Daybed With Trundle Can Make The Most Of A Small Space Anywhere

Daybed with trundle might conjure up images of the old brass bed style with frilly covers and ruffles. But, these days there are loads of day bed designs that are ideal for today’s homes. They have even become more popular recently as people try to make spaces more functional.

Daybed With Trundle

Some types of day beds even have a second small bed on casters – called a trundle – that rolls underneath the larger bed when not in use. Which type is best for your home comes down to why you want one and how you plan to use it. To help you decide, we’ve rounded up the basics of daybeds.

What is a Daybed?

What is a Daybed

A day bed isn’t something used for sleeping in the daytime: The name actually refers to the design of the bed, which has three sides. Second, the other big difference compared to a regular bed is the orientation.

While typical beds are positioned perpendicular to the wall, day beds are arranged horizontally along the wall, similar to a sofa. Daybeds also need a mattress, just like a regular twin bed.

Places to use a Day Bed

Can you sleep on a daybed all the time

Daybeds can go just about anywhere in the home. With the increase in people working from home, they are a great solution when you need home office space but also need the room for sleeping.

  • This can turn any spare room into a guest room because when not being used for sleeping, it’s great for lounging or just sitting.
  • Using one also means you don’t need to dedicate a room for guests, which generally means it is rarely used.
  • When it comes to kids rooms, a day bed can be a great choice, especially if it also has a trundle. It saves space, provides a place for sitting during the day and leaves plenty of floor space for playing.

You Can Sleep on a Day Bed All The Time

What is the difference between a trundle and daybed

You can certainly sleep on one every single night as long as you choose a sturdy frame and a supportive mattress that is comfortable for your sleeping style. The beauty of a daybed is the ability to use it as a sofa during the day and as a bed at night.

  1. When choosing a style, think about whether you will use it mainly for sitting or sleeping.
  2. A style with a backrest is far more comfortable for sitting than one without. Be sure to take this into consideration when buying one.
  3. If it will be used for sleeping all the time, consider whether a backrest will bother you when you’re sleeping. This is a personal preference but some people find it harder to sleep as soundly with a backboard along one length.

Adults Can Sleep on Day Beds

In fact, if you live in a small space or have a studio apartment, a day bed is a viable strategy for making the most of your space. They are also appealing to adults because it’s a real bed with a real mattress, which is far more comfortable than some of the other options available.

Particularly for adults who will regularly sleep in a day bed, you want to choose the best quality mattress you can afford along with a sturdy style for the bed,

Many Styles of Day Beds Are Available

Many Styles of Day Beds Are Available

You can find one in just about every style of décor, whether your home is traditional, country or cutting-edge modern.

This also means that you can find day beds in all sorts of colors, finishes and materials. Want to add a little metal to the palette of materials in the room? 

Or how about some wood in a warm tone? You’ll find that the range of day beds available will give you lots of options depending on the look you want to achieve.

Day beds are also available with storage underneath, which can be a boon in a tight space or in a room like a home office. The underbed storage lets you stash extra bedding or anything else you want to keep out of view.

The Difference Between a Trundle and Day Bed

The Difference Between a Trundle and Day Bed

  • As we already explained, day beds have a three-sided design with a twin-size mattress that can be used as both a bed and a sofa. It may or may not have a trundle underneath.
  • A trundle is a second bed of the same size on casters that rolls under the main bed. It can be found in a day bed design or a regular bed style.
  • A trundle bed typically has a mattress that is not as thick as a standard mattress and may not be as comfortable for regular sleep, except for children.
  • It is a 2-in-1 bed design. With the added trundle, it is designed to hold two twin mattresses and sleep two people. A day bed, on the other hand, is a type of sofa that spacious enough and designed to be used for both sitting and sleeping.

A daybed with a trundle is a great way to add yet another comfortable sleeping spot to your home. Because both day beds and trundles use real, twin-sized mattresses, they are generally far more comfortable than futons or sofa beds.

