Blaxploitation: Kitchens Go Dark With Black Countertops

Black kitchen countertops are more than simple design choices. The right kitchen countertop will have a big impact on your home. After all, the kitchen is the heart of a home.

black countertops

As a design feature, the black kitchen countertop makes sense. It’s more than a surface and delivers a bold statement while defining an entire space. Today, it’s a striking reboot of the pastoral kitchen, and one that provides dramatic texture while adding plenty of beautiful nuances.

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

At the height of the black countertops trend, which began in the 90s, it was clear American homes had found a new love. Interest and demand for a black kitchen with black countertops outweighed interest in bright white kitchens. 

People began thinking that black countertops with bright gold splashes and dark walls would create a stronger home atmosphere.

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Black countertops represented a dramatic black and white shift in taste, but one that was long overdue for kitchen countertops. When the first black kitchen counter wave ended, black kitchen countertops were here to stay as evidenced by the way Americans welcomed them into their stunning and beautiful homes.

Are Black Kitchen Countertops Outdated?

We felt it would be a good idea to address black countertops now rather than wait until the end. Black countertops were all the rage during the 90s, however, they never went away. Their striking features would become traditional hallmarks 20 years later.

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Among kitchen design projects, granite counters are beloved by those who want a minimalist or elegant industrial space for their beautiful homes. 

Many would follow their favorite design site that showcased the character of the kitchens and their stainless steel features. They style was a home addition inspiration that would change the way people painted their walls or designed their kitchens for dramatic effect. 

It’s 2022, with black kitchen countertops, thoughts haven’t changed as they’re still in demand. They serve the same purpose and possess the beautiful character elements they originally had . Now, people want to know if the black quartz countertops are outdated, for example.

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

And the answer is just as black and white as it was before – they’re not outdated as the black kitchen has evolved. The dark counters are as popular as they were when black kitchen countertops first appeared in beautiful homes across the US.

History Of Black Countertops

History Of Black Countertops

Black countertops emerged in the early 90s thanks to the economic conditions of the day. People embraced work and didn’t help to make a decision, and dark counters represented strength. Years ago, things were more black and white and easier to understand. A black kitchen made a statement that was easy to understand. The black kitchen would create opportunities to open the floodgates for other design features like with cabinets and light.

The black kitchen and stainless steel design trend would last over the course of ten years, extending into the new millennium. The stunning dark counters and black countertops served as a zeitgeist backsplash representative of contemporary mindsets. The dark counters weren’t just a décor element, but a metaphor of the American suburban mindset.

And the design meant the room wouldn’t need to be painted for dramatic effect. Traditional cabinets could use colors they weren’t allowed to go near with other kitchen styles. And natural light had more purpose. With black kitchen countertops, once they’re in place, they dominate the home, and that’s why people choose and love them. 

As the classy black kitchen began to wane in the following years, and black quartz countertops and granite counters emerged to take the pole position among trend-setting US households.

Black Granite Countertops  Vs. Black Quartz Countertops

Black Granite Countertops  Vs. Black Quartz Countertops

Before you begin your renovation and start choosing stunning black kitchen countertops, you need to know which one will fit the style of your entire space. You want to place functionality at the top of your list.

Granite and quartz are popular choices for black countertops. They come with distinct features and look great with a variety of cabinet styles. Black and white spaces are fun to work with and don’t require outside help unlike other styles.

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

If you’re leaning toward one style for your cabinets, but can’t find a color to go with your black kitchen countertops and stainless steel appliances, continue reading for guidance and examples.

Black Granite

Black Granite

Granite comes from molten rock. It’s not as expensive as marble, but unlike marble, granite won’t crack, chip, or blister. The style also adds character and balance, while giving you years of love and joy.

Known for its durability and stain-resistant features, granite counters are is a solid design choice and of course less dramatic than quartz countertops. There are 3 main black granite grade levels. Level 1 (low-grade granite), Level 2 (mid-grade level), and Level 3 (high-grade granite). Meanwhile, some companies have upward of seven grades.

Granite slab grades are determined by colors, veins, pitting, marking, and thickness. The soft materials in black granite counters, and the country where the granite is from, influence grade levels.

Black Forest Granite

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

The most in-demand black kitchen countertops made with granite is Black Forest. The granite counters make a bold statement and come from India and Brazil. Each slab features ivory or gold streaks that run over its surface. With this style, you’ll save money as the years tick by and your black countertops remain the same.

Angola Black Granite

Angola Black Granite

From the African nation of Angola, the black countertops are polished, leathered, honed, aged, bush-hammered, shot-blasted, flamed, or satin before they’re installed in homes. This black granite style offers charm and character.

