand for the TV.{found on lablstudio}.

Narrow desk placed against wallView in gallery

A narrow desk placed against one of the walls in the living room can also look similar to a console table if you remove the office chair in front of it. That’s a nice cover for it and it allows the desk to better integrate in the room’s décor.

Turn the hallway into a workspace narrow deskView in gallery

Make the most of the space you have. For example, try to turn a hallway or a transitional space into your home office/ workspace. Add a narrow desk, maybe some wall-mounted storage and that’s about it. Depending on the size of the space you can also find other elements to include there as well.{found on justbasementsottawa}.

Small space living room narrow window deskView in gallery

Turn the window wall into your workstation area. Get a narrow shelf which you’ll use as a desk and place at a comfortable level, add storage on the sides, leave room for the chair at the center and feel free to add open shelves around the window as well.{found on llidesign}.