17 Ideas for a Merry Scandinavian Christmas

With so many people trying to simplify their lives, Christmas can become a little stressful. Magazines and ads push for big trees covered in so many trimmings that you can’t see the tree itself. Everywhere you see photos of people who completely overturn their homes with bows and evergreen and Santas, making that the expectation for yours. So how do you trim down the trimmings and decide what is really essential for a festive holiday? You’ll be happy to hear that it is possible! A Scandinavian Christmas can be just the kind of simple holiday style you are searching for. Take a look at these 17 ideas that will make your home into a winter wonderland without the Christmas chaos.

Tree in a basket

First things first, opt for a simple tree this year. Put your pine-smelling tree in a neutral colored basket and focus on the string lights. Then… are you ready for this?… Opt for white only ornaments or even skip them altogether. You’ll find there is a freshness in bare branches that you didn’t know about. (via Mokkasin)

Read candle centerpiece

Candlelight makes things cozy, no matter what season you’re in. So Christmas should require more than usual! Put some plain white tapers on every surface you can find and your Christmas party will definitely be a hit. (via Remodelista)

Black and white Christmas

Scandinavian homes are united by their color choices. You’ll always find white, black, various shades of grey and wood accents. That should be your base for your Christmas decor. If it’s black or white or wood, it belongs in your house for the holiday. (via My Full House)

Evergreen branch decorating

The best part about this Advent calendar is the evergreen branch. Trade the bright red and gold ribbons for a little nature on your mantle, above your couch and wherever else you need a bit of festive. Put a plain wreath where you’d usually hang a bright ornament one. It says Christmas without the clamor. (via The Merrythought)

Simple greenery wreaths

Speaking of wreaths, no wreath is too small to be an asset to your Scandinavian Christmas decor. Bunch a few together on the wall or over the window. Buy them at a craft store or make your own from the supplies in your backyard. The options are endless. (via One Kindesign)

White Christmas village

My family always had a Christmas village when I was growing up. If that was part of your Christmas too, make a white one that won’t be too busy on your mantle. Or even spray paint the one you have with a creamy white color. (via The Decor Fix)

Fluffy animal pelts

Winter is the time to pull out the pelts, especially in Scandinavian styled homes. A couple sheepskin hides uses as rugs and seat cushions can greatly increase the coziness of your living room. Because who can resist fluffy? (via Salad Days)

Simple Christmas decor

It’s time to go through your Christmas trinket box. Choose what is really important to you and what matches your decor and that’s what is going to go on your shelves. Everything else can stay in the box or be donated to someone who needs Christmas decor. (via Nalle’s House)

Wood tree accents

Wood is a prevailing element throughout Scandinavian homes, as you might have noticed. So add a bucket of logs by the fireplace for show and drape your tree in a wooden garland. You’ll be pleased how it seems decorated but not overwhelming. (via The House That Lars Built)

Decorating with stars

In most of the Scandinavian homes you see on Pinterest, they include stars somewhere in their decor. You can buy one from IKEA or craft your own from paper. Either way, it will make a festive addition to your gallery wall or hanging in your front window. (via One Kindesign)

Hanging mobile collection

Another thing about those Scandinavian homes is the abundance of hanging things. Garlands and candles and stars and mobiles will fill an empty corner to round things out. I love this gilded feather mobile that you can make yourself from feather ornaments and gold paint. (via Solebich)

Tray of collections

If you’re sticking close to your plain colors, you can easily curate a pretty collection for your coffee table. Fill a tray with white and gold vases for branches and candles and aromatherapy sticks. I promise you’ll be hooked on the arrangement forever. (via One Kindesign)

White paper snowflakes

Get out your scissors and your snowflake templates. Fill a blank wall or a bare window with some fluttery paper snowflakes for the holiday season. Their unassuming pale colors will be like fairy wings fluttering at the edges of your vision all winter long. (via One Kindesign)

Geometric Christmas ornaments

Geometric shapes are a favorite for Scandinavian decorators. If you’re hanging ornaments on your glowing tree, consider buying or DIYing some geometric ornaments that will match with all your other geo decor. (via Ferm Living)

Christmas two tone

Two tone is a great way to think about simple decorating. A wood and white art piece like this fills up a great deal of space but the two colors keep out the busyness for the eyes. (via Annabode + Co.)

Colored garlands

Garlands garlands everywhere. As long as they match the other colors you’ve got going on in your Christmas decorating, you can string them up wherever and however you please. It’s amazing what a well placed garland or two can do. (via Salad Days)

Tiny jar tree

Need a quick decorating fix for a small space? Let me introduce you to a tree in a jar. It’s perfect for loft apartments or buffet tables or… well pretty much anything Scandinavian styled. (via Salad Days)