Types Of Black Quartz

Types Of Black Quartz

Black quartz countertops have emerged as the hottest trend in black kitchen home design in recent years. Due to their popularity, which began around 2005, today, many quartz options are available on the market.

Here are a few examples you should save:

  • Obsidian has a light sparkle without secondary colors, making it more versatile among black kitchen countertops.
  • Empira features veining on its surface. Its rich background and light gold vein mix and contrast, making the black countertops worth of a professional photo.
  • Piatto features a dark, speckled, and light textured finish. It’s good for black and white spaces and black countertops in kitchens that feature stainless steel appliances. 

What Color Cabinets Go With Black Kitchen Countertops?

What Color Cabinets Go With Black Kitchen Countertops?

The most common question when planning a black kitchen renovation that includes dark counters is should cabinets have a lighter or darker color than black quartz countertops, granite counters, or other styles? There isn’t a right or wrong answer as it depends on the entire space of your kitchen. You should do what makes sense which will help you save time and money.

Take a photo and ask your friends. A cabinet design or color can accent a room, unlike no other element.

Most rooms are designed to be brighter, beginning at the floor and running to the ceiling. A dark floor combined with a bright ceiling creates a framework for you to explore colors and experiment with your black countertops. This approach also works with smaller spaces that are painted.

Black Cabinets

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

If you want to add to your darker hues during a kitchen renovation, dark cabinets deliver a bold statement with sleek black granite countertops and black kitchen countertops in general. If you’re concerned with overwhelming the area, offset the impact with a light color tile backsplash. Remember, when you use black and white, you can still use other colors. 

Also, you could go with a light shade for your cabinets if you had additional light sources. It’s a neutral tone that absorbs color. For a contemporary minimalist feel, dark counters reign supreme with lighter colors, just leave enough room for natural light.

And don’t forget how stainless steel shines, which will add to the brightness.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

White cabinets in darker kitchens are common. As a warm neutral color, white will give a space more light when combined with a natural light source. You’ll find that the added brightness will work to your advantage.

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Black and white combinations are just as old as Yin and Yang. It’s the easiest color contrast you can make. With kitchens, you can create brightness with light colors. Afterward, it becomes easier to see while working because they offer more light. Not to mention, natural light also helps.

Brown Cabinets

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

It makes sense how most cabinets are made with wood. And because cabinet finishes are flexible, bright colors can adjust a black kitchen. Brown is a beautiful near-neutral tone. It has a warm middle ground between cool gray and bright white. Cabinets can either complement or contrast your flooring will help save valuable space.

Blue Cabinets

Blue is safe and exciting. In the world of design, a blue cabinets can make or break a room. A light blue contrast would make a statement. And don’t worry about the color being absorbed as blue will retain its cool temperature. If you have black quartz countertops, light blue cabinets would provide a divine black kitchen experience.

Black Kitchen Countertops

Dark kitchens are back and they’re better than ever before. Here are the hottest black countertops available on the market today. The installation will require the services of a professional. Each photo illustrates examples of what dark countertops have to offer and will save time when you search for the right style.

A few examples:

Black Marble Kitchen Countertop

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Say what you will about the finer qualities of wood or cement, this marble countertop places the entire focus on one hue. The open style with white veins emblazoned upon the surface and a painted backsplash combo steals the spotlight. Dark brown paneling of the open cabinet style provides a subtle contrast and easy access to your dishes, which will help you save time.

After it’s installed you won’t regret it. You’ll also notice how your stainless steel appliances stand out more. 

Cement Kitchen Countertop

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

A cement countertop will balance the dark decor without ruining the entire space. The counter contrast, cabinets, cabinet finishes, flooring, or other materials will create a striking vibe. Stainless steel appliances balance the entire space for a modern black kitchen feel.

Soapstone Kitchen Countertop

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Also known as steatite, soapstone is a metamorphic rock made from 50 percent talc. Soapstone is one of the softest countertops you’ll find. Notice that the bottom of the backsplash is black and that helps too. A nice design strategy is to mix and match different shades of this neutral color.

The classy design features dark gray surfaces at the top which become lighter towards the bottom thank to the lighter cabinets. 

Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Black granite kitchen countertops have a sleek and stylish look.  They offer a clean aesthetic and classy look that doesn’t overshadow or hide other beautiful features. 

Marble Kitchen Countertop

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Contrasts between different colors, materials, and finishes often make designs look more beautiful by highlighting the unique characteristics of each surface. In this example, the contrast between the wood countertop table and the adjacent features serves as a matter of inspiration.

When emphasizing the design of a countertop, adding a matching backsplash establishes a connection between two surfaces. This photo features a refined and elegant example. The style would also work in smaller spaces but expect scratches in high-traffic areas.