If you frequently have many overnight guests, this can be a useful, permanent solution.

Families with children often find that day beds with trundles easily add function to kids rooms. Simply by rolling out the trundle, you add a bed, perfect for a second child or for all those weekend sleep-overs.

Is a Trundle Bed Worth It?

A trundle bed costs more because it is a second bed, so you might wonder if it is a good investment or not. The answer depends on a number of factors.

  • A trundle bed is a worthy investment if you want to save space and provide an extra sleeping spot, no matter what room you put it in.
  • Studio apartments, guest rooms, kids rooms and home offices can benefit from a trundle bed, whether that is a standard trundle bed or a day bed with a trundle.
  • Getting into and out of a trundle bed can be a little more difficult because they sit at a higher level to accommodate the bed underneath – and the lower bed is very close to the ground. Trundles may not be worth the expense if you often have elderly relatives or those with mobility issues staying over.

Versatile Piece of Furniture

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

First of all, we should mention that a trundle bed is very versatile and that’s because it’s suited for a lot of different types of people and a lot of different spaces.

Most often, it’s a good option for kids, teens or for overnight guests but not so great for old people or for anyone with back problems since the mattress on the lower bed is thin and the support is not exactly ideal.

Great for Kids Rooms

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

Basically, this combination offers two individual sleeping surfaces. Together, they only take up the space of one until you roll out the second mattress.

That makes it a very practical option for kids’ rooms as a good alternative to bunk beds. Check out how beautiful this trundle bed from Rooms by Zoya B looks in this nursery room.

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

It is also a wonderful option for a guest room. The space can serve as a home office or as a secondary lounge most of the time. Moreover, you can and can make it a guest sleeping area whenever you need to.

Just roll out the bed and everything is all set up. LDa Architects designed such a space for one of their clients and this is what it looks like.

Great playroom addition

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

These beds can also be used in playrooms. Basically, the idea here is to have a comfortable little couch or sofa to sit on so why not add an extra bed in there too? It doesn’t take up extra space and it stays hidden unless you decide to use it.

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

The main reason people choose to put trundle beds into their homes is often a very simple one. These beds allow them to save a lot of space. That’s important when there’s little floor space to work with in the first place.

This is especially true for a studio apartments, many children’s rooms, nursery rooms as well as some attics. The interior of this beautiful lake house family room designed by Bergland + Cram is a prime example.

Ideal for studio apartments

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

One of the best things about day beds with trundles is that during the day you can add pillows and use them as sofas.

The extra mattress rolled under the seat doesn’t interfere with the rest of the room. You can see how beautiful such decor can be in the case of this contemporary bedroom designed by Rayna Marz.

Suitable for a home office

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

Trundle beds are also perfect for spaces that serve multiple purposes, like this bedroom/ office/ playroom for example. When the bed is expanded it’s possible for two or even three persons to sleep here.

It would be impossible to fit three regular beds in this room and have room for other pieces of furniture. Being that crowded would make it difficult to move around freely.

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

There’s definitely a choice of style when it comes to trundle beds. The design can suit any type of interior or decor. As far as size goes, there aren’t that many options. You’ll have to stick with standard mattress dimensions.

Of course, you can have a bed with trundle custom-made to fit in a particular area of your house. Brooke LLC designed this home theater, which is a great example.

Storage trundle beds

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

At this point, you might be thinking that a trundle underneath is pretty practical and convenient. But, what if you’d prefer to have some extra storage instead?

Well, why not have both? You can have a bed with a trundle and storage drawers, all in a compact, stylish package. Check out FlatFair for a few options, including the one in this image.

Modern design styles

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle
Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

This is 2Much!, a modern bed with trundle that’s perfect for the growing family or for multifunctional spaces with ever-changing roles.

Its design is playful, funky, simple and cool and the colors it comes in are fun and cheerful. It makes a chic focal point in any space. We recommend for a child’s or a teen’s bedroom, a home office, small living room or guest bedroom.

