To Love Or Not To Love A Marble Backsplash

Everyone has their own opinion related to marble as a material suitable for interior decor, especially in the kitchen. The marble backsplash is especially eye-catching. As any other material, marble has both pros and cons and we’ll get to those in a minute.

First, however, let’s understand what marble is so we can better judge and appreciate it. Geologists refer to marble as a metamorphosed limestone while stonemasons have a broader way of looking at it. Marble is used as a building material and also in sculptures. It’s of many different types, each having its own particularities that help us distinguish between them.

Kitchen backsplash with a hanging wireView in gallery
The countertop and backsplash can match and can both be made of marble
Grey marble backsplash designView in gallery
In addition, the sink can match them as well, although this would require a lot of maintenance
Countertop and backsplash in marbleView in gallery
To make things easier, the marble backsplash can only cover a small portion of the wall and can be placed in the continuation of the countertop
Marble that mimic concreteView in gallery
There are two main types of finishes featured by marble counters and backsplashes: honed and polished

The various types of marble come from different areas on the globe, including Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Russia, US or Romania. Carrara marble is possibly the most common type of all. It comes from Italy and it’s also among the most affordable types or marble. It can be distinguished by its white, gray or blue-gray coloring and linear veining which can either be small and fine or soft and feathery.

Dark marble backsplash detailView in gallery
A marble counter or backsplash with a honed finish is created by sanding the surface and has a matte look
Traditional white kitchen with a black marble backsplashView in gallery
Honed marble surfaces are more susceptible to staining but don’t show scratches as much as polished marble
Dark marble backsplashView in gallery
Polished marble, on the other hand, is shiny and more resistant to stains

Another popular type of marble is Calacatta which is a lot more rare and thus considering a luxury choice. It’s often mistaken for Carrara marble although it presents several unique particularities such as the generally white background and dark veining in large and thick patterns.

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Moreover, polished marble backsplashes worn down in time
Wood cupboads and white barble backsplashView in gallery
Constant maintenance and regularly sealing the marble surfaces helps prolong their life and beauty
Smooth marble kitchen backsplashView in gallery
Not all marble is affordable, although there are many good options to choose from

In the kitchen, marble is often used on countertops and backsplashes. A marble backsplash can look very elegant and stylish but, given the characteristics of the material, requires constant maintenance. Still, cleaning a marble backsplash is easy. Just use warm water and dish soap and, for stubborn stains, a mixture of baking soda and water. Marble backsplashes and countertop need to be sealed regularly and this can either be done by a professional or can be treated as a DIY project.

White marble backsplash designView in gallery
Carrara marble is one of the cheapest and is also very appreciated for its beauty
White and grey marble backsplashView in gallery
Other common types of marble include the Emperador which comes from Spain
Marble backsplash for kitchen with stainless steel hanging potsView in gallery
Emperador marble offers a variety of different shades of brown as well as the usual whites and grays
White marble kitchen backsplashView in gallery
Marble tiles used for backsplashes come in various different forms and sizes
Corner kitchen with marble on backsplash and countertopView in gallery
If a uniform look is desired, the backsplash is made from a single marble tile
Copper pots and marble backsplashView in gallery
Marble backsplashes with fine veins and a white background are often considered more stylish

Certain types of marble, such as the Emperador which comes from Spain, are ideal for high-traffic areas and fireplace surrounds. Still, their unique color tones can also be used to give a kitchen backsplash a stand-out look. This particular type has grains with irregular veins which makes each tile unique and offers the opportunity to create interesting patterns.

Grey marble design for countertop and backsplashView in gallery
Choose a finish that suits your lifestyle. Each has it own pros and cons
Black marble countertop and backsplashView in gallery
Both marble countertops and backsplashes present similar characteristics
Floor to ceiling marble backspalshView in gallery
One of the pros is their beauty and also the fact that marble is widely available

Also quarried from Spain, the crema marfil marble is ideal if you want to add a warm touch to the kitchen. Although available in many different color shades, the light beige is the most common. This type of marble is often used on exterior cladding and tends to have a more rugged look.

Black and white kitchenn design with marble countertop and backsplashView in gallery
The cost is often also considered a pro, although there are some very expensive types of marble as well
Earth colors marble backsplashView in gallery
The most common cons include the fact that marble is susceptible to staining

As always, a marble backsplash presents both advantages and disadvantages. A big pro is the fact that marble is widely available and comes in many different variations. Also, each tile is unique and, although all marble tends to look the same, there are lots of little things that makes each piece stand out.

Traditional kitchen with black backsplashView in gallery
Marble also scratches easily, although in the case of the backsplash this is not very relevant
Marble blacksplash and countertopView in gallery
Of course, marble is not only for countertops and backsplashes. Some kitchen furniture also uses it in other ways
Wood kitchen cupboard and marble backsplashView in gallery
In addition, marble kitchen islands are a very elegant and stylish option

The cost of a marble backsplash is also a pro in most cases. Although there are rarer options that cost a lot, the more common types are accessible. Some of the most important cons related to marble backsplashes and countertops in general include the fact that marble scratches and stains easily. Nevertheless, it can be easily cleaned with warm water and dish soap.