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Over The Toilet Shelves: Think Inside The Box With Bathroom Ideas

Over the toilet shelves play a vital role in bathroom design. The space above your toilet is a great storage area and one that is often ignored. For the right price, you can designate the space for a sleek multi-level open shelf system, or vanity.

Over-the toilet shelves

There’s no such thing as a bad DIY idea when executed the right way. Toilet storage is more than creating a space on your wall for toilet paper. Although a bathroom DIY project is not as big as designing a kitchen, that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

Look at these great design ideas and start planning your next DIY bathroom project.

Over The Toilet Storage Space Tips

Over The Toilet Storage Space Tips

How High Should Over The Toilet Shelves Be?

The cabinet or shelf you install above your toilet should be two feet above the tank. Also, the bottom shelf should be high enough so you can remove the tank lid when necessary.

What Length Should Over The Toilet Shelves Be?

Over the toilet shelves keep your bathroom organized and efficient. For this reason, we recommend 14-inch deep shelving.

With deeper shelving, your bathroom decor items will not look like they’re dangling from the shelves.

If you want opulence, 19 or 24-inch deep shelving is recommended.

Can You Install Storage Cabinets Over Your Toilet?

You can install a cabinet over your commode, but designers are opposed to this idea for a few reasons. They claim it gives a bathroom a cold look and lacks style. They also feel the frames are bulky and unsuitable for storage containers.

Over The Toilet Shelves

Keep it Simple

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

You want to make the space above your toilet look less empty. One or two floating shelves is enough. The shelves will stand out with a solid look, but keep the design simple.

Ladder Shelves

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

Here’s an idea from Ana-White who suggests framing the toilet with a ladder shelving system. It’s a nice idea if you have the space and the ladder matches your bathroom’s design style.

Simple And Rustic Shelves

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

Above the toilet shelves are perfect for small bathrooms. The shelves provide storage without using valuable floor space. They’re good at  showcasing nice decorations when you want to add color to the space. Check out thesweetestdigs for inspiration.

Wood and Wrought Iron

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

There’s more than one way to hang a shelf above a toilet. Open shelves are versatile. There are plenty of designs to consider, so take your time and don’t underestimate the power of bathroom shelves

The one featured on lollyjane looks nice.

Classic Look

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

A single shelf can change your bathroom’s style. It’s not because of the storage capacity shelves offer, but because it fills a void. An over the toilet shelf like the one featured on myfabulesslife adds color and cheer to the bathroom.

Repurposed Shelving

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

If you’re focused on using the area above your toilet as a storage space, an open cabinet with two or three shelves and a drawer would do the trick. You could make the space a towel storage cabinet. It could store toiletries and other bathroom accessories.

Consider a rustic or farmhouse-style design like the one featured at houseofturquoise.

Extra Storage

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

Why not reinvent your entire toilet space? You could build a custom storage unit that surrounds the toilet tank. This would give you extra storage with open shelves or closed modules for towel storage, toilet paper rolls, and other useful items.

Check out apartmenttherapy for more inspiration.

Get Clever With Baskets

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

Turn your bathroom into a unique space by converting storage baskets into shelves. They’re perfect for holding extra hand towels close to the sink without them getting in your way. You can install the shelves above the toilet and fill the empty space with something that’s useful, original, and creative.

We found this cool idea on spruceyournest.

Deep Chair Rail

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

You should always look for ways to customize your interior design based on what makes each space unique and to try to take advantage of every little detail. For example, in this example by Michael Teuber, it was possible to add a bamboo shelf above the tub and toilet and to frame the tile wainscot.

Countertop Shelf

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

Another example of things that line up perfectly presented in this traditional bathroom designed by studio NLT. In here, the vanity counter extends to form a shelf above the toilet tank. It’s simple and original. The idea suits most bathrooms considering its common layout.

Built-in Bathroom Shelving

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

Built-in shelves fill the entire space between the toilet tank and ceiling. This is an example of how you maximize a bathroom’s storage capacity, and in a way that doesn’t make it look cluttered or cramped.

Add to that the white walls, floor tiles and matching fixtures and you get a breezy and welcoming decor. You can find more details on younghouselove.

DIY Bathroom Shelving

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

How about making something for your bathroom yourself? It’s easier than you think. You could make a custom shelf or shelving unit for the space above the toilet. You would need a few pieces of wood and basic tools. When the shelves are ready, showcase something cute and friendly that would make the bathroom more inviting and comfortable.

