14 Gorgeous Scandinavian Living Rooms Dressed For Christmas

There is just something so lovely and cozy about Scandinavian decorating. Though when you live in a place that is cold and dreary for most of the year, you have to be a master at making your space cheerful and warm during the winter months. That’s probably why they came up with the word “hygge”, because they needed a word to describe the feeling of coziness they create. And there is no better time to embrace hygge than Christmastime! The holiday season is prime for nostalgic decor and cheerful gatherings and delicious food. Take a look at these 14 gorgeous Scandinavian living rooms that are dressed for Christmas. They will make it easy to infuse hygge into yours living room this season.

Tree in a basket

So many of the Christmas trees in Scandinavian living rooms are not directly on the floor. They’re sitting in baskets or buckets! And it’s a wonderful idea, especially when you have a smaller tree. Baskets make an easy way to hoist your tree higher without making it apparent that it isn’t naturally six feet tall. (via West Elm)

Decorating with black lanterns

Scandinavian design thrives on black, white and grey with the natural brown tones in between and that doesn’t let up for Christmas. Black lanterns make a great centerpiece for the coffee table or display on the bookshelf and you can fill them with fairy lights or candles. Whatever makes your heart happy. (via My Scandinavian Home)

Danish Fur throw pillows

Don’t forget to add a touch of fur to your living room. Fake or real, fur pillows and throws can make any couch or chair seem infinitely more cozy. Even just one fur throw pillow atop your other patterns brings a sense of rustic charm to your sofa. (via Planete Deco)

Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Along with your furs, you have to have your knits. Scandinavian decor is notorious for their variety in threads. Stack your cottons and your knits and your furs and your felts and fill your sofa with throw blankets as well as pillows this Christmas. Maybe add a red plaid pattern for a pop of fun. (via My Scandinavian Home)

Tree in a vase

Are you looking for a way to display your tree that is super unique and simple? Leave off the baskets and tree skirts and put your tree in a giant vase. I can promise none of your friends will think of this. (via By Fryd)

Decorating a scandinavian living room for Christmas

There is an old tradition of putting real lit candles on your Christmas tree. While that sounds like a fire hazard today, you can definitely buy fake ones that give you the same effect. In their soft warm glow, you’ll give your living room a traditional feel. (via My Scandinavian Home)

Scandinavian black and white

Not only do Scandinavian homes specialize in black and white and coziness, they also are masters of simplicity. They accomplish beauty and usefulness in one fell swoop. In this case, a simple tree garland gives the space some holiday cheer without being too overbearing or flashy. (via Apartment Therapy)

White Scandinavian Room Decorated For christmas

Speaking of garlands, in keeping with the Scandinavian trend of decorating with nature, definitely take the opportunity to use live pine in every nook and cranny of your home! Live garlands for mantels and bookshelves, sprigs in vases for tables, a live tree. Your home will smell of pine until Valentines Day. (via Homelife)

Scandinavian nature decor

Don’t think you’re limited to pine for your Christmas decor though. Grab your snow boots and head out to the backyard with some scissors. Sticks in a vase and a platter of pinecones can speak of Christmas and cozy just as well as pine and glitter. (via Caisa K)

Scandinavian sheep skin

No matter what room you’re looking at, a Scandinavian home will have a sheepskin throw somewhere. Which is perfect for Christmastime because the classic sheepskin comes in white to match the snow outside. Throw one on a chair or on the floor by your favorite spot. (via My Scandinavian Home)

Unconventional Christmas tree

Christmas trees don’t need to be trees at all, especially in Scandinavian decor. If you need more room for presents for that large family of yours, consider crafting a hanging tree from sticks and twigs of pine. Then just pile up the presents underneath and it will seem like an art piece. (via Femina)

Real burning heat

So many Scandinavian homes have a fireplace or a wood stove to give them heat and a warm fiery glow. If you’re lamenting your lack of a place to build a fire, invest in a space heater that looks like a little wood stove or fireplace. Same look and same effect. (via Planete Deco)

Brown paper packages

When the Scandinavians decorate for Christmas, they color coordinate everything, even the presents. With brown wrapping paper and string, you can have the prettiest pile of gifts under your tree that you ever did see. (via Stylizimo)

Non pine christmas tree

Not feeling the pine this year? Leave it off all together and put a normal tree in your house to decorate with lights and ornaments. The birch works especially well because it fits with the black and white Scandinavian vibe. (via Femina)