How To Care For The Lovely Air Plants That Adorn Your Home

Air plants are the coolest green décor items you’ll ever find. If you learn how to care for the lovely air plants that adorn your home, you will be rewarded for your efforts. If you weren’t already aware, indoor plants will invigorate your health, home, and living environment.

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The cute plant species, known as Tillandsia, do not require soil to grow and thrive. At last count, there were over 450 types of air plants.

What Are Air Plants?

The air plant is the fun and fuzzy cousin to the pineapple. Both share similar features as they come from the grand Bromeliad plant family. In the wild, air plants also grow on shrubs, bushes, and rocks.

Drier regions are where you’ll find air plants. Their place of origin is Central America and Mexico. In the US, they grow in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida.

Air plants nestle on healthy trees. This is how they live and thrive. The plants will bloom once in their lifetime, known as a bloom spike or inflorescence.

Some bloom spikes last for months while others are shorter. 

Can You Put Air Plants In Soil?

Air plants cannot grow in soil. When planting, attach them to a bigger plant. If you have a grown air plant, they can thrive on rocks or in DIY homemade plant holders.

Choosing An Air Plant Holder

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There are different types of holders that can serve as nurturing homes for air plants.

Geometric Air Plant Holder

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If you want a chic and futuristic DIY air plant holder, this is it. You can create a geo-shaped holders with shiny brass rods.

You can fill the holders with multiple plants or keep it simple. Whatever you decide, make sure to leave enough room for their babies.

Air Plant Desk Stand

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You can make an air plant holder that looks like it’s flying. Tie a floral wire to a wooden block for your base. The wire can be curvy and the block can feature a hip retro design to match your modern desk. 

Jellyfish Air Plant Holder in gallery

Hang your air plants upside down with the bubbly jellyfish plant holder. The holder has a circular base that hangs upside-down as the air plant points downward.

There are many ways to make the base, the only thing you need is to give the plant enough space and protection so it won’t fall. 

Terrarium For Air Plants 

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A small terrarium is a shabby chic way to display your air plants. Make sure to give them room to grow and plenty of air. If you keep your plants happy, they will do the same for you. 

Finding Air Plants For Sale

You might have to search for air plants. Most places carry potted soil plants. Start at your local nursery and work from there.

It’s no surprise that air plants can be purchased at a site called Plants. They sell air plants that already have a planter or hanger with them. 

The Sill

The Sill has air plants. With great prices and a robust selection, you’ll find what you’re looking for so check them out.


Places like Lowe’s and Home Depot have air plants, but it’s always worth mentioning in case you’ve forgotten to check out their selections. 

Urban Outfitters 

Urban Outfitters is the coolest and hippest place to buy clothes and plants.   


Etsy has wonderful plant options, which are easy to transport.

How To Care For Air Plants

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How To Water Air Plants

Air plants need water. Mist them a few times each day and bathe them once a week. Soak the plants in a nice water bath for 30 minutes and shake them dry. 

How To Keep Air Plants The Right Temperature 

A good range for the air plant is somewhere between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if they get colder than 55 or warmer than 85, they won’t die right away. 

How To Give Air Plants Sunlight 

Air plants love direct sunlight. If you can’t give them a decent amount of sunlight each day, then opt for fluorescent lighting. 

If your plants dry out, mist them more They won’t need to be misted more than once a day. 

Hanging Air Plants

Tillandsia are popular. Caring for an air plant is simple. And there are many stylish ways you can use them to decorate your home.

Whether you display them in a terrarium, hang them with a fishing line, or put them in a glass bowl, air plants look lovely and very chic.

Wall hanging air plant on a wooden sliceView in gallery

Although there are many different types of air plants and lots of different species, the most common one is Tillandsia. This is the symbol of air plants everywhere, representing more than 600 other species.

Air plants grow in Spanish moss, ball moss, broad needle leaf, Bartram’s air plant, Chinese evergreen, peace lily, snake plant, and weeping fig.

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Air plant care is easy for all species. They require three things: light, air circulation, and water. First of all, keep in mind that air plants like bright but filtered light so keep out of direct sunlight most of the time.

Between November and March, they enjoy direct sun since it won’t burn them.