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

The 4005 bed is very cool as well. The fact that it has a built-in desk and an open-ended bookcase is unique. It stands out from all the other beds with trundles that show here.

This is actually more than just a simple bed with a trundle. It’s a whole furniture system. Importantly, it’s perfect for a child’s bedroom where you need to add a desk and some bookshelves. With this system, you can have it all and save plenty of space.

Twin Day Bed with Trundle

Twin Daybed with Trundle

This twin design with trundle is as lovely as it is practical. It has a beautifully curved back for an elegant look and four small knobs for symmetry. The overall design is a blend of modern and traditional details.

It has clean lines and inset paneling. It easily adapts and fits into any space because it is solid wood and manufactured wood with a neutral finish.

Bright Pop Metal Twin Day Bed with Trundle

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

What immediately stands out in the case of the Novogratz Bright Pop bed is the metal frame which is very airy, slender and compact. It’s also very strong and sturdy and includes heavy-duty steel slats to hold up the mattresses.

There are many rounded details and decorations which give this bed a really stylish and graceful look. This makes it a lovely piece for a chic home office, a child’s bedroom or a guest room.

You can get it in three colors. There is timeless black and white as well turquoise for a bold touch of color.

The Right Kind of Mattress

As already noted, these beds use a standard twin-size mattress. As with any bed, you want the right firmness and best quality mattress.  Although sleeping preferences vary, you want your bed to be comfortable for most guests – and for yourself.

Keep in mind that if you rarely have overnight guests, you don’t need to break the bank on a luxury mattress. Just pick something comfortable for an overnight visitor.

Mattress Size for a Daybed with Trundle

The mattress used for the trundle is the same size: standard twin. Moreover, the same general guidelines apply for choosing the trundle mattress as for the main mattress. You want a comfortable firmness and as high a quality as you can afford.

Bedding for a Day Bed?

Standard twin-size bedding will fit. The main difference comes down to styling. Some people prefer to just use a fitted sheet on the mattress and then style the bed with decorative cushions.

Others prefer to use a stylish cover that makes it look a bit more like a sofa than a bed. Coverlets and throws are also quite useful in making the bed look more stylish when no one is sleeping.

Now that you understand all about day beds and trundle beds, here are some actual design options and products that you can buy too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Exactly is a Daybed?

A daybed is a three-sided design with a twin-size mattress that can be used as both a bed and a sofa.

Where in My Home Can I Put a Daybed?

Daybeds are appropriate for any room where you want to save space or increase functionality. This can be any room in the home, but the kids room, guest room and home office are very popular places to install a daybed.

Can I sleep on a daybed every night?

Yes. With a good quality mattress that has the proper level of support for your preferences, you can easily sleep on a daybed all the time.

Can adults sleep on daybeds?

Absolutely. Whether used for guests or as the primary bed, a daybed is a viable furniture solution.

Can I Get Different Styles of Daybeds?

Daybeds are just like other furnishings and are available in a wide range of interior décor styles and taste preferences.

What is the difference between a trundle and daybed?

1. A daybed has a three-sided design and uses a twin-size mattress. It functions as both a bed and a sofa.
2. A trundle is a low bed on casters that rolls under the main bed, whether that is a daybed or standard bed.

What Kind of Mattress Does a Daybed Use?

Daybeds use a standard twin-size mattress. The quality and type you choose should be driven by how and how often the daybed is used for sleeping. The more it is used for sleeping the better the mattress needs to be.

Does a Daybed Need Bedding?

Yes, a daybed needs bedding, whether it is used for sitting sleeping or both. Generally, a mattress cover – like a fitted sheet – and decorative pillows are enough to style it. More blankets and pillows will be needed for sleeping.


A daybed with trundle can be an efficient and stylish solution for any room in your home. It gives you a place to sit during the day and can serve as a bed at night. Whether you’re sleeping on it yourself, or if it’s just for hosting the occasional overnight guest, it makes the most of the space you have.