How To Make An Eucalyptus Wreath With Candle Stick

Hello! Erin here with another Scandinavian-inspired project for you as our December days continue to shorten. Inspired by the Santa Lucia candle crown tradition, the candle wreath nods to the Swedish tradition giving off a warm glow a midst dark Winter nights.

Eucalyptus Wreath

The wreath’s simple brass ring sets the framework for a modern eucalyptus wreath that smells a-maz-ing! Make one for your window and bring a touch of Scandinavian tradition into your home this winter.

Eucalyptus Candle Wreath Closer
Eucalyptus Candle Wreath Window
Christmas Eucalyptus Candle Wreath
Eucalyptus Candle Wreath for Window
Eucalyptus Candle Wreath Angle view
Materials to create a Eucalyptus Candle Wreath

What You’ll Need for Eucalyptus Wreath:

  • 12″ diameter Brass ring
  • Clip-on gold candle holders
  • Mini candle for holder
  • Fresh seeded eucalyptus branches
  • Brass floral wire
  • 12″ Long piece of leather shoestring
  • Scissors

How to make the Eucalyptus Wreath:

Eucalyptus Candle Wreath Cut The Seeded

Cut the seeded eucalyptus into smaller sprigs with one to two small “branches” per piece.

Eucalyptus Candle Wreath Cut Wire

Cut several 2-3 inch long pieces of floral wire with scissors.

Eucalyptus Candle Wreath Attach

Next attach the eucalyptus sprigs to the lower half of the brass ring. Start at the bottom center of the ring, fasten each sprig with two pieces of floral wire (one to the base of the sprig, and one towards the top) so that the stems on each side of the ring point towards the middle.

Attach greens to ring
Fill in greens

Work your way up attaching sprigs until you reach halfway up each side of the ring. The bottom half should be full of eucalyptus. Try to balance the concentration of leaves and seeds.

Place candle in holder

Place the candle in the clip candle holder.

Flip the wreath over

Flip the wreath over and clip the candle to the bottom center. You’ll clip over both the brass ring and the eucalyptus branches. Clipping around everything will help keep it stable and in place.

Modern wreath for Christmas

Flip the wreath back over so it’s facing upward. Cut a piece of leather string roughly 11-12″ long, and tie each end to the top side of the ring. Hang at the window and enjoy!

Lit Candle for Wreath

Note: I’ve lit the candle for brief periods, but please notice the wreath’s candle is much more of a decorative component to the wreath’s overall Nordic design. If you do light the candle, watch it carefully. If left unattended it could be a dangerous fire hazard.