How To Build A Proper Desk Setup – 20 Inspiring Tours from Popular Vloggers

Finding the perfect desk can be a difficult task sometimes, especially if you know exactly what you’re looking for and you have a specific set of requirements for it. In this case it would probably be better to build the desk yourself and don’t worry because you don’t have to be a professional carpenter to pull it off. There’s a whole bunch of tutorials on youtube that can help. Let’s check out a few together. 

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20 Cool gaming desk setup ideas

Zac Builds

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

This desk design from Zac Builds is really great if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to put their PC on display. If you want to hide the unit, keep it out of sight and have your desk look clean and elegant, definitely check out this project.

The desk itself is made from solid walnut and has drawer fronts with integrated door pulls so there’s no hardware showing and it all looks super clean. All the accessories also have a special place inside the drawers and there’s a nice system for charging them while they’re in storage. 

Andres Vidoza

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

Of course, if you’re proud of your PC and you want to show it off or to have easy access to it whenever you need to make upgrades or anything else, keeping the main unit on top of the desk can be a good idea. For that you need a pretty wide desk so you still have plenty of room to work and move around and it doesn’t feel all cluttered and messy.

Check out this cool desk design shared by Andres Vidoza if you want some inspiration. It’s super nice and simple, with ample space underneath, good cable management and an optimized setup overall. It’s important to know this is a standing desk with dual motors and has a solid top with an oak finish from Ikea. 

Rise Magic

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

If you’re a content creator, having a practical and good-looking desk setup is pretty much a must. Having plenty of desk space is important if you’re using two or more monitors. This beautiful desk setup shared by Rise Magic has a stylish wooden top supported by two Ikea storage systems with drawers for all the accessories, cables and so on. Two ultra-wide monitors take up the space at the center, pushed all the way back with plenty of space for the keyboard and mouse. There’s even space to store and display a few collectibles. 


QGinHQ Dream desk setup

If you have limited space but you want a desk that gives you plenty of storage for all your equipment, a desk like the one shared by Blurwhale could be ideal. This desk has a solid wood top that’s 155cm x 75 cm with a dark wax finish that really makes it pop. There’s a drawer unit underneath and solid legs for support.

The monitor stand was custom made to have the perfect height and has the same width as the desk itself. This is very helpful for positioning the monitor(s) at eye levels so you get a comfortable experience while using it. There’s also a cable management system which requires a hole to be cut into the desk itself so the cables can go through and stay out of sight. 


QGinHQ Dream desk setup

If you want triple monitors, well… you’ll need space for them. Of course, you’ll want to use matching monitors so they all line up perfectly and it would be a great idea to have them mounted onto the wall so you don’t waste time on your desk with bulky stands. That way the monitors don’t move around and don’t tremble when you’re using your keyboard or using the desk in general either.

This setup shared by Visionix has a really simple desk, with two drawer units supporting the wooden top, pushed all the way to the sides and lines up with the top perfectly. The cables are all hidden and the PC unit sits in the corner adding character to the room. There’s also RGB lighting behind the desk and on pretty much everything else which definitely looks really cool but isn’t absolutely necessary. 

Tausif Hussain

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

Here’s another interesting desk setup that’s not particularly big but has plenty of cool features. The monitor arm is one of them. It clamps onto the desk and it’s very flexible, allowing the monitor to be pushed all the way back or brought to the front and to be easily positioned at the desired angle. It also has a built-in cable management system.

On the side of the desk there’s a set of magnetic hooks that are support handy for holding headphones, backpacks, cables and so on. A bamboo desk drawer is attached to the underside and blends in nicely. It provides additional storage for a few other things. The wheel casters make the desk mobile. Check out the whole setup tour on the Tausif Hussain channel for more details. 

Justin Tse

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

This desk setup makeover video from Justin Tse is really inspiring too. As you can see for yourself, the initial setup was had all the fundamentals in place but was messy and not exactly pretty-looking. The whole room was given a makeover. The wall behind the desk was painted a nice dark gray color which really helps to add a modern and minimalistic vibe to space.

As for the desk itself, it’s nice and simple, with two white drawer units and a solid top that’s actually a kitchen counter. There’s 10 drawers in total to store all the cables, chargers and accessories in. There’s a pegboard on the wall, a single monitor with a sturdy desk mount and hidden cables. The speakers are white and match the drawer units and the lamp has the perfect color palette as well. 


QGinHQ Dream desk setup

This is a desk setup specifically optimized for music production. The desk is big enough to accommodate two monitors as well as all the music gear as well. It’s a solid Ikea Karlby desk with a stand that raises the monitors and speaker to the eye and ear level which is important both for posture and sound accuracy.

It’s a Linnmon desk also from Ikea. It was cut down and raised with brackets. There’s storage underneath for support. Sound absorption panels were installed on the back wall and they’re hidden behind artificial plants which look really cool. Check out enzea. for a tour and more technical details about all the components. 

Michael Soledad

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

A standing desk is a great option if you want to try to be more active during the day or to maintain a better posture instead of sitting down all the time whether you like it or not. The desk setup shared by Michael Soledad uses one and looks wonderful. The desk is made of solid wood and includes a small but practical storage drawer on one side.

There’s a control module integrated into the tabletop itself. There’s a big desk mat on top and a desk shelf as well. There’s two monitors held by a dual arm setup which provides a nice and clean look. The wireless charger is small and handy and gets rid of some cables as well. 