Dark Wood Kitchen Countertop 

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

The minimalist and stylish cabinets with this chic island have matching wood countertops with dark-stained finishes. When combined, it makes a bold and striking statement. You cannot hide from how powerful the cabinet structure is.

Matte Black Kitchen Countertop 

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

The matte black trend is the most popular one you’ve never heard of. You can pair the countertops with white or light gray cabinets. If you want to achieve a classy minimalist or modern industrial look.  

Black Quartz Countertops

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Black quartz countertops are all the rage. There are a few quartz countertop colors to choose from as each offers something unique. This example combines Victorian design with a modern look.

4 DIY Tricks To Clean Black Quartz Countertops

Quartz might require extra special care, but it’s worth it. You do not want water to get near black quartz. What you may not know is how there are a few DIY methods that will save you money. 

  1.  Slowly scrape the stain with a plastic spatula. For bigger stains, use a single edge razor blade.
  2. With hard water stains that have a minor mineral stockpile, use a steel wool ball. In a slow circular motion, rub the stained surface. After you’ve tackled the stain, dry the area with a clean cloth. 
  3. Poultice is a soft material made with plant material or flour. It relieves soreness and inflammation and is secured with a cloth. The first step is to mix baking soda with dish soap and apply it in a circular motion with a sponge. The second step is to wait for 20 minutes and remove it with cold water and a non-scratch cleaning pad.
  4. Plastic wrap works after using the poultice. Instead of removing the poultice with a sponge, dress the stained area in plastic wrap. Wait two hours for the stain to react to the plastic. The plastic will heat the stain and remove it from the countertop. As a final step, clean the area with a sponge.

Black Granite Kitchen Countertop

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Of course, minimalism is a smart approach and black granite is the best option. Both are traditional examples and include other materials that look better with darker counters. If you want to create a minimalist look, install thin countertops and tall lower cabinets. You’ll have room to accent the space and walls with light décor.

This sleek look with layered stripes doesn’t feel monotonous and offers a less dramatic effect., which is what black granite is all about.

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Consider the color of a countertop and the material from which it’s made when thinking about your finished design. Sometimes a backsplash lowers the intensity level. The countertop extends over the top section of the cabinetry just under the cooktop.

Notice how the trio of modules has a different color and different proportions compared to the rest of the furniture.

Backsplashes And Accents

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

An installed countertop ensures a smooth and seamless transition between a dark-stained backsplash and lighter-colored cabinetry. Notice the bottom of the backsplash. The décor and accents offer functionality, elegance, sophistication that other colors fail to deliver.

When you throw windows into the mix, the space will dazzle visitors.

Black Countertop Accents

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Here’s an example of how fruit can enliven a kitchen space. The yellow lemons provide the perfect color flair for this black countertop style. Many colors look beautiful when paired with black, and yellow is one of them.

Yellow is cheerful and offers a pleasant contrast. It also looks great when paired with gray.

Wood Backsplash

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

Gray is associated with industrial elements and can seem dull when not paired accordingly. Here, with the natural wood backsplash, the kitchen space is provided with a confidence boost.  

Open Shelving And Lighting

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

The open shelves offer easy access to glass and plates. If the space feels cramped, offset the effect with a few well-placed accents like white LED lights. Also, it’s not uncommon for traditional  kitchens to feature matching backsplashes. Without question, one thing that open shelving offers is convenience that you will love.

When working in your kitchen, you want to make it an easy experience. 

How to Remove Stains From Black Quartz Countertops

How to Remove Stains From Black Quartz Countertops

Black quartz counters are the fastest rising trend today among all black kitchen countertops. When the style emerged in the 60s, it didn’t catch on and was an upper-class novelty for years.

Today, and thanks to advanced products and designs, they’re the hottest items in the world of residential and commercial design. 

Although it has a higher resistance to waste, it doesn’t mean they’re perfect and can’t be stained

Water contains dye so it shouldn’t build up near black quartz. A hard water stain looks like a gray spot. The stains come from limescale or calcium mineral deposits. The minerals connect with the surface after the liquid has evaporated. Afterward, if they keep accumulating, the stains will become visible.

The worst thing is when hard water bonds with kitchen cleaning supplies and detergents.

Black Countertops With Kitchen Islands

With kitchen renovation and a modern design, black kitchen countertops hold a special place, so if you have space, you will want an island. They also provide opportunities for you to add cabinets for your most important cooking needs.

Here are a few examples:

Marble Kitchen Island

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

It’s common for during kitchen renovation to create matching countertops and backsplashes for a sleek design. The strategy makes the space look familiar, balanced and welcoming, and this include the cabinets as well. A black countertop makes a statement by itself,  but the effect is stronger when there’s a matching accent wall.

