The Versatile Uniqueness Of Glass Vases Revealed In Pictures

Flower vases are among the most common types of decorations and they have been around for ages and are still used today. With time, these versatile ornaments have changed and adapted to all the styles. With all the different types of designs to choose from, it can sometimes be confusing to pick one to decorate your home with.

Decorate with black glass vases
Pair simple glass vases with big flower bouquets for a strong visual contrast
Coffee table with crystal vases
Opt for transparent glass vases if you want to keep the decor simple and yet harmonious

A flower vase is more than just a container in which to put water and flowers. It can be beautiful and interesting on its own without needing anything else. An empty vase can become a beautiful focal point for a space even if it doesn’t serve its original intended purpose.

crystal vases on dining table
Vases can be displayed in pairs or an individual decorations
Empty glass vases you can decorate
Make a statement with large vases that also have an interesting color
Black flower vases for coffee table
Put together large and small vases to create an interesting contrast that highlights each other’s uniqueness

The character and charm of a decorative vase is given by a variety of factors. The material, shape, size, color and finish all play equally important roles. Glass vases are among the most common and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They’re appreciated for their versatility and ability to both blend in and stand out, depending on the type of decor and the desired look.

Arcade Paris Glass Flower Vases in many shapes
Some glass vases are beautiful and interesting enough to stand out on their own without needing flowers
Black and white steched flower vases
An oversized vase can double as a sculpture for your home decor and you can display it in a corner
Arcade Paris Glass Vases
Hand-blown glass vases have unique and distinguished forms that help them stand out
Glass edched flower vases
Some vases are actually designed to stay empty
Giardino flower glass vases
These, for example, are tall and with tiny openings

There are also many different ways in which you can display a vase be it made of glass or of a different material. You could put a vase on the coffee table, on a shelf, a console table or even on the floor if you have an empty corner. We’ve recently put together a few ideas showing you how to decorate a coffee table which might come in handy right now.

Empty blue glass jars and vases
In some cases the form takes priority over function
Plat tall flower vase
Modern flower vases are no longer decorative containers. They’re freestanding ornaments
Wavy blue round glass vase
The organic and natural forms of hand-blown glass vases is the detail that makes them special
Modern glass vases
Display similar vases in sets or pairs and create your own beautiful collection
Different shapes for flower vases
You can pair different vases that share in common color, shape or size
Group of flower vases to decorate with
It’s up to you to find the right place for the vase and the right design
Green and purple glass flower vase
The geometric design and vivid colors of these vases are defining features of a modern style
Colored small flower vases with a modern design
The great thing about designs like these ones is that the vases look great even when empty
Green empty glass vases on a wood shelf
These Mason jar-inspired vases bring a touch of rustic beauty of modern spaces
Decorate with flower vases
Glass vases can be painted and decorated in tons of interesting ways
Crystal flower vases
However, if you want to keep things transparent, choose a clear vase

Crystal vases add a distinctive touch of glamor to a space and although they might not be particularly eye-catching they definitely have plenty of elegance and charm. But what if you prefer something less sophisticated and better suited for your own unique style? In that case you can have a lot of personalizing cheap vases and turning them into one-of-a-kind decorations for your home.