Blue Kitchen Cabinets – Bold And Inspiring Designs

Most homeowners want to avoid cookie-cutter kitchens that look just like their neighbor’s kitchens. One way to do this is to add eye-catching blue kitchen cabinets into their kitchen.

blue kitchen cabinets

Blue is a versatile color because it can be bright and add a splash of fun color to the room or function more like a neutral and provide a solid foundation for other colors. In short, blue cabinets are an option with endless possibilities.

Popular Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

The color blue you choose for your kitchen is as varied as the many varieties of cabinet facings you can use. Here are some of the most common and popular types of cabinets:

Popular Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets

These cabinets are distinguished by their classic appearance. They are sturdy and practical and most are built out of wood. The detail that makes them stand out from other cabinet styles is the design on the front of each door that consists of a flat panel in the center and four smaller flat raised panels that frame the interior panel.

Flat-panel cabinets

Flat-panel kitchen cabinets are simple in style. They have what is referred to as slab doors which are made from a single panel with no frame or detail on them. These cabinets have a minimalist appearance and are best suited for modern and contemporary kitchens.

Louvered cabinets

Louvered cabinets have doors made with horizontal wooden slats which give them an appearance similar to window shutters. It is a lovely look that works with many different styles.

Inset-style cabinets

In the case of inset-style kitchen cabinets the door is set inside the frame of the door opening rather than outside. This type of design requires precision and everything has to be measured just right in order for all the pieces to fit the way they should.

Beadboard cabinets

For beadboard cabinet facings, they are made with rows of planks with little indentations between them known as beads. This gives them a textured and more dynamic look compared to other flat panel designs. This is a style that suits farmhouse and cottage kitchens well.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint: Oil Paint vs. Latex Paint

Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint: Oil Paint vs. Latex Paint

Most people agree that you should paint kitchen cabinetry with a paint that has a sheen like semi-gloss or gloss paint as this stands up better to wear and tear. However, that is where the agreement ends.

There are strong advocates for oil paint and latex paint. Of course, there are both positives and negatives of each.

Oil-based paint is very durable and stands up well to scrubbing. On the other hand, it has high levels of VOCs, it can yellow over time, and it takes a very long time to dry.

Manufacturers have engineered modern-day latex to have a similar finish to oil paint. While it is not as durable and long-lasting as oil paint, it has some benefits too. It has much lower levels of VOCs, it adheres well to surfaces that have been painted with other paints, and it dries in a matter of hours.

Trending Colors For Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Because blue is a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry, there are many top trending cabinet colors.

Hale Navy and Van Deusen Blue from Benjamin Moore and Navel from Sherwin Williams

Some of the most popular dark colors are Hale Navy and Van Deusen Blue from Benjamin Moore and Navel from Sherwin Williams.

For lighter blues, try Kentucky Haze from Benjamin Moore or Oval Room Blue from Farrow & Ball.

20 Designs Featuring Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Designs Featuring Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Color is just as important as the style, structure and proportions of the kitchen cabinets and there has to be a good balance between all of these elements.

Here are some amazing blue kitchen cabinets in kitchens that range in style from modern to traditional and everything in between.

Blue cabinets with white countertops

Kitchen with Geometric and colorful cabinets

The blue kitchen cabinets and the matching island, although very bold, are balanced by the crisp white walls, the white tile backsplash, the warm wooden accents and the geometric floor tile design. The designers, STUDIO TAMAT, used white on the upper cabinets and bright blue on the lower cabinets to ground the design. The geometric floor takes this kitchen from beautiful to amazing!

Two-tone blue kitchen cabinets

Two-tone blue kitchen cabinets beauty

Too much color can make a design feel overwhelming in a small space. To avoid this, interior designer Mara Magotti Gondoni planned this kitchen that even astute color minimalists will love. The two-tone design in style and color of the cabinets is elegant, modern and exciting. However, the simple chrome appliances keep the style of the kitchen practical too.

Farmhouse blue kitchen cabinets

A farmhouse blue kitchen cabinets

Certain nuances and colors are associated with a particular style. For example, these blue kitchen cabinets suggest a farmhouse aesthetic. They have tailored and clean lines with an elegant shade of bright slate blue. With the herringbone wood flooring and the butcher block countertop island the interior designer, Georgie Shepherd, created a hygge friendly space.

All eyes on the island

All eyes on the island

In this kitchen, the bright blue island cabinets work well with the bright colors of the rugs and the bar chairs. This concentrates all the color at the center of the room which gives the effect of a larger and more spacious area. Further, the white cabinetry on the outside walls provide a counterbalance to the colorful interior. Studio Dearborn created this design.

Blue and green side by side

Blue and green side by side

Putting two strong colors together can make a bold statement. We love the way that the designers, Plain English, bring together the blue cabinets with the green accents. In this case the blue kitchen cabinets and the green surfaces work together to give this space a dynamic aesthetic appearance.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Style and function in sync

Marble and blue kitchen cabinets

Blue is a color that looks wonderful when paired with certain neutrals like white and light gray, and metallic accents like gold and copper. We love the traditional look of the open shelving and kitchen cabinetry combined with the modern marble counters. All the features of this room were combined to create the perfect blend of style and functionality in this kitchen designed by studio Blakes London.

Blue and white kitchen cabinets

An elegant blend of old and new

Expert designers, De Rosee Sa, transformed this tired kitchen into one that is modern and dynamic. They combined the navy blue kitchen island with natural wood cabinets. Also, they added wall-to-wall open shelving for an accessible cooking space. The pendant lights create a sense of balance and light.