Black Wood Kitchen Island

Modern kitchen with large island with bar area and black marble countertop

This island offers convenience, functionality, and style. The large black cabinets send a message while offering a counter response with the floor color. A balance is achieved with contrasting finishes and textures.

Black kitchen countertops among traditional designs will have a big impact and offer a dramatic contrast with your primary colors.

Black Marble Kitchen Island

Black Marble Kitchen Island

In this photo, you’ll notice a marble waterfall countertop with white veins offers a stylish look. The open, roll-out drawers provide easy access to utensils and other cooking tools.  At the head is a wood chop block that extends functionality.

What Sink Goes With Black Countertops?

When planning your modern kitchen renovation, choose a sink that is functional according to your needs. If the kitchen is the center of the home, the sink is the center of the kitchen.

What Sink Goes With Black Countertops

Here are a few tips to help you pick the best sink for your kitchen.


For a kitchen renovation, measure sinks according to width, height, and basin depth. Remember, faucets are separate, a detail most people forget. Apron-mounted sink models extend past a countertop’s edge. However, your sink will function at an optimum level if you include a buffer zone around it.

A buffer zone is a space where you can keep sponges and soap, making them easy to access.


With black kitchen countertops, sinks are functional, they’re square or circular shaped. The same could be said with a cabinet. There’s a good reason why you’ve never seen diamond-shaped sinks in homes. Your sink will have a visual impact on your cabinets, and room flow.

Other Materials and Colors

Nationwide, most modern homeowners prefer stainless steel sinks with their black kitchen countertops. They’re great to clean and look cool. With granite, a bronze sink would look sublime. If you’ve jumped on the matte black kitchen countertops bandwagon, then you’ll want a sink to match.

The most popular pairing is with sinks and dark faucets, but try a copper faucet and drain combo and see what happens.


Your sink should provide a contrast with your black kitchen countertops. With dark countertops and painted cabinets, stainless steel is popular. Plus, bronze fixtures look sleek with marble designs. And painted cabinets will pop when exposed to natural light.


A sink with low-rise rims makes it easier to clean black kitchen countertops, and are common in most homes. All you do is wipe crumbs and other waste straight from your kitchen countertops and into the sink in one motion. You should see what kind of advanced features are available.

Thanks to advanced technology, there are sinks with sound absorbers that reduce noise from running water or cleaning dish ware. The beauty of silence says it all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is A Good Backsplash For Black Granite Countertops With White Cabinets?

If you want a backsplash to go with your elegant white kitchen cabinets and black kitchen countertops, a cut white marble backsplash tile would be a bold accent for a minimalist look with black granite countertops and cabinets with a color counter contrast. This will be something you love, and you’ll never change the design again.

What Is The Most Expensive Black Kitchen Countertop?

Without question, marble kitchen countertops are the most expensive black countertops you can order today. Marble costs between $75 to $250 per square foot. As a built-in feature, marble matches with cabinets of all colors.

Are Black Countertops Hard To Keep Clean?

No, black kitchen countertops not hard to clean, but the surfaces make it harder to check for stains. Water stains are even harder to detect. A milk stain, for example, would be more noticeable because the substance is white and would stand out. With more expensive countertops, as a general rule, do not let household cleaning supplies get anywhere near black quartz.

A quartz counter is delicate and should be cleaned carefully.

Are Black Countertops Timeless?

Yes, black kitchen countertops are timeless as history has already proven. As a color, they make a bold statement. The colors offer a modern chic look that other colors cannot provide. The dark hue provides the ideal backdrop against light cabinets, offering a balanced contrast.

It seems a new style, black quartz countertops, will be more long-lasting than anticipated among all kitchen countertops.

What Are Black Countertops Called?

With black kitchen countertops, you have two traditional options: quartz and granite counters. If you want durability, granite kitchen countertops are the winner. Before you choose which black countertops you want, visit a professional site for deeper guidance and review their photos. You’ll find a variety of options, making your kitchen renovation experience a memorable one.

Black Countertops Conclusion

Traditional dark kitchen countertops offer a classy look to fall in love with and admire. The black kitchen has grown since it first hit American homes. Black countertops make it easier to see food crumbs, which makes sense when you think about it, and the surfaces are easier to clean. On the flip side, it’s easy to stain and smudge.

You’ll need to get accustomed to cleaning fingerprints and handprints. Also, cups leave rings behind, so you’ll find yourself removing those as well. Black granite might be the most accessible in terms of price and installation. However, black quartz countertops might be the number one kitchen design idea today.

The bottom line is that black kitchen countertops are a labor of love, and also a sign of character. They require more maintenance than other kitchen designs, but they’re worth it if you want a black kitchen. With most beautiful things, effort is required to maintain their beauty.

If you want a kitchen to remember, the work required to make it look beautiful will be worth your time.