Make Your Home More Fun with One of These Home Decor Pieces

Having a decorating plan is essential for making the most of a living space and budget, but every home needs something fun to liven things up. Generally, the fun things are the unexpected finds that weren’t in the original plan.

These types of fun home decor items can range from unusual pieces of furniture to artful lamps, colorful accessories or funky wall art. Regardless of what it is, the piece makes you stop in your tracks and say, “I have to have that!”  If you’re not sure what home decor items might qualify, here are 15 fun things Homedit has found at recent design shows that will add the wow factor to a room.

Cool Home Decor Pieces

Unusual side tables

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An occasional table is a must-have piece in any living or family room, but it can also be a lot of fun of you pick something unique. These avian silhouettes from Mermelada Studio are a great example. The table has a drawer and the pulls are disguised as features of the overall bird design. More importantly, they are meticulously hand-crafted, giving them heirloom quality. They come in different heights and with one leg or two. These are super cute and still very functional – so much fun!

Decorative Lighting

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Options for decorative lighting have grown exponentially and some fixtures are truly works of art. For a contemporary look that adds some mood lighting to a room, consider something like this wall piece by Ryan Edward. The minimalist design is based on a circle, which can add a little softness to a space that is dominated by too many angles. This type of decorative lighting fixture is also an ideal way to turn a plain wall into a feature wall.

Bold Digital Wallpaper

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These days it’s very easy to transform a room in a very dramatic way with bold digital wallpaper designs. The things that can be done with digital printing have really pushed wall coverings to a whole new level, as this marvelous floral design from Fliepaper does. From mural styles to designs that mimic natural surfaces, you can have almost anything you want on your walls, making this a must-have décor element.

A Really Cool Table

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Nothing draw attention like a really cool handmade table like this one from The Naturalist. Not only does it have rivers of resin bridging the gap between the live edge sections, the wood has a honeycomb pattern etched into it, giving it a look that’s completely different from your typical live-edge table: It feels more contemporary and refined than rustic and rough, ideal for many of today’s décor schemes.

An Indoor Green Space

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The concept of adding plants and greenery to indoor spaces has certainly come into renewed focus as people have spent more time at home. That said, it has always been a great way to improve a room and create a healthier, more relaxed environment. Whether you choose living plants or preserved types, greenery can be incorporated in a number of ways, as in this setting by Opiary. We love the wall design that turns the whole space into a vertical landscape that created the feeling of a woodland space.

Weird Accessories

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There’s room in any home for something a little weird or out of the ordinary. This porcelain ape mask by LLadro is a refined and high-end version but no less quirky. The black and white stripes paired with the gold give it a bold, stylized look that adds to its distinctiveness. It’s a fun addition that has just enough whimsy that it can be worked into a more traditional or glam décor scheme.

A Unique Room Divider

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Room dividers that are made from unexpected materials can be a must-have décor item for creating a visual break between spaces. With so many homes having an open floor plan, sometimes a visual divide is necessary. This one is from Wool Amsterdam and is made from felted wool in a bright red. The knotted pattern is loose and casual, especially with wide strips like these. Similar designs are available using thinner pieces as are more rigid wool constructions.


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If your experience with inflatable furniture is limited to children’s items and beach toys, it’s time that you took another look. New models are very durable and more comfortable – and they come with frames! Inflatable chairs and small sofas can be a godsend as a temporary solution, an added piece for a guest room, basement family room or other casual space. They’re also useful to have while you’re still shopping for a more permanent piece of furniture. And, for renters who tend to move frequently, an inflatable chair or sofa makes it far easier to pack up and go.

A Colorful Concrete Basin

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You might think that the concrete trend is fading but while the raw look that was popular for a number of years might be a little less so, new forms of concrete aren’t going anywhere. Just look at this amazing sink from Nood. The colored concrete is super smooth and this particular one has an interesting ridges texture on the exterior. The color range is large enough to complement just about any bathroom and it certainly is durable. If it’s time for a bathroom upgrade, it’s worth considering a colorful option like this one. It would be a perfect accent for a powder room and will have your guests all asking where you got it!

