The Perfect Walk-In Closet Dimensions

We are always striving to make our houses the best that they can be. We create walkout basements to make our basements better and add as many amenities as we can. But perhaps the most important room is the master bedroom.

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There’s not much that makes a bedroom look higher-end than a walk-in closet. You can use them as a Jack and Jill closet, or coming from a Jack and Jill bathroom. But they are most commonly used as a larger standard closet.

What Is A Walk-In Closet?

 A walk-in closet is really just a closet that you can walk into. More often than not, a walk-in closet uses at least two of the walls for storage and has at least one rod to hang stuff on. The other walls are filled with shelves and drawers.

That said, walk-in closets are highly customizable. You can build them as large as you want and with any layout that you can imagine. But no matter what, they always ad value to a home because everyone loves a walk-in closet.

What Are The Ideal Walk-In Closet Dimensions?

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A standard full-size walk-in closet should be about 7 by 10 feet, but it’s better if the area is at least 100-feet. This gives plenty of room for two people to store their clothing. So 10×10 is a great, generous size for a walk-in closet.

In general, you want to have three feet of space to walk in with at least two feet of space on either side for shelving and clothing. This means that seven feet is a good width but even more is better. Think of it as a small room.  

Small Walk-In Closet Dimensions

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Image from Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Now that we’ve gone over the ideal walk-in closet, it’s time to go over the smallest that you want a walk-in closet to be. Walk-in closets don’t really have a minimum size but in order for them to be a walk-in closet, they need to be able to be walked into.

In general, the absolute minimum that a walk-in closet should be is 4-feet by 4-feet. This gives a little room to walk if there is only one rod of clothing. There isn’t much room for anything else but this can still work. 

If you want something more comfortable, add a foot on both ends. This gives you 5×5 feet to work with. Since 25sqft is usually a good minimum for a walk-in closet, 5×5 would be considered a comfortable minimum as well. 

Walk-In Closet Size Options

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When it comes to appropriate sizes for walk-in closets, it depends on the type of walk-in closet you get. There are different types of walk-in closets that are based on their layout. Here are the most common types. 

Single-Sided Walk-In Closet

A single-sided walk-in closet has clothing or shelving on just one side. This side is usually the back unless the door isn’t centered. In this case, that the door to the closet is on the side, then the closet will be on the opposite side of the door.

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For this type of closet, you can get by with very little space. You can use two feet or three for walking. And you need two feet for your shelving or rods. This gives you a space of 4-5 feet on one end with the other end being flexible. 

Double-Sided Walk-in Closet

Double-sided walk-in closets use two sides of the closet. The two sides are almost always on opposite sides. However, there is an alternative where the two “sides” are actually the middle. This is perfect for two people.

Either way, you need at least four feet for the clothing, and preferably three feet for walking. This means the closet needs to be seven feet one way. The other way, again, is more flexible and depends on your available space. 

Island Walk-In Closet

An island walk-in closet is similar to a double-sided walk-in closet but has an island in the center. This can be used for storage space or simply for a place to sit and put shoes on. Though storage is a better option.

This type of walk-in closet should be at least nine feet one way. This can accommodate a two-foot island along with the double-sided walk-in. If you have extra space one way then this is a great way to add extra storage. 

Wrap Around Walk-In Closet

A wrap-around walk-in closet has stuff on three sides of the closet. This leaves a small space to walk and makes the most out of the space that is available. Most of the time, the closet needs to be larger.

A good space for a wrap-around walk-in closet is at least seven feet one way and five feet the other way. This is fairly flexible of course but this is a good minimum if you want to ensure you have enough space to feel comfortable. 

Walk-In Closet Ideas

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There are many things you can do with a walk-in closet. You can even transform them into something that isn’t a closet at all. But we all know that their greatest use will always be an extravagant closet. 

Hide It All

Image from Suk Design Group LLP

It may be easy to add some shelves and rods and shove your clothing on them. However, it can make a huge difference if you keep everything covered. This will make your closet look clean all of the time.

You can use your existing space by adding thin doors to everything. If you have hanging clothes, then you can just add doors by adding hinges to the sides. This is an easy project that makes a huge difference. 

Add Something Multipurpose 

Image from Pearson Home Builders Inc.

There are many different types of multiple-purpose tools and furniture you can add. You can create fold-out beds, futons, or ironing boards. Or you can add something more unique that you think of yourself. 

If you have a small space then adding something like this may not be ideal but the smaller your space, the more you need something like this. So work with what you have and create something amazing. 

The Office Closet

Image from Closetopia

There’s nothing wrong with converting your closet into an office or vice versa. But wouldn’t it be better if it could be both? You can do this by adding a desk to your closet. It’s a great excuse to open the closet up.

You only need to add a few feet to accommodate a desk and your closet can become your favorite room in the house. Trust us, this can be the best decision you’ve ever made for your work done from home.

Make It Luxurious

Image from Natalia Neverko Design

Your closet doesn’t have to be a small space used only for storage. You can use it as a dressing room, powder room, and more. Add some seating, a vanity, and of course some gorgeous lighting to transform it.

A walk-in closet doesn’t have to be large to be a luxury either. It’s all about how you design it. Walk-in closets are naturally an amenity and they deserve to be features whether they’re made for you or not. 

Use Vertical Space

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A lot of people fail to do this when designing and decorating. But the vertical space is just s important as horizontal space, especially in a walk-in closet. So use every inch of it to get the most out of your space.

You can line shelves all the way up to the ceiling. You can reach it with a ladder or simply store the stuff you hardly ever use up there. Just make sure you keep it dusted and dry to keep it all in good condition. 

Add Wardrobes

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Image from Annette English & Associates

Most people assume that you can either have a wardrobe or a closet. But this isn’t true. Adding a wardrobe to a closet may be the best use of space yet. It adds storage without the need for remodeling.

You can do this in a small room to turn it into a walk-in closet without any effort. This way, you can have a huge walk-in closet without having to add shelves, rods, and walls. You have one premade already. 

Emergency Exit

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Image from Arcadia Custom Homes & Renovations

If you have a back door that isn’t in use, you can turn the entry room into a walk-in closet. Mudrooms are great but if you don’t get many visitors or if you only use the front door then they aren’t very useful.

But you can get a good lock and turn it into an adorable walk-in closet that you can walk into from the outside or inside. This is perfect for people who have dirty jobs and need to change clothes first thing. 

Natural Lighting

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We all know that closets don’t need natural lighting but it sure does help to have it. If you have a wall that leads outside then add the lighting that way. It’s easy and it will make a big difference overall.

If not, then a skylight is ideal. But if neither of these options is available, then either let light in from the bedroom or use daylight bulbs. Daylight bulbs have the best faux natural light out of any other bulb. 

Building Your Walk-in Closet

When you begin building your walk-in closet, it can be overwhelming. But don’t let it be. This is a special place just for you, so don’t try to impress anyone else. Just get the space that you need and have fun with it. 

Find out what layout will work for you and go for it. Get creative and add furniture or keep it simple. There’s nothing wrong with finding inspiration but in the end, the overall layout should be all you.