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Bringing Wine Country Closer to Home with a Barrel Table

Trying to find the perfect table match for the style of a room can take ages. The variety of options seems endless when thinking about size, design, texture, utility. You want to make sure your table doesn’t feel like the elephant in the room. And it’s a plus when it also fits other purposes, like providing extra-storage space. You may want a practical piece of furniture that looks great. Or you may want something that stands out, a conversation-starter kind of element.

A wine barrel table could be what you’ve been looking for. It brings a rustic vibe to your space and for sure, provides a story to share on top. Even better, many of the wine barrel tables give wood a new life, so you get to save an old barrel, full of history. With various shapes and eye-catching designs, these tables look fabulous in any place. On your terrace, in the living room and more, a barrel table can be that unique piece of collection you need. And be sure it will spark the interest of your guests. So, wine not? Take a look below at our selection of wine barrel tables to know more.

How to Choose a Good Wine Barrel Table?

To make sure you find the most suitable wine barrel table for your space, there are some aspects to have in mind. First of all, you should make sure the dimensions of the table match the designated area in the room. From size, you need to consider the design as well. Full-barrel tables can steal the spotlight with their imposing looks. The half-barrel tables can blend in better next to a wall. If you want more wine in the picture, consider a table with a wine rack. There are plenty of options available, so you can display your collection of wines in a safe and classy way. Of course, when choosing your wine barrel table, remember the importance of color. Your chosen shade of oak should go well with the other elements in your space. Bringing a bit of the Wine Country in your personal or professional space can really set the mood. Take time to decide what would match your vision best.

1. Jeanette Barrel Shaped 23 Bottle Floor Wine Bottle Rack

Wine barrell coffee table

The Jeanette Barrel Shaped 23 Bottle Floor Wine Bottle Rack is a sleek and elegant addition to any home. Let your precious wine bottles rest on the shelves that allow you to keep them horizontally. Lightweight and at the same time with a solid base, this table comes with gorgeous wood finish. Its simple and refined design will make it hard to go unnoticed by any of your guests.  With a capacity of up to 23 wine bottles, this barrel-shaped table will prove its worth from day one. And the best part, you don’t need to worry about assembling. It comes ready to hold on tight to your collection of wine bottles. Use the extra-shelf on top of the rack to place your glass while you decide which bottle to open next. Enjoy a compact display of shelves, that can easily fit even smaller spaces. But don’t be shy to go big with your wine collection. This little barrel table can store even the 1.5L bottles.

2. Barrel Head 16 Bottle Floor Wine Bottle and Glass Rack

Wine barrell coffee table

The Barrel Head 16 Bottle Floor Wine Bottle and Glass Rack is more than a wine-inspired piece. Authentic and unique in design, this wine table gives a distinctive note to any room. Its beautiful shade of distressed oak provides a genuine natural vibe. Made in the USA, this hand-crafted wine rack has a capacity of up to 16 bottles. Keep your stemware near, as the barrel head top provides you with a special holder.  With this barrel head wine table, your wine experience will always come with a story to share. Originating in French and American Oaks, the wood used for such a piece is hand-selected with care. This wine barrel table comes worry-free, as there is no need for assembling.  Delight your eyes with this fine piece of history written in wood, part of a collection of rare works of art.  Give your space a remarkable touch with one-of-a-kind furnishing.

3. Mario Live Edge and Glass Top Wine Barrel Bar Set

Wine barrell coffee table

The Mario Live Edge and Glass Top Wine Barrel Bar Set  is the proof that retired wine barrels can look stunning. Incorporating industrial style elements with classic woodwork, this set can hardly go unnoticed. With its glass top and live edge, the combination marks its presence in a room. Warm colors blend with distressed wood, turning this set into a love at first sight for any wine lover. The floor table and bottle rack come accompanied by four handcrafted stools.  The solid wood exterior of this wine table embraces a metal rack that can store up to 36 bottles. Take a seat and enjoy your glass of wine around this sturdy yet cozy-looking bar. The natural color variations in the wood will stir your imagination. The metal structure in the stools and table complement the cozy vibe with a dash of industrial touch.

4. Personalized Half Barrel Console Table

Wine barrell coffee table

The Personalized Half Barrel Console Table will steal more than half of your heart away. Give a personal touch to any room with this exquisite artisan gem. You can mark it with your name and an established date, to enhance even more the natural beauty of this oak piece. Add an authentic retired barrel to your space, made with pride in the USA. Captivate your guests with this eye-pleasing half barrel table. Relish more with the satin urethane finish, complementing the natural wood color variation. Supporting up to 100 lbs, this console table will line up great against any wall or other surfaces. The back side of the barrel is completely open, with a height of  36”. So make sure the placement of the barrel will not reveal your inner secrets. Assembly is not required, as this beautiful half barrel table will come ready to impress.

