Modern Sofa Designs That Could Be The New Classics

Boring and common sofas are everywhere and you always rely on your local furniture store for that but if you want something special, something that suits your unique home and blends well with your modern decor then you need to dig deeper and to look for other options. A modern sofa is not that easy to find but once you held a hold of a design you like you can pretty much explore lots of other great options as well. One thing leads to another and we’ll make your research easier by offering you this list of examples to start from.

Hart Miler Fold Sofa Mark

We’ll start with something simple that’s really close to the type of classic sofa you’re so used to seeing in stores. It’s a sofa called Fold, designed by Hart Miller. It has a steel frame and a comfortable fabric upholstered cover supported by a high-resistance frame wrapped in feathers.

Yume Red Curved Sofa

Yume is a strange sofa with an abstract shape that bears a strong resemblance to a pair of lips that mimic a kiss. In fact, the name of the sofa is an interesting metaphor as well (You + Me). Although at the core of the design is a romantic idea, the design is quite bold. This could definitely be a statement piece.

Grey Matilda Curved Sofa

Suitable for conversation gatherings, the Matilda sofa has a curved design which places the users face to face for a more comfortable dialogue and experience. The sofa is small and ideal for two people and this makes it a good option for small rooms although you could choose to have two or even more these things in a large living room as well. It could turn out to be a more comfortable and user-friendly option than large sectionals.

Blue Velvet Sofa Design

The belief that modern and contemporary furniture is futuristic and always minimalist is not always accurate. A lot of modern sofas attempt to bring back the elegance of the past decades. The New Sofa is a good example in this sense, with its soft velvet upholstery and rich, royal color.

Mustard Sicis Sofa

This would have to be one of the less eye-catching sofas designed by Sicis. The company offers a variety of intriguing and unconventional designs and shapes but there are also a few more toned down options to choose from, this being one of them.

Drape Collection design Bartoli Design

If a sophisticated and glamorous look is among your top priorities when it comes to furniture, you should have a look at the Drape Sofa which features a unique design and a strong identity. The sofa is available with leather or velvet upholstery in a variety of colors.

Christophe Delcourt Modular Colorful Sofa

Dom is a modular sectional sofa with a simple and elegant design. It’s an ideal choice for large spaces or open living rooms. It comes in a variety of colors and color combinations and it’s designed to be both glamorous and comfortable.

Burol womb modern sofa

A sofa such as Burol takes its design inspiration from nature, in this case the Burol Hills which change color depending on the season. The fabrics and colors were chosen to mimic the hills and the sofa comes in beautiful shades in green and brown with satin velvet upholstery.

Connect scandinavian look sofa design

The Connect sofas bring back the beauty of classical Scandinavian furniture with their clean lines and precise proportions. They’ve been adapted for a more modern lifestyle although the charm remains the same. The sofa is available in a variety of fabric upholstery options.

Green Ligne Roset collection Softly couch

If your primary concern is comfort, then the Softly sofa should be to your liking. It’s a two-seater with a classical and modern design and a really cozy construction. The armrests and backrest are connected creating a sort of cocoon-like design which envelops the users elegantly.

Plumy collection was inspired by the 1980s

Annie Hieronimus designed the Plumy sofa with the image of classical designs from over 35 years ago in mind. The entire Plumy collection is inspired by the 1980s. The sofa is particularly interesting because of its solid and cozy look. It’s made entirely of blocks of polyurethane foam of various densities.

MCD Tufted Vlevet Sofa with High Arms

There’s an interesting contrast going on in the case of the MCD sofa designed by Marie Christine Dorner. Its frame is crisp and has an architecture allure while the interior is soft and cozy. The backrest and the arms are soft and tufted and the seat is very comfortable as well.

Beau Fixe Sofa Design

The Beau Fixe sofa is also defined by an interesting contrast which in this case exists between the metal frame and the upholstered seat, backrest and arms. The wingback design adds a plus of sophistication to the sofa while everything else keeps the design very simple and casual.

Bum Bum Black Sofa for Vondom

While a lot of furniture pieces in general are inspired by nature and other general ideas, the Bum Bum collection by Eugeni Quitllet is dictated by a desire to create musical instruments which can be used for other completely different purposes. It’s a collection that plays with tubular shapes to experiment with light and sound and offer unique experiences.

The plushy and playful design of the Cloud sofa and the matching stools from the same collection is both simple and quirky. The look is ideal for spaces that need a touch of cozy to their decor, making the sofa a lovely statement piece that doesn’t impress through opulence or glamorous materials but through the beauty of its pure and friendly design.

Geo sofa patterns

The Geo series includes a variety of interesting furniture pieces, this sofa being one of them. The entire series is defined by clean geometric forms and patterns, paying tribute to these elements by making them the focal point of the design in one way or another.

UK sofa with tufted pattern and gold legs

Inspired by the Chesterfield sofa, the UK has the same type of distinctive deep buttoned upholstery and curved armrests. It also has a very sleek frame with thin brass tube legs that support the seat and make the sofa appear to be levitating. The bring color is highlighted by the use of velvet for the upholstery. There’s also a series of other smaller details that contribute to the sofa’s glamorous look, including the golden rim and tassels.