Revising The Versatility And Mystery Of The Acapulco Chair

Back in the 1950s and ’60s, Acapulco was a very popular destination for Hollywood celebrities and important personalities. It’s during that period that the Acapulco chair was designed. The designer remains unknown to this day and the circumstances which led to the apparition of this timeless pieces are shrouded in mystery. One thing everyone agrees on is that the design of the chair was inspired by the traditional Mayan hammocks.

Modern and colorful acapulco chairsView in gallery

Modern acapulco chairView in gallery

First produced in the 1950s, the Acapulco chair is usually made of vinyl cords on a pear-shaped metal frame although lately several different versions were created, showcasing the chair with a round frame, a leather seat or as a loveseat. Although commonly used outdoors, this versatile chair can also be used indoors where it looks stylish and glamorous.

Blue an white acapulco chairs for patioView in gallery

The classic Acapulco chair is ideal for open outdoor spaces. It suits well both modern and traditional architecture and design, being able to adapt to the surroundings with its versatile design.{found on allwoodconstruction}.

Front of the house acapulco chairsView in gallery

Usually the chair features bright, tropical colors that evoke its origins. Since it’s available in a variety of different colors, it can be matched to its surroundings.

Acapulco chairs and bench patioView in gallery

Colors such as green, red and other tones usually found in nature look nice in gardens or backyards that feature a lot of greenery. You can either choose to let the chairs blend in or to make them stand out through color.{found on vgzarquitectura}.

Modern patio design acapulco chairsView in gallery

Take this collection of Acapulco chairs for example. They each feature a different color and they all look beautiful in this setting. Each color plays a different role in the overall décor.{found on costellokennedy}.

Perfect color combination for outdoor seatingView in gallery

These bright yellow chairs interact with the area rug displayed on the deck in an attempt to create a cheerful seating corner.{found on chantelelshout}.

Colorful acapulco chairs for summerView in gallery

Some versions of the Acapulco chair even feature it in a rainbow of colors. Such a look can suit gardens or outdoor spaces where these colors are also reflected in other ways but they can also serve as focal points and the only colorful elements in a simple and neutral setting.

Both indoor and outdoor acapulco chairsView in gallery

Sometimes it’s refreshing to add a touch of color to a neutral décor and the Acapulco chair can make that really easy. A single colored chair can brighten up the space while the rest can match the rest of the design.{found on feldmanarchitecture}.

Cowhide rug acapulco chairsView in gallery

These two chairs create a really nice balance. One is black and one features a combination of green and yellow and they’re both complemented by patterned accent pillows that match their look.

Neutral color backyard design acapulco chairView in gallery

Of course, neutral colors can look just as stylish, even more so when they’re in the right setting. The shape alone is enough to make the Acapulco chairs stand out.{found on bradybunchremodel}.

Lap pool for the backyard and the contemporary acapulco chairView in gallery

Black Acapulco chairs look particularly stylish. Their simplicity helps them look elegant. Plus, they can stand out too if they contrast with their surroundings.{found on barres}.

White acapulco chairs for patioView in gallery

The same thing goes for the white chair versions. They stand out against a dark-stained wooden deck or even in the middle of a lush garden. They can also look really casual by the pool.{found on modernmecca}.

Leather acapulco chair designView in gallery

Some versions take sophistication a bit further, featuring select materials and combinations of textures and colors. The Acapulco chair is also available in a leather-wrapped version which actually looks quite luxurious.{found on ochoworkshop}.

Bbq area acapulco chairsView in gallery

Sometimes the color doesn’t even matter. You can choose to let the chairs blend in and to make something else stand out.{found on brettzamoredesign}.

Turquoise acapulco chairsView in gallery

But the versatility and the beauty of this timeless piece go beyond the array of colors, finishes and materials. Its design and structure make it a wonderful choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.{found on evokemodern}.

Bold piece of furniture acapulco chairView in gallery

Although it originated as an outdoor piece of furniture, the Acapulco chair can look really chic indoors too. In here, for example, it adds a splash of color to a casual living room.{found on clairestevensid}.

Acapulco chairs for lounge areaView in gallery

This is also the type of chair that would look really beautiful in a corner. Whether it’s just one or a pair, the chic chairs can make any corner look beautiful.{found on arentpyke}.

Black acapulco chair for family roomView in gallery

There numerous ways in which the Acapulco chair can be used indoors. Most often, it’s used as an extra seat in the living or lounge spaces but it can also serve as a dining chair or in reading corners.{found on jasminemcclellanddesign}.