5. Adline Double Drawer Wine Barrel Mini Bar

Wine barrell coffee table

The Adline Double Drawer Wine Barrel Mini Bar is the answer for a tidy display of your wine collection. Keep all your essentials in order, and enjoy the elegant design of this wine cabinet. Put to best use the designated spaces for bottles, stemware and more. For home or a business space, the mahogany veneer hardwood brings a stylish touch. The wine grid can accommodate up to 25 bottles and the glass rack can display 8 full-size glasses safely. Enjoy plenty of storage space on the four lateral teak wood shelves. And keep the accessories in the two drawers with steel runners mounted on the bottom. Highlight your collection of wine bottles and more with this refined furnishing.  This delightful cabinet has a lightly distressed walnut stain. This is hand-applied and sealed with lacquer, for durable and moisture-resistant quality. Made of solid wood, with a classical design, this wine barrel mini bar will be a great addition to your space.

6. Gibbs Wood and Metal Barrel End Table

Wine barrell coffee table

The Gibbs Wood and Metal Barrel End Table is an inspiring blend of industrial and rustic style. No more struggle to choose only one type, as this beautiful table merges both elements so well. From the circular wooden top adorned with a wine logo to the wrought iron base, you will adore this piece. Express your style with this end table and at the same time, enjoy its practicality. The little details in rivet accents and slender metal bands add some industrial vibe. And for the vintage lover in you, the galvanized silver finish will be a pleasant surprise. With a 16″diameter on the warm-toned fir top, you get plenty of space for your wine glass or any decoration. With its modern, practical design and a hint of vintage finish, this barrel end table is a real trendsetter.

7. Hollier Frame End Table

Wine barrell coffee table

The Hollier Frame End Table proves fir wood and galvanized metal are a great pair. Add a sophisticated touch to your space with this barrel end table. Let your imagination wild as you explore creative ways to put to use the hollow figure of this piece. Industrial and rustic blend in, to make your room a welcoming place and reflect your style. The silver shades on the oxidized frame will spark a flame in any vintage lover’s heart. Measuring 17.5″ in height, this little gem will be an embellishing detail even for limited spaces. The round table top brings in a dash of contrast with the metal structure. Made of distressed fir wood, it complements the warmth of any interior. When chic meets antique, the result is a pleasant surprise, like this lovely barrel end table.

8. Wine Enthusiast Barrel Cork Catcher Side Table

Wine barrell coffee table

The Wine Enthusiast Barrel Cork Catcher Side Table is what you need for your cork collection. Display them in a more appealing way and at the same time, enjoy practicality. In your kitchen, living room or home bar, this barrel cork catcher can be quite the conversation piece. And best of all, it provides generous space, so you have a reason to add to your wine collection. Gather all the corks you’ve saved over the years in one place. Or start collecting them now. This original side table provides a suitable opening at the top, so you can put in up to 2,000 corks with no stress.  For an even more personal touch, the table comes with a plaque for the chalkboard nostalgics. Write down your favorite words or let your guests have fun while leaving you a message. It is up to you to choose if you save it for your personal wine assembly or offer it as a gift to your wine enthusiast friend. In any location, this fabulous cork catcher guarantees to capture everyone’s attention.

9. IMAX Vineyard Wine Barrel Storage Table

Wine barrell coffee table

The IMAX Vineyard Wine Barrel Storage Table is a must-have vintage inspired item. Put an antique touch in any space with this rustic iron barrel table. Rest assured that it will pass the test of time, as its design enhances durability. Crafted from wrought iron of the best quality, it has a solid base which ensures stability. Don’t be afraid to look under the removable lid, as you will discover a generous storing space. Fill it up with wine bottles or any other items and cover it back up. The inside of this metal barrel table will keep your secrets well hidden.  The outside can serve the purpose of a bar cabinet or even a coffee table, as the round top lid has a diameter of 22.5″. Mixing style and functionality, this storage table has its details handcrafted with great care. This authentic iron piece features horizontal bands and rivets bringing vintage home. On the sides, the table includes metal handles that make it easier to move and add to its stunning look. For those in search of a fusion between practical and distinctive design, this wine barrel storage table is the answer.

10. Wine Barrel Bistro Table

Wine barrell coffee table

The Wine Barrel Bistro Table brings the wine country vibes straight to your home. It is a perfect match for any home cellar, bar, kitchen and even patio. Authentic oak barrels turn into a chic bistro table. Get ready to enjoy your new favorite conversation spot. Its smooth look and small size (height of only 36″) make it great to fit in limited spaces. The stylish design with flush-routed legs can suit both interior and exterior locations.  The table comes with an oil seal to keep it protected from any weather conditions. You can have fun assembling its components, as this is a very easy process. Add this beautiful furnishing to your decor and let its personality charm everyone.