16 Top Décor Ideas for Kids and Teens

While the design world is often geared toward the ideal adults-only aesthetic in which grape juice is spilled but rarely and butter knives are only used for adorning pieces of toast, the fact is that children are part of the world and appreciate a well-designed space just as grownups do. Their appreciation, though, might fall into a different sphere. In this article, we’ll look at some fantastic ideas for kids décor, kids furniture, and even décor for teens. Because great design creates a magical feeling for people of any and all ages.

Decor ideas for kids room

Décor for Kids

Building a special bed for kids room

Anytime a “fort,” or something resembling a fort with ceilings and walls, can be integrated into the design of a child’s space, you’re going to end up with a happy and imaginative child. There’s something magical about being able to tuck away into a bubble of sorts and play solo or with a best friend. Something as simple as fabric draped over part of a child’s bed can imbue that same sense of magic and coziness.

Stripes and rich color stools

Stripes, rich color, and bubbly shapes tend to be excellent variations for kids’ furniture; these fun-loving stools are an excellent example of that. They aren’t too sweet or too edgy; they’re a bit in between, with their roundness and paint drips and bold juvenile appeal. These particular stools look like a good option for independent children who enjoy moving around their own furniture to be where the action is, which is a bonus.

Form and fuction for kids desk

Form + function is the perfect two-part description of these colored pencil and wooden “peacocks.” Kids are inherently creative, and this method of displaying colored pencils, in an easy to reach and use plumage format, is not only creative, it’s artistic to boot.

Sheep by Takeshi Sawada - Many of us use sheepskin

Many of us use sheepskin (faux or otherwise) in our grown-up designs, but it’s just as applicable a material in kids décor as it is for adults. Give sheepskin pieces a little juvenile flavor by incorporating animalistic details into them.

Fabric taxidermy

Fabric “taxidermy” involving mounted animal heads is an excellent compromise on kid-appropriate style. Their very nature is more stuffed animal than hunted animal, and they look playful while still riding this popular décor trend.

taxidermy in a kid-friendly

Another great take on taxidermy in a kid-friendly way is this minimalist-geometric version of various animals in a variety of colors. Kids will love the interesting 3D aspect of this type of décor, because it’s so different from what is generally found on their walls. Plus, animals tend to be a favorite for children, young and old.

Kids dollhouse design

Something akin to a dollhouse on the wall with pegboard surround is a fun and unique creative play idea that combines actual playthings with wall art. Bonus: it keeps the toys off the floor (at least, in theory) and makes the dollhouse “in the clouds” much more appealing than a regular ol’ dollhouse on the carpet.

design scheme for cats

No time, space, or desire for a real pet, but your kid wants one? Incorporate the idea of a pet into your design scheme. An active cat geometric “statue,” for example, almost fills the animal void in the household, but in the chicest and most low-maintenance way possible. That’s a beautiful thing, making happy the kids and grownups alike.

Geometric shelf ideas for kids room

Interesting shelf ideas include these three-dimensional hex shadow boxes, connected into a giant wall “honeycomb” of sorts. Another bit of kid-focused inspiration comes in the natural finish of all but two of these hexes; two are painted a vibrant yellow to maintain a playful and visually stimulating aura.

Hanging Pictures on an Empty Frame

Many children are prolific artists. They value quantity as much as (if not more than) quality, and household members are often forced to exhibit appreciation for such art by displaying it. However, this can take up quite a bit of space, particularly if the child is particularly productive. A special art wall or designated art display piece (even something as simple as a large frame with wires crossing through the middle) helps the child to feel value through creative display and parents to contain the masterpieces. (This particular version looks like a great DIY option.)

Cool wall clock design

Wall clock with interesting and delightful visuals surrounding the clock. This not only engages children in a fun way, but it can also help them as they learn to tell time because of the reference points of the fish (or whatever objects) themselves. And design that helps children learn is design worth seeking after. This is also an excellent design choice for teenagers who love or collect a particular type of thing/animal.

Décor for Teens

Decor for kids room - bold furniture

Just as the teenage years themselves provide unexpected twists and turns in a child’s emotions and development, a teen can express some of that individuality in unexpected, and perfectly awesome, ways via their bedroom design. Although a bistro set is generally expected to be outdoor furniture fodder, this set makes a great study corner for a teen’s bedroom. Vibrant, rich colors and interesting, flamboyant patterns create a fun and energetic environment.

Victorian Inspired Bedroom Design

Sometimes the way to help a young person who’s neither child nor adult (those hard early teen and teenage years!) feel special just the way they are is to introduce ornate, elegant, and/or Victorian-esque furnishings into their bedroom. This works best for young women, for obvious reasons. The styles are grown up, but they contain enough pomp and frill to appeal to the princess within.

Colorful paper pendant lamps

Colorful paper lantern-type lighting gives the teenager a say in the decorating of their room (let them choose the color, for example) while keeping things within reason, stylistically. This unique lighting option also helps them to feel like and express their individuality. Maybe it’ll keep them from dying their hair the same color! (Or maybe it’ll help them decide which color to dye their hair. Who knows. Teenagers are an enigma to many.)

peninsula fur poufs for kids room

For the teenager who lives for hanging out, using a device, or reading, comfortable décor is a must. This is great news for those who want more poufs in their lives. Throw an oversized pouf, or several smaller poufs, into the teenage bedroom for instant seating options and a relaxed, yet stylistically aware, vibe. There are so many variations on color, shape, texture, and size that your teen can feel fully involved in the decorating process.

Moda dora group acrylic chair faces


Essentially, most furnishings that are a bit on the quirky, unexpected, or unconventional side of things resonate with the teenage mind. It seems that, in order to create a space in which a teenager can feel at ease and his/her own self, the surroundings should be engaging and unique. Acrylic chairs in which the seat backs are giant faces, for example, or pillows of dogs wearing oversized glasses, or ottomans cut in the shape of puzzle pieces – these are the types of design pieces that feel simultaneously young and old.