Historic style blue cabinetry

Moody colors and classic materials

traditional blue mood kitchen cabinets

This beautiful cottage-inspired kitchen with deep dark blue cabinets and paneled walls evokes a historic style. The mix of the timeless white marble countertops with the dark wood countertop with rounded edges on the central island provides an effective change of texture. Studio White Arrow keeps the color scheme simple by painting all the millwork in the kitchen the same color blue as the cabinetry.

Blue green cabinetry


A stylish mix of texture, color and pattern

This kitchen from Hubert Zandberg features an unexpected combination of blue green cabinets and a terrazzo-style countertop and backsplash.  We love the chic shade of this light blue green and the way that it adds depth to this modern space. Further, the gold fixtures add a bright contrasting detail that adds just a touch of glam to this charming kitchen.

Deep blue cabinets with wallpaper

A symphony of blues for kitchen cabinets

Go big or go home is the motto of this kitchen space from Interior designer Boris Dmitriev. This kitchen uses different complementary blue tones on all the elements of this breakfast nook creating a monochromatic palette that is dramatic and bold. Further, the use of wallpaper above the cabinetry is striking and is just the right shade to complement the other blues.

The calming effect of blue

Surrounded by tranquility

While many think that neutrals are the most restful color, blue is a color that is known to have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind. We love this eye-catching light blue kitchen cabinet color paired with the light herringbone floor. Further, the designer Pepe Leal carries this color throughout the kitchen which makes the design effective but simple.

Blue cabinets with a butcher block countertop

Bold colors mixed with timeless materials

Kitchen with white countertops and solid surface with stainless steel appliances

A strong color like blue looks more organic in a space furnished using classic materials. This designer combined the dark wood countertops with the blue painted kitchen cabinets to give the room a timeless quality. In the end, the combination of the wood counters and denim blue makes the kitchen homey and modern at the same time.

Modern kitchen with traditional style

Modern with traditional vibes

We love the combination of the contrasting styles of modern and traditional in one space. This is the strategy used in this kitchen from Barlow & Barlow. The dark cabinets of slate blue and modern pendant light style blend with the elaborate molding and marble in a seamless way.

Light blue kitchen cabinets

The color of the ocean blue

Blue is the overarching theme in this kitchen design by studio Bailey Austin Bird. To this end, they use light blue on almost every area, the cabinetry, the backsplash, and even countertops. However, while the blue marble elevates the style of the kitchen, the light blue cabinets in the shaker style facing give the room a simple style rather than one that is fancy. The color countertop of the island complements the dark tones in the blue marble.

Modern blue cabinets

Blue shade kitchen cabinets with brass hardware

The modern design of this kitchen from Gramercy Design is simple but elegant. The lower dark blue kitchen cabinets ground the space, but the white walls with brass accents keep the design light. Further, the open shelving with the brass hardware and the glossy white countertops is simple but effective.

Turquoise kitchen cabinets

Blue upper cabinets and kitchen island

We love the idea of incorporating bright colors that invigorate the space. This is an idea that is very effective in modern kitchens like this one from Marmur Studio. The backsplash with the variegated green subway tile complements the turquoise kitchen cabinetry and the lovely greenery mixed throughout the kitchen. Also, the wood accents give just the right amount of texture to the space.

Denim blue cabinets

Blue and quartz

Blue and white are an impressive combination. For instance, notice this kitchen from Skin Interior Design. They use blue and white to great effect throughout the room including in the paneled ceiling. 

Blue gray kitchen cabinets

Faded blue

This deep gray blue is a beautiful tone. Also, it pairs well with stainless steel appliances and industrial features like these metal and wood bar stools used by Piperbear Designs. Further, the white subway tile backsplash minimizes the look of the white cabinets. Thus, the blue cabinets take center stage in this design.

Navy blue cabinets

A retro vibe

Lind Nelson Construction have created an inviting and elegant kitchen due to the effective mix of materials. The island and cabinetry have a navy finish that is glossy and sleek. The gold hardware and pendant lights shine in contrast to this dark blue. Further, the herringbone wooden floors ground the design with elegance.

Coastal chic

Strong contrasts

The lower cabinets in this kitchen have a distinctive shade of blue. It is dark with green undertones to give the kitchen a modern and coastal vibe. Further, the light wooden floor and shelves are subtle but give the room some needed texture. Also, we love the unexpected combination of the light turquoise bar stools and the deep red rug. Christen Ales Interior Design created this beautiful kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Do people like blue cabinets?

Blue kitchen cabinets are a popular trend right now because this is a color that everyone can like. People who love bright colors and people who like less color can get on board with this trend as blue is a versatile color with many different shades.

What color kitchen cabinets do most people prefer?

White is the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets. However, there are many blue kitchen cabinet options that are popular right now.

Should cabinets be darker or lighter than walls?

There is no hard and fast rule about if cabinets should be darker of lighter than the walls. However, most cabinets are either darker or the same color as the walls.

Is gloss or matte paint better for kitchens?

A gloss paint reflects light and makes it easier to wipe down. Matte finishes hide imperfections better but they are not as long lasting.

Should islands be lighter or darker than cabinets?

Kitchen islands can be lighter or darker than the cabinets. However, the most popular option for kitchen islands is either the same color as the cabinets or darker than the cabinetry.

Should your kitchen cabinets match your walls?

Kitchen cabinetry that match the walls blend into the background. Cabinetry that is darker than the walls stands out. It depends on the look that you want.

Are blue cabinets too trendy?

Blue kitchen cabinets are, without doubt, an important trend right now. However, this doesn’t mean that they will go out of style soon. Rather, choose a color like navy that is classic if you want a blue color that is longer lasting.


Blue kitchen cabinet ideas are amazing in their variety. However, just because blue cabinetry is the flavor of the day, this doesn’t mean that it can not be a classic look too. In fact, because blue pairs so well with many design styles, the trend is sure to last.