Matt’s Tech & Vlogs

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

As you might have noticed, a lot of these desk setups use components from Ikea. The Alex drawers are perfect and very versatile. They give you 5 drawers each and you can have two of them as supports for the tabletop.

The setup shared by Matt’s Tech & Vlogs actually uses 3 of these units which is great for an L-shaped desk. The drawer units were not tall enough so the desk itself had to be raised using furniture legs. The dual desk mounts keep the two screens perfectly aligned and pushed all the way back. 

Crafted Workshop

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

Building a desk from scratch can be challenging but is definitely the way to go if you want something custom-made, specifically designed for your needs. This is a music studio and gaming desk setup presented by the Crafted Workshop and it guides you through all the production steps. It’s an all-plywood desk so cutting the sheets into all the individual parts was the first step.

It’s an L-shaped desk with a bookcase on one side, a filing cabinet next to it and a drawer unit. On top of the desk is a raised stand for musical equipment and for the monitor to sit on. The design is pretty simple and straightforward so check out the plans if you want to build something similar. Adjust the dimensions as needed. 

Shades of Tech

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

This desk setup shades by Shades of Tech is super simple. It’s minimalistic and modern, with a single monitor mounted onto the wall, no cables showing and a drawer unit supporting the right side of the desk and adding more storage. The top is white and has a glossy finish which creates reflections and gives a really nice effect in combination with the LED band at the back and the two table lamps. It’s a nice setup if you don’t have a lot of equipment and if you prefer the minimalistic look. 


QGinHQ Dream desk setup

We should definitely also check out MKBHD’s desk setup and see what he prefers so check out Marques Brownlee on youtube if you haven’t already. He has a custom-sized standing desk made of metal with a built-in power supply attached to the underside (the X-Desk Air Pro), a pair of Yamaha HS8 speakers placed of acoustic foam pads and two Apple Pro Display XDR monitors on Pro stands which are definitely the centerpieces of the whole setup. There’s a variety of accessories as well so check out the video if you’re curious about the details. It’s definitely a very expensive setup but it’s a nice source of inspiration nevertheless. 

Ben Boxer

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

Here’s another beautiful desk setup packed with great accessories. This one was shared by Ben Boxer and features an Ikea Karlby countertop which we’ve seen being used before in similar setups. Here it’s supported by Oddvald legs also from Ikea. The setup revolves around a MacBook so it’s optimized for laptop users.

The ultrawide 5k monitor at the center uses a stand clamped onto the desk itself which pushes it all the way back and gives plenty of space for accessories. A key piece here is the dock which connects everything and makes it possible for this to be a super clean setup optimized for mobility. Additional USB and SD card readers are installed to the underside of the desk for easy access. 

DIY Creators

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

Don’t let all of these big desk setups bring you down if all you have space for is a tiny desk. Even something small can be amazing if you put a lot of thought and care into it. A great example is this wall-mounted desk setup featured by DIY Creators.

It may not be big, but this desk is packed with features, like the integrated drink holder, the outlet with two USB ports, the hidden wireless charger and the LED band on the back panel. The desk is wrapped with marble vinyl which gives it a very stylish look. 


QGinHQ Dream desk setup

Excited to build a new gaming setup for yourself. Maybe you could learn a thing or two or get some inspiration from this setup shared by bobomojo. There wasn’t a whole lot of space to work with in this basement area so something simple like a floating desk was definitely a great idea.

The whole space was remodeled, with clean new gray walls and a modern look overall. There’s three monitors up against the wall, a stand with LED lighting underneath them, a cable management system and a little shelf for the PC unit below the desk on the right side. 

Jonathan Morrison

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

Older desk setups can also give you a lot of inspiration. Yes, the design and the devices and everything else evolved and changed since then but this MKBHD setup created by Jonathan Morrison back in 2016 still has some really cool features. The desk itself is definitely a center piece. It has this really cool sculptural shape, with only one support on one side and no cables in sight. Cable management built into the desk is the key here. 

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QGinHQ Dream desk setup

With so many people working from home this year, having a proper desk setup has become more important than ever. You don’t really need anything crazy in order to be comfortable and to have a great setup and a very inspiring video in that sense comes from SimplyPops.

They have this fairly simple L-shaped desk and since this is all powered by a MacBook it’s all quite clean. The laptop has a vertical stand that takes up minimal space on the desk and leaves plenty of room for a large curved monitor and all the accessories. LED bands on the back of the desk create a nice ambient effect and the desk itself has adjustable height. 

Mike Wat

QGinHQ Dream desk setup

It’s important to feel comfortable when sitting at your desk, especially if you work from home and sits in front of a monitor the whole day. Investing in a few key components can be worth it, as highlighted by Mike Wat when they showcased their own home office.

They have an ergonomic chair, a foot rest which is very often ignored or underrated, a monitor stand and backlighting. This is a single monitor setup with an arm stand that’s very practical and adjustable height for added comfort and versatility. 


QGinHQ Dream desk setup

There’s definitely a lot going on here and a lot of gadgets and accessories have been packed into a pretty small space. QGinHQ‘s desk setup features a standing desk with a solid and sturdy base and a wood top. The clear PC case showcases all the colorful RGB lights and there’s also more RGB lighting on the keyboard and the mouse. The desk and floor pads are colorful as well. There’s three monitors which can be adjusted and positioned as desired and various little accessories sprinkled around for character.