Brass Ball Air Plant Holder

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If you choose a terrarium, one side should be a screen mesh so air can circulate through it. The best temperature for air plants is 50-90 Fahrenheit.

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When you first receive your air plant, soak it for 30 minutes. You should water it every five days in dry conditions and every 10 days in humid environments. 

For healthy growth, use fertilizer twice a month. Curled or rolled leaves are the sign of a dehydrated plant.

DIY Mini-Wall Hangers

Black himmeli air plantView in gallery

The plants receive nutrients from the atmosphere and grow on other plants or structures for support. Unlike parasite plants, they don’t harm other plants while anchoring themselves to their hosts. 

DIY Air Plant Wall Hangers

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When air plants bloom, they make small pups. You can remove the buds when they’re around 1/3 or ½ the size of the mother plant.  The mother plant will make way for her babies but leave a few more months or years.

DIY Air Plant Projects 

Hanging clay plant holderView in gallery

Air plants can be displayed in different ways. A popular option is to hang them. You will need polymer clay, a rolling pin, and something to cut the clay,

Air Plant Copper Hangers

Copper plant hanger for air plantsView in gallery

You can easily make these copper hangers yourself using pipes, string and wire. Measure and cut the thin copper pipes and then cut the string to size. Insert the string through each pipe and connect these to form a triangle shape using wire.

Then attach three longer pieces of pipe for the top section and three smaller ones for the bottom.

Geo-Plant Hangers

DIY geometric mobilesView in gallery

These chic geometric air plant holders are made of coffee stirrers and wire. Their design is similar to that of the triangle copper hanger featured above. After you cut the coffee stirrers to the desired length, cut wire and thread into four small pieces to form a square.

Last, attach four larger pieces to the corners to make a pyramid-like shape. 

Clay Hanging Planters

Clay hanging air plant holdersView in gallery

Clay hanging planters are fun and you can make them yourself however you want. Roll the clay and use a square cookie cutter to cut out a section. Cut that into two triangles. Use more clay to make a long rectangle.

Cut the triangle in half and then bend the rectangle along its edges. Put the other triangle on top to complete the form.

Macrame Air Plant Hanger

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Perhaps you’d also like the look of these macrame air plant hangers. The containers are actually sections of plastic Easter eggs but you can improvise with this part. To make the hanger, use faux suede cording or something similar. 

Hanging Glass Terrarium

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The most popular option is this glass terrarium which you can hang with fishing line. Inside the terrarium, you can put colored sand at the bottom, add pebbles, and put the air plant on top.

Hanging Brass Plant Holder

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You can either put the air plant directly in this geometric holder or contain it in a planter. The inspiration comes from a traditional Finnish ornament made of straw or reeds. The holders are hung above dining tables.

Sphere Hanging Basket

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The Sphere hanging baskets let you mix and match your air plants for a lush display. They come in four different sizes and they pair with custom-fitted liners. The baskets are made of steel with a rust patina and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

DIY Papier-Mache Air Plant Pod

DIY paper mache air plant podView in gallery
The Merry Thought

Make papier-machet bowls to display air plants using balloons, flour, newspaper, paint, and string. First, make the balloon as large as you want, depending on the size of the bowl. Mix flour and water and cut strips of newspaper.

Dip them into the mixture and cover the balloon, leaving out a section. Let it dry overnight. Then add another layer of newspaper strips and let it dry. Pop the balloon and then paint the pod and watch your room come to life. 

Hanging Wall Planters

Hanging planters set of threeView in gallery

You can buy these chic hanging planters for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This is a set of three hanging planters available on Etsy. They measure around 3.5” in diameter with a 2.5” opening and they’re handmade. 

Penta air planterView in gallery

The Penta planter is made of brass and stands out thanks to its clean and geometric design. It measures 9.5” in height and it’s 7” long and 6” wide. It’s made using aluminum, copper and brass.

Make sure your air plant is not affected by copper since it’s poisonous for some species. (Etsy)

Copper Couplers Plant Holders

Urban copper hanging potsView in gallery

For cute baby air plants, try copper couplers as a display system. You’ll need a rail and hooks for that and these can be spray painted in any color you want. Drill two holes in each copper coupler and thread wire or twine through them to make a hanging loop.

