Stylish Reasons To Get A Small Sofa

You’re probably thinking “why get a small sofa when I can have a big one so everyone can sit comfortably on it?”. Well, bigger is not always better. Sometimes a small sofa can be more comfortable and cozy than a big one, especially if you prefer a little bit of privacy. Small sofas are also easier to integrate into a room. They’re more versatile than they show. The living room is not the only space where such a piece of furniture would look exquisite. You can also have a small sofa in the bedroom, office, sun room or even in the kitchen. The following designs reveal the numerous qualities of this unique piece of furniture.

Daniel Rode Yume Small Sofa

The Yume sofa was designed for couples. It’s big enough to hold two persons but no more than that. It was designed by Daniel Rode from the desire to create an emotion in space. Its soft and fluid curves allow it to be very comfortable and at the same time to stand out and draw attention. The sofa is available has fabric upholstery available in a variety of colors.

Mark Small Fold Sofa

With an emphasis on comfort, the Fold sofa looks extremely inviting. It has a steel frame with thin legs visible from under the fabric upholstery. The loose cover offers is a casual look. It was designed with a sprung webbed seat and high resistance foam wrapped in feathers for increased comfort. It has reversible cushions and velcro covers which can be easily adjusted or removed for cleaning.

Borghese is a light sofa inspired by the stone pines

When designing the Borghese sofa, Noe Duchaufour Lawrance was inspired by the stone pines from Villa Borghese in Rome, hence the name given to this piece of furniture. The sofa’s metal frame mimics the network of branches and the back cushions resemble tree canopies. Together, they form a very suggestive picture.

kennethcobonpue small sofa

Small sofas can usually sit two, maximum three persons. Two seaters are the most common, being small enough to fit in tiny living rooms or to be used as accent pieces in large living spaces. Casual designs such as this one also have another advantage: their versatility which allows them to look equally beautiful in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Pink small mondo sofa

The two seats which form the sofa are often defined by individual seat and back cushions. In the case of the Mondo sofa by Muller & Wulff the design is very simple and compact. The narrow armrests offer it a light and elegant look while everything else makes it look timeless and classic. The sofa is extendable, being able to serve as a double bed whenever needed.

Canvas small laying sofa

Who would have thought that you could sit comfortably in a two dimensional image? It sounds impossible but it’s actually true. Canvas was designed by YOY and launched in 2013. It’s exactly what it looks like: a canvas depicting a sofa leaning casually against a wall. However, it’s more than that. You can actually use it as a seating unit.

beau fixe small sofa

When a sleek metal structure and a quilt met, they formed the structure named Beau Fixe. The metal frame holds the one-piece quilt and forces it to be segmented in several pieces: the armrests, the seat and the backrest. Slender legs hold the sofa above the floor level offering it a lightweight appearance.

Clacon Lee West Ligne-roset small sofa

A small sofa or couch can be the ideal seating unit for a reading area. It shouldn’t be much larger than a comfortable armchair but it would definitely be very cozy and comfy, offering more than one comfortable seating position. Complement it with a floor lamp  and maybe a small side table.

Bold ligne-roset small sofa

Some sofas look lightweight and have designs which allow them to be comfortable without looking robust and without occupying a lot of floor space. Others, on the other hand, follow a different approach. A small sofa can intentionally look big and puffy as a way to emphasize its comfortable structure.

Mingle frame small sofa and wire coffee tables

When it was designed by architect Flemming Lassen back in 1935, the Mingle sofa was appreciated for its simplicity and elegance despite its small dimensions. The idea behind its design was to create a sofa for conversations. It has to be comfortable and to invite people to sit down. At the same time, it had to create a feeling of intimacy, hence its back and armrests which wrap around the seat. The sofa can still look elegant today when combined by the graphical lines of the Twin tables or other modern elements.

Coofee sofa wool broadcloth

The Coogee sofa is available in two versions: as a two-seater and as a three-seater. Both versions share the same beautiful design characteristics: smooth, curvaceous lines, soft and comfortable upholstery and vibrant colors. The sofas have wooden frames and legs which complement the bold colors in a natural and elegant way.

Targa small sofa

Both the Targa sofa and armchair are elegant and ideal for social spaces, creating a feeling of intimacy and comfort thanks to their extended backrests which wrap around the seat. Their unconventional style comes from the unusual combination of materials and the contrast being the soft upholstered seat and cushions and the woven portion at the top.

Original love seats

The design of the Originals love seat is intentionally kept very simple in order to offer more room for customization. The users can add their own choice of seat and back cushions if desired. The tapered leg give this piece a distinctive appeal. Use it as a standalone piece or in combination with other matching pieces of furniture.

Nest small sofa

It’s easy to figure where the inspiration for the Nest collection came from. Formed of a small sofa and a matching armchair, the collection was designed by Paola Navone. Both piece have beech wood frames fitted with comfortable upholstered seats and accent cushions. They both look casual and this allows them to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Burol Small sofa

The Chocolate Hills are geological formations found on an area of 50 square kilometers in the Philippines. They’re covered with grass which changes color from green to brown depending on the season. Their image inspired the design of the Burol sofa for which the fabrics were chosen to match the hills.

Once Collection Sofa Backer

The sculptural design of the Baker Sofa was inspired by modern art and features smooth, sinuous lines which are contained in two separate pieces forming the body of the sofa. One is the seat and the other is the backrest. They remain separate in order to create a visual lightness and to better emphasize the sleek lines of this piece.

Naidei Daybed Frau

The complex of the design allows the Naidei sofa to double as a comfortable bed at night. Whether it’s used as a sofa or as a bed, it always maintains its elegance. Its design and structure are practical and versatile enough to let this piece be included in more than one room of the house. A tilting mechanism allows the armrests to be positioned at the desired angle, becoming side bedside tables when required.