Quirky And Fun Furniture Ideas For Small Teens

Kids grow up so fast…one day they’re toddlers and the next they’re teenagers. There’s that period in between when they’re neither one nor the other. They’re small teens and they make things more and more difficult by the day. That’s also when they start to develop their own style and when they want their room to have personality and character. So how do you decorate a small teen’s room? It has to be unique and special so perhaps these ideas might help.

Small teens canopy bed

There’s a ton of teen room ideas vehiculated everywhere and they usually focus on ways to add drama and uniqueness to the decor. That can be done in a variety of ways. For example, an interesting bed could be the answer.

Camping style bed wtih sliding platform

It makes sense to focus on the bed since it’s usually the biggest piece of furniture in the room. This has a tent-inspired design meant to offer more privacy and to look really cozy and fun. It’s the type of bed most kids would love to have in their rooms.

Camping car small teen bed

For the little ones you could opt for something more compact, similar to this trailer-like bed. It doesn’t take up much space and it looks cool and interesting. It gives kids more privacy while also adopting a fun theme which can also be used for the rest of the room’s decor.

Teenage bunk bed style

Bunk beds are the ideal choice when you have two or more kids that share the same room. It’s understandable to want to save space but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on style.

Gray and pink bunk bed with desk

Actually, loft beds are just as practical if you want to make the most of a small room or to leave more space for play. This unit features a bed at the top and a desk with lots of storage at the bottom. It’s a nice combo and the design is stylish and modern.

Cool small teen tree house

We’re never too old to enjoy a treehouse-like bed so you can be confident even your small teen will love it. It’s an interesting take on the usual bunk bed but with a cute and fun twist. Add some decorations for a more personalized look.

Sliding desk platform under bed

The bed and desk combo is clever and space-efficient. The two functions can be combined in lots of interesting ways. This is one of the simplest designs. It occupies little space and the design is versatile and kid-friendly.

Velvet bed in pink for princes girl

If something girly and fancy is the style you’re looking for, consider a bohemian bed frame with delicate curves and intricate details, a tufted backrest and carved patterns on the frame. It can be matched with similar pieces of furniture or items from the same collection.

mickey mouse themed bed

This is also a somewhat girly room decor. The furniture features those folds and curves that add a feminine touch to their designs. It seems that the bed also has a pull-out storage drawer which is a really nice and useful feature.

String colorful lights and tree house theme

How about something magical like a house-shaped bed frame? That could look playful while also offering the necessary functionality. It does, however, occupy quite a bit of space without offering any built-in storage options.

Boys train inspired bed

In a teen boy’s bedroom you’d expect to see things like a car-shaped bed or other themed elements. This train-shaped bed frame is pretty close to that idea. It is however a bit childish so older kids might find it silly.

Train inspired desk

The locomotive bed is part of a larger collection that also includes matching shelving units and other modules. They represent the theme really well, featuring little details that somehow put everything together.

Storage and clothes hanger for boys room

This cabinet is one of our favorites. It’s the perfect complementary piece for the bed we just showed you. It could also look great in a variety of other themed decors and you could match it to various accessories and accent pieces.

Colorful furniture for small teens

But sometimes themed designs can be a bit too much. If you want something less focused on a single idea but still with lots of personality, look for collections like this one which include simple designs with quirky touches and fresh colors.

colorful folding cardboard furniture

These folding cardboard stools/ side tables introduce a whole new idea. The choice of materials makes them unique and the design is simple and stylish enough to look great in the kids’ room but also in the living room or in the master bedroom.