A Designer Appliance

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Fashionistas can now have a top brand in the kitchen by opting for a designer appliance like this range and hood from Dolce & Gabbana. Smeg teamed up with the fashion house to produce special editions of the FAB28 refrigerator, transforming it into a work of art, with a number of styles featuring scenes from Sicilian folklore. Both companies are committed to the tradition of excellence represented by “Made in Italy”. These hand-painted designs will never be overlooked in any kitchen.

Artful Backlit Mirror

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A distinctive design sets this backlit mirror apart.

Backlit bathroom mirrors have been a new trend for modern and contemporary spaces, but this embellished style is super striking. A mandala-like design around the outer edge adds interest and even gives it a little bit of a boho feel. We could see it as a focal point in a feminine bathroom, or as the centerpiece in a stylishly eclectic powder room. In fact, this unusual mirror would also be ideal in an entryway where visitors would regularly see it and you could enjoy it all the time.

Colorful Retro Lamp

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Bright colors make a piece stand out.

Retro styling and a bold color make a table lamp really pop. This particular one is the Maritime Retro Desk Lamp from BarnLight. The fun design combines a vintage 1940’s profile with a saucer shade to add 1940s style to your home decor. It would also be a good choice for a home office. The lamp’s mild industrial feel can be played up or down depending on the color chosen for the finish. In a reading nook or a console table, it’s a lamp that definitely won’t fade away into its surroundings!

A Modern Bench

Mixed materials are an unexpected choice for a bench.View in gallery
Mixed materials are an unexpected choice for a bench.

When is a bench not just a bench?  When it’s more like a modern work of art as this design by CB2 demonstrates. Mixed materials and an unusual, off-center profile elevate this seat and make it perfect for an entryway, foyer or living room. The main thing is to place it where its exceptional look can be on show because it is far from the ordinary flat or tufted bench seat.

The copper finish makes this bench look like stone.View in gallery
The copper finish makes this bench look like stone.

Another unique style of bench is more suited to seating multiple people, but the shape and coppery sheen make it a design must-have. Called the Thermal Spray Bench Copper, it is made of polystyrene and copper. It may look like a stone behemoth, but the materials make it much more lightweight. It’s ideal for a living room, family room or entryway.

One-of-a-Kind Lamp

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Artful pieces are always a good choice.

In the same realm of artful home decor pieces, this lamp from the ERA Studio is a design that incorporates recycled elements and a retro toy showcased inside. Fashioned from glass vases, bowls and a wineglass, the tall multi-tiered work shows off the relic of childhood inside. It’s a fabulous example of how much more interesting an artful piece is than a plain, mass-produced lamp. Of course, as with any work of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it will only be a stand-out addition to your home if it speaks to you in some way.

An Unusual Silhouette

Unusual lines make a chair or sofa stand out.View in gallery
Unusual lines make a chair or sofa stand out.

One sure way to pick something fun is to find a piece of furniture that has a really unusual silhouette. This large chair not only has a funky, organically shaped back, but it also has a rounded shape that could fit into a corner. Even though it would fit nicely in a nook, the Dr. Seuss-esque line of the chair back deserves to be on show where it can be appreciated from all sides. With curvy lines like this, the plain fabric and bright piping are perfect.

A Focal Point Table

The glossy top and layered design make this table a focal point.View in gallery
The glossy top and layered design make this table a focal point.

There’s nothing like a distinctive table for a focal point in a room, and this one fits the bill for a number of reasons. The Twist table by Floris Wubben is made with a harmony of machine and human work that co-dependently produces the object. In fact, the table was created with an extrusion machine that Wubben developed. Besides the art of the process, the table is gleaming, layered work of art that will dominate a room with its luminescent color and funky shape.

A Whimsical Piece

A utilitarian piece can be whimsical with the right design.View in gallery
A utilitarian piece can be whimsical with the right design.