Ceramic Plant Holder

Colorful ceramic hanging air plants potsView in gallery

A different option is a ceramic air plant holder which can feature a variety of different colors. Because each of these pods is handmade, that means each one has unique characteristics. The sisal rope gives them a lot of character. 

Mini-Cone Plant Holders

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These mini cones are both cute and stylish, showcasing air plants in an elegant way. Their vibrant glaze color is given by the finishing process. The planters are fired in gas reduction and no two looks the same. They’re small, measuring only 2”.

DIY Copper Planters

Copper and cement air plant holderView in gallery

Copper fittings are for those who prefer an industrial look. The back panel on which the copper fittings are displayed is made of concrete. Cotton rope lets you hang it wherever you want.

If you want, you can make something yourself and you’ll a mold which can have any form you want. 

DIY Glass Jar Planters

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A simple and interesting handmade planter for air plants can come in the form of a glass jar. It’s the same idea when displaying candles. Wrap twine or cord around the mouth of the jar and then make a long strap that hangs from a tree.

Hanging Mason Jar Planters

Hanging mason jar planter with air plantsView in gallery

You can hang the Mason jars with rope or twine and attach them to wall-mounted hooks. You can put some small pebbles at the bottom of the jar or you can decorate it with shells and other things. Air plants don’t need soil so replace it with anything you want or nothing at all.

DIY Felted Wood Bowls

Felted wool bowlsView in gallery

Although not designed for air plants, these felted wool bowls look beautiful. They look really cozy and perfect for the colder months. Use them for cacti, aloe plants, or other species. They can be left empty and used for air plants as well.

Up-Cycled K-Cup Planters

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Small buckets can be used as containers for air plants or regular plants. You can hang these with a rope or cord. You can paint or decorate them in many interesting ways. For example, cover them with rope or decorating paper.

Table Air Plant Stands

Air plant stand for deskView in gallery

Because air plants don’t require soil, you can have a lot of fun displaying them in a stand. You can make this with a small block of wood, a piece of wire, and a drill. Make a hole at the center of the cube. Loop the wire around something cylindrical and then insert the straight end into the hole.

3D Printed Lego Air Plant Holder

Colorful lego terrariumView in gallery

Air plants get their nutrients through leaves, not roots so you can replace the soil with pebbles. The container can be anything you want. It can be something as simple as a glass jar or as interesting as a 3D-printed pot.

You can decorate it with cute little Lego characters or some other ornaments.

Porcelain Air Plant Holders

3 faceted porcelain air plants potsView in gallery

You can even put them in vases and turn them into table centerpieces. This is a stylish collection of three faceted porcelain containers. One looks similar to a vase while the other two are pods designed for air plants.

The holders are handmade which makes each one unique.

DIY Triangle Air Plant Terrarium

Triangle wood air plantView in gallery

If you’re looking for something rustic this triangle-shaped air plant terrarium would be a wonderful decor item. You can display it flat on a table or on its side. This one is designed for indoor use. The grain of the wood is different for each one and so does the color.

DIY Plant Cup Holders

Indoor air plants in mugsView in gallery

You can get creative with air plants with a diverse collection. Use containers like glasses, teacups, dishes, and pods. The plants can have different forms, colors, or sizes and together make a cool display for a mantel or table.

DIY Bowl Plant Holders

Decorate the countertop with airplantsView in gallery
Resplendent Crow

Use air plants for a subtle touch of green on a console table or a desk. You can put a single air plant inside a glass bowl or terrarium. It can have small pebbles at the bottom. Beads, sand, and other options can also look stylish and for a touch of color, you can also add a small ornament such as a tiny bird.

DIY Rock Plant Holder

Rock air plant displayView in gallery

Turn a rock into a pot for your air plant. You can keep the plant in place with a little bit of glue. The challenging part is  selecting a rock. Once you find what you’re looking for, glue the air plant to it.  You can use a hot glue gun, but wait a while for the glue to cool off.

