Modern Computer Desk Designs That Bring Style Into Your Home

Computers are a big part of any person’s life, although some tend to rely on them just a bit too much. Home offices seem like the ideal place for a computer but they become part of the living room or bedroom décor often enough. As a result, the computer desk gains importance as well. A modern computer desk can focus on a lot of things.


The Modern Desk is a beautiful reflection of the Scandinavian style. It has a sleek top and angled legs and it features three drawers perfect for storing office accessories. Because the overall design is so simple is so simple, the desk can look elegant in a lot of settings.Available on Westelm for $509.


Featuring a similarly simple design, the Chamber desk has a very clean and chic look. The desk was designed by Manuel Saez and has a high gloss white lacquer top with built-in compartments for storing the laptop, phone, folders and all sorts of other things. There are also hidden cord cutouts designed to maintain a fresh and organized look while also making the desk more functional.

Airia Desk

We found the Airia Desk on the HermanMiller store and we immediately fell in love with its beautiful design. Just like the Chamber Desk, this one has hidden storage compartments underneath its top. In addition, the elevated surface is ideal for placing accessories or something as simple as a cup of coffee.


This is a desk surrounded by a beveled frame and that includes three drawers of different dimensions. It has a generous top and an overall simple and classical look which makes it versatile and able to adapt to both modern and traditional interiors.{found on westelm}.


The Audio Desk was designed by Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond for System Audio and has an eclectic design that combined the charm of mid-century modern furniture with modern elements. It has a compartment that holds a built-in audio system and two drawers for storing extra accessories.


Steuart Padwick designed a small and very quirky desk that he named Mini Stroller. It has tapered legs, two drawers with chic handles and it’s painted bright yellow. The fresh and playful color definitely gives it character, allowing it to add a pop of color to a neutral space but also to blend in if the décor is also colorful.


The design of this desk is pretty straight-forward and simple. It has a metal construction and an industrial design. An interesting detail is the fact that it sits on four wheels. This allows it to roll into place and to be moved around as needed.Available on CB2 for $149.


Part of the Cornell collection, this desk features a simple but distinctive design with retro accents and sleek lines. It’s made of walnut wood and includes a small drawer and a shelf with a quirky shape. The desk is sturdy and elegant, ready to become a bold addition to any home office or living room.


The Fonteyn desk is defined by its four tapered legs and curved edges. It has a strong retro charm and is made of rich walnut with red drawer fronts. It’s a small desk that can stand out in any setting. The clear lacquer finish offers it a glamorous allure.


PotteryBarn offers some really beautiful desk designs as well. This particular one, for example, is inspired by traditional furniture. It has a cross-beam base and a glass top and the combination of materials combined with the geometry of the design give the desk a refreshing look.


Meet Cavour, a writing desk with a unique and impressive design created by Carlo Mollino. The impressive thing is the shape of the desk and the sculptural structure. It’s a piece that offers plenty of storage, a large work surface and a lot of style in a compact package.


Designed by Paolo Cattelan, the Nasdaq desk is easy to integrate in most modern and contemporary homes thanks to its simple and exquisite look. It has a graphite leg of embossed lacquer steel and a sculptural solid wood top which continues with an angled side panel.


A brushed stainless steel frame supports a solid walnut top and three storage compartments distributed on the sides. This combination gives the desk a professional and elegant look, making it perfect for home offices. Available on Crateandbarrel for $2,499.


The writing desk designed by Inesa Malafej has a rally clever structure. In addition to the worktop, it also features a set of outer compartments or wings designed to serve as storage space or to catch falling objects. This design offers a simple and casual way of keeping the work surface clutter-free without needing a ton of storage space.


Small but chic and practical, the B-Desk would make a stylish addition to a lot of spaces such as a tiny bedroom or a living area. Being just 40” wide and less than 18” deep, the desk is a lovely space-saver. It’s part of the Universo Positivo collection and is made of solid oak.


Although style and looks are important, other details matter as well. For example, it’s important for a modern desk to offer a practical cable management system. The desk we found on Bluelounge illustrates this feature beautifully. Keeping the top clean and organized has never been easier.


Designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller, this desk may not look very impressive but it’s actually a really versatile piece of furniture. Its simple and innovative design allows it to look right at home in both residential and office spaces. The desk is available in two color schemes. Available on DWR from $1,489.


The Argo R desk by Activa was designed for offices and conference areas although it wouldn’t look out of place in a modern home either. It has a white lacquered top supported by two double conical legs with casters. Available with a powder-coated or chromed metal frame, the desk is part of a modular collection that includes similar designs.


Height-adjustable desks are particular interesting and appreciated in modern homes and offices. They allow the user to customize the work area in a variety of ways. This particular piece from Spiegels can be used as a standing desk as well as a regular one.

Stir Kinetic standing desk

The world of height-adjustable desks was revolutionized when Stir Kinetic was created. This is a desk that tracks the time you spend seated or standing and reminds you to change position. It learns your patterns and encourages you to stay healthy featuring a modern and minimalistic design.


Space-saving and durable, this computer desk was designed by Dean Heckler and it’s the type of smart and simple piece of furniture that make modern spaces feel complete. It’s a durable and functional piece made of cold rolled steel and is composed of two elements with similar designs.


No matter how big a desk is, space becomes a problem, sooner or later. At one point, there’s just not enough room for all your things.Designer Mathieu Lehanneur created the Strates desk in an attempt to solve this problem. The desk is designed in layers and this allows it to offer extra storage space without in a chic and stylish form.


Just because we use computers doesn’t mean we have to forget about the good old pen and paper. To make sure this doesn’t happen, the Analog Memory Desk encourages the users to scribble on paper with a unique and fun design. A large roll of paper covers the surface of the desk. Roll away the portion you’ve used to get fresh and clean paper.

Netherlands-bsed designer Arco

Netherlands-bsed designer Arco came up with a really interesting idea for a desk. Named Joy Zeta, the desk is very simple and space-efficient. It’s made of solid wood and has to rest against a wall or a vertical surface in order to be functional.


The desk designed by Giorgio Bonaguro was created for architects and you can tell that by the unusual structure of the storage compartments. Two soft leather pockets are suspended on the sides and one is found underneath the top. They’re perfect for storing drawings and other things.


And speaking of leather, take a look at Cedric, a really elegant desk made of solid walnut and available with a dark brown or orange leather top. The desk has two small drawers and an overall sleek and sophisticated look with overpowering the décor.


Wall-mounted desks come with their own set of advantages. First of all, they’re space-efficient and often have minimalist designs that are perfect for modern and contemporary interiors. This one is available in two sizes and doubles as a display shelf. Available for $799.

Maya Desk

The design of the Maya Desk is simple and sculptural, combining an elegant look with functional storage and sleek, soft curves. Use it to add a modern vibe to the living room, bedroom or home office and take advantage of its exquisite look to maintain a cohesive décor.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

We found the Copenhagen Desk on Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and we recognized a great design when we saw it. Originally, the desk was designed for dorm rooms and classrooms but its stylish and versatile look allowed it to migrate to a variety of other spaces, including a lot of modern homes.

Laura Desk

Featuring a timeless and classical look, the Laura Desk was created by Phloem Studio and it’s a simple, elegant and functional piece of furniture featuring three open cubbies and two drawers with special compartments for the basic accessories. Use the cubbies to organize and store the cords and cables and to keep the work surface clean and organized at all times.