Occasional tables definitely don’t have to be boring and this one from Gallery ALL is complete whimsy. Shiny golden bean-like figures hold up the small tabletop and a third one dances off to the side. The Tan Tan side table by Zhipeng Tan is a great piece to add to a living room or den that will draw attention despite the small size. Adding an unexpected whimsical piece to a staid space is one of those marvelous home decor ideas that will ratchet up the style factor immediately.

Chandelier Drama

Ethereal cloud-like glass forms make up this spectacular chandelier.View in gallery
Ethereal cloud-like glass forms make up this spectacular chandelier.

Choosing a fun and dramatic chandelier for a room can change the flavor of the entire space. This modern fixture from Hammerton Custom Lighting looks like ice that has been crumpled up like paper. In total, it’s a dreamy, frosty fixture that is will pull the eye up in a room. When people look up to see the fixture, it’s likely they’ll also notice other decor elements in the room more readily.

A Bold Textile Choice

Wide stripes including a bold red make a sleek chair special.View in gallery
Wide stripes including a bold red make a sleek chair special.

Sometimes a plain chair becomes a really fun item when the upholstery is bold and surprising. Here, the impact of this chair from John Celli is amplified with the use of wide red and white stripes on the back. Because this is a bar height chair, the back will certainly be seen more than the front will. It’s also a great example of how to use solid colors in a bold way instead of relying on a strong graphic or floral for impact, which would not create the same effect.

Funky Statement Furniture

This plush chair almost defies description.View in gallery
This plush chair almost defies description.

If jaw-dropping is the reaction you’re looking for in a fun piece of home decor, this chair made of soft toys is perfect. This pink version is part of the furniture series that Brazilian designers Humberto and Fernando Campana have been building for more than a decade. Created in collaboration with American artist Kaws, this Pepto-pink chair is also super cozy looking.

Sinuous lines and a bold color are ideal for a dramatic sofa.View in gallery
Sinuous lines and a bold color are ideal for a dramatic sofa.

If plush toys aren’t appealing, a sofa with a sleek shape with sinuous lines might be the ticket. The afrodite sofa by Estúdio Mameluca is from the 2018 Libido Collection. The bold red is not for the timid and the lip-like backrest adds a sexy touch. From a modern living room to a spacious master bedroom, a sofa like adds a dose of ooh-la-la that is irresistible.

Vintage and Retro Accessories

A retro industrial piece in shiny metallics is artful and masculine.View in gallery
A retro industrial piece in shiny metallics is artful and masculine.

Shiny and brassy, the Powerplant Engine Clock from Pendulux is a modern replica of an old piece that will delight history buffs as well as modern design enthusiasts. The design looks like the type of radial engine found in US Aircraft from the 1920s through the 1940s. The company says that Charles Lindbergh used a radial engine in the Spirit of St. Louis for his historic flight from New York to Paris in 1927. Even from just the visual perspective, the clock is an attractive and fun home decor idea for an office, den or man cave.

Unbelievable Design Features

The glass body curves at the corners to form the sides and the front.View in gallery
The glass body curves at the corners to form the sides and the front.

When a piece of furniture has features like this cabinet from Quality and Company, it’s a definite attention getter. Rather than wood framing the sides of a glass-fronted door, the glass forms the sides and doors. The glass body is attached to a wooden skeleton for support. The front and side form a single unit that swings open. While you’ll want to display your favorite items in it, the case itself is a home decor highlight.

A Wild Wall Piece

A wild wall piece is guaranteed to make a big splash in any room.View in gallery
A wild wall piece is guaranteed to make a big splash in any room.

For a room that needs something wild and dramatic, this wall decor piece from Sapphire Chandelier of Canada is just the ticket. Friends will not be able to overlook the massive lips that have a coppery sheen and hold an oversized diamond ring. No matter where this piece is installed, it becomes the focal point.

All of these pieces are fun home decor ideas for livening up any ] space. The main thing is to choose something that really grabs attention and is not too serious.  What good is home decor if it doesn’t make you smile?