DIY Air Plant Pots

Wood air plant potsView in gallery
Almost Make Perfect

These cute air plant pots are made from large wooden doll heads dipped in dye. It’s possible to find alternatives. For example, use large wooden beads instead and drill holes in each one making sure you don’t go all the way through.

You can then dip them in paint or stain. For a subtle and natural look, try using tea.

DIY Air Plant Centerpiece

Air plant table centerpieceView in gallery
Alice and Lois

An air plant centerpiece can be a very chic decoration for the dining table. The centerpiece can be made out of a repurposed wooden box. First, sand and paint the box or change its look however else you want.

Then put some river rocks inside and, at the end, insert the air plants to make a beautiful composition.

Tillandsia Garden Art

Tillandsia Garden ArtView in gallery
Joy Us Garden

Use a terracotta star bowl into a cozy home for your air plants. In case you can find a wooden ball with star-shaped holes, you can improvise with a bowl or something else. The main idea is to have a container with several small openings so you can put an air plant in each one.

DIY Marbled Air Plant Holder

Marble air plant holderView in gallery

You can also make your own clay pots. Mix black and white clay for a marbled effect. Of course, any other two colors would also work just as well. 

Combine the two colors and then roll the clay on a flat surface. Trace a circle in it and carve out a hole. Then give the piece any shape you want using an x-acto knife.

Air Plant Cube Stands

Palm tree wood blockView in gallery

Given how versatile and low maintenance air plants are, desk stands can also be a solution. These stands are 6” tall and have a cube-shaped wooden base. The plants are held with wire that forms a loop at the top.

You can use the stands individually or mix and match them to create a set.

Air Plant Rock Garden

make your own mini air plantView in gallery
A Charming Project

An air plant rock garden would be very easy to make using a small dish and a bunch of river rocks. First, select a dish that you want to use for the project. Clean it and then put some river rocks or pebbles in it.

After that, add some decorative things like shells or ornaments and put the air plant in as well.

Stone Slab Plant Holder

Air plants a natural way to design houseView in gallery

Give your desk a zen look with an air plant display made up of stacked rocks. It’s really easy to make something similar to this particular design. Take a few rocks, preferably flat and of increasingly small dimensions. Stack them and place a small air plant on top. You can play with them when you need to relax your mind or when you’re bored.

 DIY Mini Succulent Plants

Mini succulent clay plantersView in gallery

If you want to make clay pots, you can have a lot of fun designing them. To make pots that look like this, use air dry clay, small pots, a rolling pin, a craft knife and spray varnish. Roll out the clay and then wrap it around the pot.

Trim the excess and smooth the edges with some water. Then it’s time to add some texture with using a pen with a round end or your fingers. Apply a coat of clear glaze for a shiny look.

Pastel Plant Pots

Mini air plants with bold colorView in gallery

You can either make your air plant pods or buy ready-made ones. These are are small, measuring only 1.5” to 2” in diameter so they’re perfect for air plant pups. They have a nice color block design.

You can make something similar by taping off a portion of a wooden pod and then painting the other section. 

Wall-mounted Air Plant Displays

Wall hanging air plantsView in gallery

Air plants do well on the wall and you can simply glue them there without harming them. An interesting idea is to create a gallery wall. Select a bunch of air plants of different types, shapes, sizes and colors.

Mark the spots on the wall where you want to place each one and then just them in place.

Triangle Plant Hangers

DIY wall hanging air plantsView in gallery

Wall-mounted air plant hangers can add a touch of style to the space. Making these hangers is so easy it can be done in just a few minutes. Here are the materials needed: square wooden dowels, suede lace, scissors, air plants, wire and wire cutters.

Cut the dowels if necessary and then wrap suede lace around the edges and make two knots. Hang this on the wall and then put an air plant on it.

Air Plant Frame

wire and frame air plantsView in gallery

Air plants are perfect for building vertical miniature gardens for the walls. A simple and interesting idea is to use a frame and some mesh wire. Staple the mesh wire to the back of the frame so you can put air plants through the openings.

Paint the frame first to give it a look that matches your home’s existing decor 

Valentine’s Day Planters

Valentines day air plantView in gallery

Make something special and combine string art and air plants. The projects share a common theme: Valentine’s Day. It’s a quirky idea and a great way of making something special and unique for this occasion.

