How A Microwave Shelf Can Improve Your Overall Kitchen Experience

Having a microwave shelf cabinet nowadays is a must-have for a more organized room. This is now a standard kitchen appliance just like the fridge or the stovetop. 

Microwave Shelf

There are myriad ways to incorporate a microwave shelf into your home; from an over the stove microwave shelf placement, a wall mount microwave in the kitchen, or a kitchen pantry with microwave shelf, to name just a few. 

microwave above the stove

Today, we’re going in-depth on all things microwave wall shelves, so that you can get some inspiration for your very own!

More often than not, it’s very common to keep a microwave on the kitchen counter, but we don’t really agree with that since we find a microwave rack shelf to be much more space-efficient. This makeshift countertop microwave shelf can wind up being more of a headache than need be!

Microwave Shelf Ideas

There are many different ways to interpret this microwave storage solution so let’s review some of them with microwave shelf ideas.

A Wall Mounted Kitchen Microwave Shelf to save counter space.

Wall mounted kitchen microwave shelf.

A built-in microwave cabinet can be a part of the kitchen’s wall-mounted cabinetry. This kitchen microwave cabinet doesn’t have to be a shelf per se.

It can be an open cubby acting as a microwave wall cabinet or just a section of a cabinet, which still creates a microwave cabinet in turn. Make sure it’s not too high so you can operate the microwave oven comfortably.{found on rockpaperhammer}.

Kitchen Microwave Cabinet With Special Design Storage Shelf Cabinet.

Microwave Special Designed Storage Shelf Cabinet.

The main reason why we don’t like the idea of keeping the microwave on the kitchen counter is that it takes up valuable space. 

However, if you can somehow maximize the storage efficiency of that particular patch of counter space, things can change and the idea can turn out to be pretty good.

For example, the installed under cabinet microwave mount above allows a dedicated space for the appliance in a chic way. It’s a perfect solution for a microwave cabinet, in our opinion. What’s more this kitchen cabinet with a microwave flows seamlessly in this home. {found on whittenarchitects}.

Kitchen island with microwave cabinet.

Kitchen island with microwave cabinet.

A different idea for a DIY microwave setup is to keep the microwave inside the kitchen island. This way you can keep the counter clutter-free and you can keep the microwave at a comfortable level for both kids and adults.

This is a clean, low-profile under cabinet microwave that is easily accessible and makes the home a little bit more organized. You can even choose the placement – We prefer a feature corner microwave cabinet in this scenario! (Way better than a high-up pantry microwave that may be hard-to-reach for your kids!)

Kitchen island cabinet with door for microwave storage

You can also install a pocket door to hide the microwave inside the kitchen island when you’re not using it or if you want to conceal it from the kids.  This idea can be especially useful if you’re normally using the microwave while at the island if you want it to be placed lower so the kids can reach it or if it simply makes sense for your space. A truly easy solution to make a microwave storage cabinet in your home in the most discreet way. {found on thecabinetstudio}.

Floating Microwave Shelf In Kitchen

Black microwave on the shelf.

The microwave floating shelf can be bigger than the oven so you can also store or display other things on it, like some kitchen utensils, spice jars or even your microwavable popcorn so you can keep it close at hand. (Of course, be mindful of the weight the brackets can hold.)

This free-floating microwave stand adds a sleek, minimalist appeal in any kitchen too! One more reason we’re a fan of the wall shelf ideas. {found on laurenrubinarchitecture}.

Custom-made kitchen unit for durable stainless steel microwave.

Custom-made kitchen unit for microwave.

Sometimes a microwave setup makes a perfect fit in a home, especially if you can incorporate it into a custom-made unit such as this one. As you can see, the storage cabinetry is placed above the refrigerator level and that leaves enough space between them and the counter for a microwave. {found on smithandvansant}.

Simple Microwave Shelf Above Coffee Station.

Simple microwave shelf above coffee station.

This is a pretty similar configuration to the last, with one major exception: this is a corner microwave situation and it’s lacking the side panel. That actually makes the space look more open and spacious, even if it’s just a small impression. In fact, it’s a great bridge between a microwave cabinet and a microwave floating shelf! Ideal for easy access.{found on pamelaleone}.

Traditional Kitchen Layout with Stainless Steel Microwave Shelf

Traditional kitchen layout.

The microwave design is in this case incorporated into a kitchen unit that frames the window and supports storage space in a very efficient and ingenious way. Also, the height at which the shelf is placed is very comfortable for easy access! Definitely love it.

Cabinet Mounted Microwave Behind Closed Doors 

Modern kitchen cabinets doors that hide all the appliances.

The microwave isn’t the only thing you can hide behind closed doors in your kitchen. Actually, you can even hide the whole kitchen–dishwasher, food and all– if you want to! It’s an interesting idea that could work if you have an open kitchen.

Floating Kitchen microwave

When the folding doors open, this is what the space looks like. As you can see, there’s plenty of storage space for food inside all those drawers under the counter, and even more inside the wall-mounted cabinets. The microwave pantry cabinet shelf hangs nicely in the corner and the color complements the overall aesthetic. With its stylish features front-and-center, this peekaboo kitchen installation can make a professional impact immediately.