Check out mccarterfamilyblog for inspiration.

The Rustic Look

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

Here’s the same idea we mentioned earlier: a vanity which extends above the toilet tank to form a shelf. In this case there are also more shelves above this one and they hold labeled storage boxes. It’s a really great way to take full advantage of a small bathroom.

The design was featured on martysmusings, so check them out if you need further details or you’re looking for more inspiring ideas.

Live Edge Shelf

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

If you want to make some shelves yourself, one of the easiest methods is to use metal pipes and reclaimed wood. It’s so simple anyone can do it and that makes this the perfect DIY project for beginners.

Are you ready to give your bathroom a makeover? The shelves would also look good in spaces like the kitchen, hallways, or even the living room.

Check out the details on houseofhawthornes.

Think Outside The Box

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

Last but not least, a very cool project coming from Hello-hayley. It shown how you can take advantage of the empty space above your toilet by making a rustic-industrial shelf that lets you organize items in baskets and boxes or display items on the surface at the top.

There are also hooks so you can hang hand towels or other things including decorations.  These ornamental letters seem pretty nice but you can definitely come up with other original ideas that suit your bathroom even better.

The Hostchon

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

Here’s another similar piece, this time with a leading ladder design that gives it character and makes it look a bit more casual and stylish compared to other models. The Hoschton tiered unit can help you keep the clutter at bay in your bathroom by offering three shelves above the toilet.

This frees up the counter and other areas of the bathroom and makes the space more organized.

The Cadell

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

It’s entirely possible to have very little space around the toilet, even for many of the compact over-the-toilet cabinets mentioned above. Metal units such as the Cadell have an advantage in this case.

They can be very thin and slender which allows you to save even more space. This one is made from heavy-duty enamel-coated steel and has two open shelves. It’s rust-resistant, simple and convenient.

The Diane Module

Floating shelves over toilet DIY

In case you’re looking for an over-the-toilet storage unit with a more traditional design, something better-suited for a retro interior, check out the Diane module. It’s crafted from wood with an ash gray finish.

It has an open shelf at the bottom which is divided into two modules and a cabinet with two more shelves and ornate doors right above it. The glass panel doors are what really sells this design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can You Place Framed Photos On Storage Shelves?

Like most artwork that hangs on a bathroom wall, if you keep steam to a minimum, you won’t have problems. Your exhaust fan and windows will help your framed pictures breathe and prevent them from warping, for example.

Are Frames Okay On Bathroom Adjustable Shelves?

There are things that can be displayed in your bathroom without any problems, except for framed art prints. Wood products will expand and contract based on temperature fluctuations. You’ll need to watch for when they show the first sign of damage.

Are Canvas Prints Okay To Hang On A Wall Over A Toilet?

It’s okay to display your canvas prints even though they have different features than framed prints. However, avoid putting canvas art too close to your humidity source. If you have a canvas that is far from your bath or shower, it will last a long time. 

Where Should Pictures Be Placed In A Bathroom?

Depending on the shapes of your pictures, you’ll need to center your pictures with the towel bar. Don’t hang art close to the bar as it could get damaged when you reach for a wash cloth but don’t hang it so it’s too tall and next to the ceiling.

How Can I Protect My Medicine Cabinet So Guests Won’t Steal My Personal Items?

It’s not a good sign when you invite people to your home and later discover your bathroom medicine cabinet is missing personal items. Whether prescription painkillers or expensive eyeliner, it’s not so much about the price, but how those items are your property.

Luckily, there are plenty of ideal DIY security measures you can implement which would protect your medicine cabinet from being raided.

Over Toilet Shelving Conclusion

If you’re thinking about making a change to your bathroom’s toilet storage space, create a budget and figure out what kind of supplies you need. When choosing a toilet storage or bathroom shelving style, organization is ideal.

Do you have enough vertical space for three racks? With over the toilet racks, you have plenty of nice options to create a sleek design. They make it easier for you to change your bathroom’s style, unlike a kitchen. You could even go with glass which augment your lighting.

As a DIY project, over the toilet bathroom shelves do not require many tools or supplies. For the cheapest prices, you can find what you need at your local hardware store as they often have the best deals in stock. After all, part of the DIY aesthetic is about finding the best brands at the lowest prices.

When you have the supplies for your DIY toilet storage project or adjustable shelves, the next thing to consider is your interior lighting. You want to create something that gives you access to important bathroom necessities. If your shelving is too tall, that could be a problem, especially if you have children