These 20 Built-In Shelves Will Revitalize Alot of Space Around the House

There are so many ways built-in shelving units will come in handy. Bathrooms are more organized, living rooms are less cluttered and bedrooms are even more luxurious. If you’re lucky enough to get to renovate or snag a space with these additions, embrace every part of them! These 20 built-in shelves will revitalize a lot of space around the house – if you allow them to!

1. Bright & Custom

Birght and custom built in shelves

When deciding on your custom, built-in shelves, make sure you think about color and what your needs are. You don’t want the unit to shrink the space and you definite want to make sure it has enough organizational meat to keep things tidy.

2. Traditional & Cozy

Traditional and cozy built in shelves

If you’re creating a more traditional, family-home, you’ll definitely want to check out these built-in shelves for the living room. They’re cozy, they’re functional but they’re also stylish enough to stray from being too dull and boring.{found on apartementlifestyle}.

3. Pieced & Framed

Framed built in shelves for living room

Built-in shelves don’t have to take up entire walls. Instead, they can be pieced our right from the wall acting as a frame to all of the goodies you decide to display and organize inside.{found on cococozy}.

4. Miniature & Sweet

Clean white built in shelves

When most think about built-in shelves and wall units, they think about large and lengthy designs. But that’s not always the case. In fact, you can create smaller designs that fit your needs and spaces.{found on sarahshermansamuel}.

5. Varying & Different

Turquoise background for built in shelves

They don’t have to be precise in design either. Not every shelf or not in the built-in look needs to be exactly the same. Instead, give it a twist with some varying shapes and sizes like you see here.{found on littlehousebigcity}.

6. Divided & DIYed

Divided built in shelves

You can even DIY your very own built-in shelves in you think you’re crafty enough. In fact, this room divided shelves were made in that same way – with vision, inspiration and crafty skills.{found on dudemom}.

7. Modern & Chic

Modern and chic built in shelves for living room

We’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with this design. It’s super modern, ultra chic and makes for such a beautiful space to organize media or showcase the family’s favorite pieces or photographs.

8. Texture & Funky

Texture and funky built in shelves

There’s something really charming about these built-in shelves and it’s probably its vintage appeal. The white brightens and brings the style into a more contemporary tone but the personality of the past isn’t lost.{found on craftberrybush}.

9. Functional & Posh

Functional built in storage for bathroom

This gorgeous bathroom is highlighted by built-in shelves that make organizing the space so much easy and more functional. Extra towels, supplies and the like can be at an arm’s reach in a beautiful way.

10. Clean & Tidy

Library room with bookshelves built in

These clean and tidy built-in shelves are perfect for home offices or libraries. They make a chic look that’s precise, decluttered and won’t take away from the space of whatever room they’re in.{found on studiosantalla}.

11. Simple & Delicate

Simple and delicate built in shelves

When you have a spot like the attic that needs the storage space think about custom, built-in shelves. You don’t want to fill these kinds of rooms of the house with bulky furniture instead have what you need already a part of the area.{found on michael-abraham}.

12. Private & Structured

Personalized built in shelves

Sometimes your built-ins don’t need to make as much functional sense as they do style and personalization of the home. Just check out this home’s column that’s highlighted by shelving for extra accessorizing.

13. Full & Designer

Full wall built in shelves

Other times you may want a full, built-in shelving unit for an entire wall. It can have a designer’s appeal with certain details and make bedroom so much more interesting.{found on michelleworkman}.

14. Colored & Homey

Traditional living room with built in shelves

Remember that you shelves can be filled with color too. From blues to creams to beigey greys like you see here, even your more traditional, homey designs could use a splash outside of white.{found on scheinholtzassociates}.

15. Wooden & Stylish

Round dining table and chandelier over it with built in shelves into the walls

Theme your built-in shelves around your overall design and visionary ethos. For those that like rustic flavors, grab inspiration from this wooden design.{found on semerjianinteriors}.

16. Smart & Surprised

Farmhouse stair hallway built in shelves

Surprise your home with a built-in shelving unit in the hallway! This is perfect for larger homes that need an extra burst of storage for the family and more display space too!

17. Small & Cornered

Small and cornered built in shelves

Carve out a corner in your bedroom and create a space for organizing and styling. You won’t need an extra piece of furniture to add a bit of interest or create clutter in bedrooms that don’t have the extra square footage.{found on amberinteriordesign}.

18. Floating & Free

Kitchen floating shelves and built in storage

Floating shelves can be fantastic additions to more contemporary or thematic homes. And that goes double for the kitchen. Just look at these shelving unites places around the space!

19. Multi & Decorative

Decorative accessories in a buit in space

These multiple shelves places inside the kitchen and breakfast nook are in perfect position for decorating and displaying all of your favorite finds. From collecting to flea marketing to entertaining, these are the best for extra storage in style.

20. Contemporary & Easy

Contemporary built in shelves

Contemporary and clean is the way to go when designing for more simplistic or smaller settings. It won’t make the room look bulky and you’ll have everything you need to organize the space.