Kitchen microwave shelf

The result of the floating microwave shelves with closed doors is a very contemporary and streamlined look. Sleek edges and clean surfaces make this kitchen covetable. The now free counter space ensures the focus is on cooking (thanks to plenty of cooktop space!) and not battling with the placement of a countertop microwave! {found on studiotonic}.

Industrial Microwave Shelf in Kitchen Featuring Chalkboard

Kitchen featuring chalkboard paint.

Designing your microwave shelf to fit perfectly around this appliance is a bit risky in the sense that it might look neat and nice for a period but when you want to replace the microwave with a new, quality one you’ll be forced either to get one with the exact same dimensions or to modify the shelf material and possibly the rest of the furniture that surrounds it.

Small Kitchen Design with Microwave Shelf Above Counter.

Small kitchen design with microwave above counter.

Not all microwaves share the same dimensions and proportions so it’s practical to leave some wiggle room when designing your microwave setup. A few centimeters are usually enough and sometimes even less can work. However, you should try to think in perspective.

For example, a pantry with a microwave shelf can offer easy use and be simple to reach for. This white kitchen pantry with microwave shelf is a perfect showing of the concept done right. {found on pameladailey}.

Microwave Shelf Above Stove.

Microwave above the stove.

Another in cabinet microwave storage idea? Use a hanging microwave shelf! The microwave can hang just under the wall-mounted cabinetry but that would leave you with a very small space between it and the counter.

A more practical option would be to incorporate the microwave in a cabinet and keep it level with the rest of the modules.

Having the microwave on the cabinet shelf creates a truly seamless flow in the design that will result in a sustainable look for years to come. Look at how it works alongside the hardware in this space once assembled!

Lower Cabinet Microwave Shelf  Placed Under the Countertop.

Lower Cabinet Microwave Shelf  Placed Under the Countertop.

Just one of many easy microwave cabinet ideas, you can create an under cabinet microwave. While it’s less common,  it can work, especially if you don’t plan on incorporating a different appliance in that particular space. This lower microwave idea is easily accessible by kids and parents alike. It’s basically like a microwave drawer cabinet! Also, it buys more counter space in this smaller area.

DIY Microwave Shelf over Stove With Door

DIY Microwave Shelf over Stove With Door

Leaving the microwave door open, with no door is practical. Especially when it’s an over-the-range microwave setup.

However, a door can really help to create a minimalist and uniform decor, especially if the shelf is bigger than the actual microwave and you also use it for storage.

It creates a hidden microwave cabinet that can make for a more organized appearance. 

We’re fans of the wooden microwave shelf with door found above. It’s a great style of kitchen hutch with a microwave setup that can complement any kitchen’s style. Most microwaves will find it a great sestup!{found on hammerandhand}.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can you mount most microwaves under any cabinet?

For the most, yes. You can use kitchen island cabinets to place your microwave or create a specific corner microwave among kitchen cabinets. It really comes down to your preference!

Can you put a microwave on a metal shelf?

We advise against doing this. The metal material can interfere with the microwave, especially if durable stainless steel.

Can I put a microwave in a cabinet?

Yes! You can have a pantry with a microwave shelf. This is a traditional style of storing a microwave. It can be an under cabinet microwave or above range cabinet microwave. The ideas are endless, just scroll up to see!

What size cabinet do you need for a microwave? (Does it vary based on microwave model?

The size of cabinets varies depending on the microwave size itself. It’s best to measure the size of the microwave then decide on cabinets.

How deep is a microwave cabinet?

Microwaves themselves measure 20-25 inches in depth. This means the cabinet depth for microwaves should be slightly deeper. This will allow for some playing room to make sure that the space isn’t too narrow for your needs.

Should the microwave be flush with cabinets?

Not necessarily. In some cases, the microwave model may stick out beyond the cabinets. This is completely okay.

If you’re not a fan of such details, there are other options to try. You can place a microwave stand inside cabinetry or create a microwave hutch cabinetry design. Alternatively, you can avoid the cabinet-microwave concept altogether and use a freestanding pantry with a microwave shelf!

Can you put a microwave on a floating shelf?

Yes! This is a very modern way of creating a quality microwave stand in your kitchen. Place an over microwave shelf in line with cabinets, or create a free floating microwave holder shelf. There’s very little you can’t do with this style! It also makes it easy to place other items alongside for sturdy storage. Think: Spices, herbs, and sugar! The little details always count.

Just one thing to consider: The holding weight. Weight matters and your shelf should be able to support the microwave.


As you can see, there are so many different sturdy microwave install ideas to choose from! It really comes down to your personal taste and budget range for prices. For those on a tighter budget, DIY microwave shelf ideas are the way to go. Try out the Ikea microwave cabinet for a solution! Otherwise, for everyone else, you’re free to consult a contractor and get the ideal microwave oven cabinet setup for you!