20 Chic Fall Decor Ideas You Won’t Find at Your Grandma’s

Decorating for Fall nowadays is not what it used to be. If you go to a craft store looking for Fall decor, you’ll find the cliche plastic pumpkins and garlands of leaves and kitschy little dishes fill with potpourri. Basically all the things that your grandma uses to decorate for the changing of seasons. And that doesn’t exactly jive with your style. So how do you decorate for Fall in a way that says chic and classy? You’ll discover that with a free Saturday and a little gold paint, you can fill your home with perfectly lovely Fall pieces that you can be proud of. Check out these 20 chic Fall decor ideas that you won’t find at your grandma’s.

string art pumpkin

Not a fan of the faux pumpkins? Dress them up with a coat of neutral paint and some string art. It’s so pretty, you’ll want one for your dining room and your front porch! (via Houseologie)

feather garland

Say no to leaf garlands! Opt for pretty feathers instead. This DIY will give you a piece of wall art that is not only appropriate for fall, you’ll be happy to leave it up all year round. (via How Did You Make This)

dipped logs

Okay so if you actually have a fireplace where you burn wood, maybe this idea is too much work. But for those of us who just need a corner filled with cozy, a bucket full of gold dipped logs is where it’s at. Plus, you can leave them in that corner all winter long. (via Crafts by Courtney)

copper candle holder

Looking for a centerpiece that feels like Fall but is more generic than that? This simple project is your solution. Put some copper foil around the edges of a glass box, insert your candles and voila! Beautiful, simple, Fall feeling centerpiece. (via Earnest Home Co)

pumpkin planters

Give your houseplants a chic Autumn upgrade with these faux pumpkin planters. They’ll look simply stunning on your patio or your coffee table or anywhere else you put them! (via Be Purposed)

feather name card

Fall is a time to gather around the table which means a pretty table settings are something to think about. You can’t go wrong with glitter so why not cover your place card holders with them? Glitter covered feathers make a beautiful yet simple place setting. (via Make Life Lovely)

leaf pendant

Maybe you want a bigger project than glitter covered feathers. How about heading to the backyard and collecting some leaves for this leafy pendant. A couple coats of spray paint, some glue and you’re done. The dry time will make up for the effort. (via Make and Haus)

leaf quote art

There are so many beautiful quotes and sayings about Autumn. Pick your favorite and use your best handwriting to copy it on a canvas. Modge podge a leaf over top and you’ll have the best Fall piece for your gallery wall. (via Tattooed Martha)

gilded pumpkin

Since we’ve already talked about painting pumpkins, this DIY won’t surprise you. By using a neon color paired with a metallic sparkle, you’re pumpkins will suddenly become the most modern pumpkins on the block. (via Spark and Chemistry)

quote banner

Greet your guests not with a pumpkin and not with a wreath of leaves… but with a simple modern banner. This wooden banner is just waiting for you to add a little paint and hang on your door for the pleasure of all. (via Homemade Ginger)

copper votives

Candles are cozy so I highly recommend adding some to each room in your home for the cold seasons. And these copper striped votives are the perfect way to display your frames. They add a chic touch without being too… over metallic. (via Homey Oh My)

chalkboard print

We love printables, especially the free ones! Print these chalkboard prints to incorporate into your gallery wall for Fall. It just might inspire you to include chalkboard prints all year long with different seasonal phrases. (via A Simple Pantry)

copper leaf sticks

I’m all for incorporating nature into your decor. You might ask though how a vase of sticks can be a decor piece. Maybe not by themselves, but when you add a little copper leaf to them, they make a lovely minimal Fall decoration. (via Poppytalk)

pumpkin menu

Who doesn’t love a creative menu display for your dinner parties? Utilize a pumpkin for just that purpose and I promise, your pumpkin menu will be the talk of Instagram. (via The Merrythought)

crosstitch plaque

You might think that cross stitching is exactly the kind of thing you’ll find in your gran’s living room, but I doubt it’s this kind of display. A small drill bit can give you a gorgeous wood plaque, ready for a cross stitched Fall phrase or word. (via Make it and Love it)

napkin rings

These are possibly the prettiest napkin rings I’ve ever seen. Not only will the pair wonderfully with your leafy table decor, they’ll match sparkly Christmas things and pastel spring things and minimal summer things. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

copper candleabra

I know I keep throwing copper things at you, but it’s the best metallic against orange pumpkins and golden leaves! This copper pipe candelabra is no different. All your guests will be asking where you bought it so be prepared to make a few for Christmas presents. (via The Gathered Home)

gilded trinket dish

Are you cringing over some inherited Fall trinket dishes? Before you give them to Goodwill, try covering them in a coat of metallic spray paint. I promise, they’ll become worthy to hold your earrings, matches or paper clips. (via The Casual Craftlete)

leaf backdrop

Remember what I said about using nature to decorate? This is the best option for quick and easy eye-catching decor. Grab a bag-full of leaves while you’re at the park and stick them up on your wall. It makes a great backdrop for the food table or you can make a larger one for a Fall photo booth! (via A Joyful Riot)

washi tape moose

Maybe you’re a student, stuck at school for the Fall with no money for fancy decorating. This one is for you guys. Use your favorite Fall colored washi tape and put a moose on your wall. Or a bear… or a pumpkin… or all of the above! (via Love From Be)