Acapulco Chair: Outdoor Decor For Stylish Exteriors

The Acapulco chair is popular for many reasons. Named after the Mexican resort destination, the lightweight outdoor chair was introduced to the public in the 50s. Since then, it has enjoyed a presence in a variety of outdoor spaces.

Acapulco Chair

It was during that period that the Acapulco chair was designed. The original designer remains unknown. However, one thing is known, the chair’s design originated from Mayan civilization.

Acapulco Chair Ideas For 2022

Handpicked by our team of decor experts, here are the latest Acapulco chair designs for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Indoor Outdoor Acapulco Chair

Black acapulco chair for family room

Acapulco chairs are comfortable due to their slight reclining abilities. The chair has a pear-shaped frame that envelops the body. Unlike the traditional square chair with four legs, the Acapulco chair features a tripod base for support.  

Acapulco Patio Chair

Black acapulco chair for family room

Mass-produced in the 50s, the chair is made of vinyl cords on a pear-shaped metal frame. The chair has since evolved and new designs based on the original model have emerged. Different designs with a round frame, leather seat, or even a loveseat for two people are popular.

Known as an outdoor chair when first introduced to the public, its versatility makes it suitable for indoor usage. 

Acapulco Pool Deck Chairs

Black acapulco chair for family room

The Acapulco chair was made for open outdoor spaces. It complements modern and traditional architecture and design. Unlike other outdoor chairs, the Acapulco features Mayan weaving techniques.

The chairs are waterproof and UV resistant. The chair can adapt to its surroundings due to its versatile design.

Feng Shui Colors

Black acapulco chair for family room

The chair features bright, tropical colors that evoke its origins. Since it’s available in a variety of different colors, it can be matched to its surroundings.

Day-Glo Color Chair Set

Black acapulco chair for family room

Green, red, and other natural tones look nice in gardens or backyards with plants and greenery. You can choose a chair color to blend in with your outdoor environment or choose a contrasting color that will make a statement.

Multi-Color Chair Set

Black acapulco chair for family room

Take this collection of Acapulco chairs for example. They each feature a different color and they all look beautiful in this setting. Each color plays a different role in the overall décor. 

Matching Decor

Black acapulco chair for family room

These bright yellow chairs interact with the area rug displayed on the deck in an attempt to create a cheerful seating corner.{chantelelshout}.

Rainbow Chair Set

Black acapulco chair for family room

Some versions of the Acapulco chair even feature it in a rainbow of colors. Such a look can suit gardens or outdoor spaces where these colors are also reflected in other ways but they can also serve as focal points and the only colorful elements in a simple and neutral setting.

Indoor Outdoor Decor

Black acapulco chair for family room

Sometimes it’s refreshing to add a touch of color to a neutral décor and the Acapulco chair can make that easy. A single colored chair can brighten up the space while the rest can match the rest of the design.

Indoor Color Contrast

Black acapulco chair for family room

Acapulco chairs don’t have to match. In this example, one chair provides a color splash against a mid-century modern backdrop. One is black and one features a combination of green and yellow and they’re both complemented by patterned accent pillows that match their look.

Neutral Color Chair Set

Black acapulco chair for family room

Neutral colors are stylish. The chairs do not require a large, open space. If you have a small backyard patio, Acapulco chairs would be an ideal addition. Their shape is enough to turn your backyard space into a stylish environment. 

Acapulco Black Outdoor Chair

Black acapulco chair for family room

Black Acapulco chairs are stylish. Their simplicity helps them look elegant. Plus, they can stand out too if they contrast with their surroundings.

White Acapulco Chair Set

Black acapulco chair for family room

The same thing goes for the white chair versions. They stand out against a dark-stained wooden deck or even in the middle of a lush garden. They can also look casual by the pool.

Leather Acapulco Chair

Black acapulco chair for family room

Some chair designs are more sophisticated than others. Designers use select materials combined with different textures and colors. The outdoor luxury chair is available in leather, making it suitable for indoor spaces.

Acapulco Chair Material

Black acapulco chair for family room

The support fabric on the chairs in this example looks transparent from afar. Sometimes the color doesn’t even matter. The chairs blend in with their environment, allowing other decor to take the spotlight.  {brettzamoredesign}.

Indoor Acapulco Chair

Black acapulco chair for family room

Versatility and beauty are the hallmarks of the Acapulco chair. It doesn’t matter what color you choose, you won’t go wrong. There aren’t many chair designs that offer that kind of versatility.  {evokemodern}

Acapulco Orange Egg Chair

Black acapulco chair for family room

The chair was intended as an outdoor piece, but that has since changed. It looks chic when used indoors. In this example, the chair offers a splash of color to a casual living room. 

Indoor Chair Set

Black acapulco chair for family room

This is also the type of chair that would look beautiful in a corner. Whether it’s just one or a pair, the chic chairs can make any corner look beautiful. {arentpyke}.

Minimalist Decor

Black acapulco chair for family room

There are many ways the chair can be used indoors. Because of its easy storage capabilities, the chair makes for an ideal extra seat. If you have a lounge space or reading  space serve as a dining chair or in reading corners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Easy Is It To Restring An Acapulco Chair?

With the right material, you can restring an Acapulco chair in less than an hour. PVC vinyl cordage is often used, but any material that’s comfortable to sit on will be fine.

Before you begin, make sure you have enough vinyl cordage. You’ll need to evenly distribute the cordage, so the length is important. To prevent added strain on your hands and arms, try using a utility clip to hold the vinyl cordage in place as you restring the chair.

How Versatile Are Acapulco Chairs?

For the elderly and those with mobility issues, an Acapulco chair offers complete shower support. If walking is a problem you would have nothing to worry about as the chair safeguards against slipping and falling. Also, the chair’s open back prevents water build up.  

Acapulco Chair Conclusion

Acapulco chairs add style and comfort to an outdoor space, and for good reason. The vintage chair remains an outdoor and indoor favorite among designers when creating a laid-back atmosphere.

The Acapulco chair has grown to become a diverse furniture option. For example, the Acapulco poly rattan features wicker weave patterns for support.