You can personalize each project with your choice of colors and the desired dimensions and shapes.

Pocket Plant Holders

Make leather pocket air plant holdersView in gallery
The Prudent Garden

A really simple project can be a leather pocket for an air plant. You could also use fabric for this. Each pocket can be made from a scrap piece of leather or fabric. Cut it into a square or a rectangle and then fold one edge over the opposite side to form a triangle.

Punch holes through both edges. Then thread cord through the holes to secure the edges together. Punch a hole at the top so you can hang the pocket. 

Magnet Plant Holders

DIY magnetic air plant holdersView in gallery

If you want, you can make magnetic air plant holders and display them on your fridge. You can use plastic Easter eggs for this project. Each container represent one half of an egg.

You can paint them and then attach magnets to each one using a dab of glue. Put a tiny air plant in and stick it to the fridge or to a magnetic board.

Board Holders

Air plants string artView in gallery

String art and air plants sometimes go hand in hand. Use the technique to make some unique decorations. This project starts with a few simple things such as a wooden board, some colored string, small nails and a hammer.

Outline the desired design on the wooden board and then hammer nails along the lines. After that, start wrapping string starting from a corner. When you’re done, place an air plant or two in the webbing.

DIY Air Plant Wall Frame

Old frame used for air plantsView in gallery

A beautiful frame can also be used to make an air plant decoration. All you need is string and small nails. You can use an old frame from a mirror if you want something bigger and more eye-catching or just a small picture frame.

First, sand and paint or stain it if you want. Then hammer some small nails to the back of the frame and start making a web out of string to hold your air plant.

Mini Clay Pot Magnets

Mini clay pots magnetsView in gallery
The Merry Thought

Put air plants in tiny clay pots and attach magnets to each one so you can stick them to a board.  

Once you have your tiny containers, glue magnets to each one and put tiny plants in them.

Ceramic Air Plant Hangers

Ceramic wall pockets for air plantsView in gallery

Ceramic planters can also be displayed on the wall. You can mount them with screws or nails. Air-dry clay, paint, a rolling pin, and X-acto knife, and some sandpaper are the main things you’ll need to make these planters. Roll out some clay, trace the desired shape on a piece of paper and use that as a template.

Cut the pieces out of clay and then put them together, smoothing the edges with water. Put something inside to give the pocket the desired form.

Air Plant Hanging Terrarium

Wood and copper wall mount hangerView in gallery

Hang glass globes a wall and watch the magic takeover the room. The hanging glass terrariums feature a copper wire attached to a wood panel. The combination is exhilarating, stylish, and a homage to post-modern contemporary design. 

The hanging glass planters look great in hallways, above entryways, mudrooms, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Do Air Plants Die After They Bloom?

Most air plants have distinct growth cycles. The plants stop blooming after they grow. Their energy is passed to the “pups” produced after they bloom.

Can You Give Air Plants Tap Water? 

Tap water changes according to its environment. Air plants enjoy soft water. If you’re unsure about the water, use rainwater or bottled water.

How To Revive A Sick Air Plant?

If an air plant has brown spots it’s because it hasn’t received enough water. The good news is that the plant isn’t dead. The first thing you can do is soak the plant in water. 

If you use tap water, make sure you dechlorinate it before soaking the sick air plant in it. The best water to use when curing a sick air plant is rainwater.

Another problem is that the air plant needs more air. If you have it in a container with a small top, find something that has a large opening that will provide the plant with more air.

Are Air Plants Poisonous To Cats?

If your sweet kitty cat nibbles on a Tillandsias you won’t have anything to worry about because air plants aren’t toxic.

How To Build An Air Plant Terrarium?

You’ll need an open glass container with good airflow. Air plants need a strong oxygen supply. Next, put sand or aquarium gravel at the bottom of the glass container. Add a few stones, rocks, or scrap wood pieces for decoration, and you’re all set. 

Air Plants Conclusion

Air plants are a wonderful addition bedrooms and living spaces. All you need is one air plant for your bedroom or kitchen to enliven it with positive energy. Dedicate an entire wall to air plants and watch the area spark excitement and energy.