How To Update Your Holiday Decor With A Rose Gold Christmas Tree

The rose gold Christmas Tree trend has started many years ago, and other non-traditional Christmas colors and has quickly gained popularity. You could say that rose gold is the new black and not just when it comes to smartphones but in other contexts too.

Rose Gold Christmas Tree

For example, if you want to be trendy and to embrace this delicate and stylish color you could have a rose gold Christmas tree this year.

It doesn’t really matter what you associate the color with, the fact that rose gold is a very beautiful hue with a soft and sophisticated look. How would a rose gold Christmas tree look like, you might wonder. Well, we selected our favorite ones so let’s check them out together.

What are the color trends for Christmas in 2021?

color trends for Christmas in 2021

While it’s nice to decorate your Christmas tree with family heirlooms and your old time favorite ornaments, following a trend is also great because it provides inspiration and gives the tree a stylish and fresh look. Christmas tree trends are usually based around color. Here’s what’s popular for Christmas 2021:

Whimsical pastels

Light pastels like rose gold or baby blue are just too whimsical and beautiful to ever go out of style when it comes to Christmas trees. You’ll be happy to know that all those rose gold Christmas tree ornaments that were trendy last year are still very much in vogue.

Natural tones

Another option this year is to go for an all-natural, organic look for your Christmas tree. Decorate it with beige, tan and other similar colors and go with an eco-friendly vibe. In this sense, it could be cool to use recycled materials or to craft your own Christmas decorations in 2021.

Metallic accents

In 2021 you can mix gold and silver together without the fear of anyone judging because metallics are very much in style right now. If you like the sparkly and eye-catching look make your Christmas tree stand out. There’s even room for some softer rose gold accents in this scenario.

Nostalgic reds and greens

If you’re feeling nostalgic around Christmas let it show. Go with a more traditional and maximalist Christmas tree design using the old time favorite combo of red and green. This classic duo can be interpreted in all sorts of stylish ways.

Terracotta and olive

These are the softer and toned down versions of the classic red and green combo and a great alternative if you like the simplicity of the iconic duo but want to five it a modern twist. Terracotta and olive go great together and they give off a warm and earthy vibe which you can pick up on and use not just for the Christmas tree but the rest of the décor as well.

Scandinavian minimalism

If you’re a minimalist at heart your Christmas tree can be too and that doesn’t mean it won’t look beautiful. Go with a Scandinavian-inspired look and decorate your tree with soft and muted colors. Pay attention to texture and make the tree and the space around it look warm and inviting.


Not sure what colors would go well together? That’s fine because you don’t necessarily have to combine multiple nuances. You can just pick a color and go with it. Use it for all the decorations and ornaments on your Christmas tree to give it a cohesive and minimal look.

Which Christmas trees have the strongest branches?

Christmas trees have the strongest branches?

As you may have noticed, not all Christmas trees look the same. They differ in a lot of ways like based on size, shape, color, the way the branches are spaced out or how strong the branches are. Here’s how you can differentiate between all these different types of trees and choose the best one for you:

There are 4 main types of Christmas trees:

  • Douglas Fir – a long-lasting tree with beautiful green or blue-green needles and a typical pyramid-like shape.
  • Fraser Fir – a more compact tree, slender compared to other types and better for small spaces. Its branches turn slightly upward and have a lovely pine scent. This is also the longest-lasting of all Christmas trees.
  • Noble Fir – its branches are stiff and the strongest of all the fir trees. You can hang heavy ornaments on them and use the extra branches that you’ve cut off to make beautiful wreaths and garlands. The needles have a cool blue-green color.
  • Balsam Fir – a beautiful tree with green needles on top which gradually turn silver toward the bottom. The branches however are slender and flexible and not great if you want to hang lots of ornaments.

How to test the trees and pick the best one

There’s a few different tricks you can use when shopping for a Christmas tree to make sure you pick a great one. For example:

  • Check if the tree is fresh by gently pulling one of its branches and looking to see if it retains all its needles.
  • You can also tap the base or gently shake the tree to see if its needles fall off. If you only see a couple of needles on the ground after that this suggests the tree is fresh.
  • If a tree is fresh its needles are not flexible. If you try to bend them they just break in half. If they fold and feel soft, the tree is pretty old and stale and not in great condition.
  • Another sign of an old or damaged tree is the presence of brown spots or just a general musty smell. Don’t bring home a tree that looks like this because you’re not going to love it.

When should I put up my Christmas tree in 2021?

When should I put up my Christmas tree in 2021?

Traditionally the Christmas tree is put up on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, at least that’s how it was done in the Victorian era. Some still follow this traditional but the majority puts up their Christmas trees earlier than this.

So when is it the best time to put up the Christmas tree in 2021? Well, research shows that a lot of shops are making Christmas decorations available earlier this year compared to previous years. Also, online searches for Christmas-related items are more numerous and earlier than expected based on the history of past years.

What does this all mean? It means 2020 and 2021 have been two very rough years and people all over the world are eager to just enjoy something that brings them comfort like decorating the Christmas tree and putting up all the festive decorations.

It seems that Christmas is coming early in 2021 because we all want to feel happy and Christmas is an outlet for showing our excitement and finding comfort in nostalgic traditions.

Is it bad luck to put the Christmas decorations up early?

Is it bad luck to put the Christmas decorations up early?

Tradition dictates that the Christmas tree should be put up on Christmas Eve and in the past having the tree up earlier than this was considered back luck. But is it actually bad luck to do so in 2021?

Considering that year after year people from all over the world started decorating their homes for Christmas earlier and earlier, I think it’s safe to say there’s no bad consequences to doing so.

Of course, superstitions are quite subjective so it’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves whether we give any importance to them. Rationally there’s no bad luck associated with the Christmas tree or the date when it’s being decorated and there never was.

This year especially we have a good reason to wanting to neglect tradition and to embrace the joy and happiness of Christmas early. Keep in mind however that a Christmas tree usually lasts around 4 weeks so based on that it would sensible to at least wait for the beginning of December to but yours.

Rose Gold Christmas Tree Decoration ideas

Rose gold tree and warm pastel ornaments

Rose gold Christmas Tree

Rose gold goes really well with white and other light and bright colors as well as various warm pastels. It’s also a delicate color and you can definitely embrace that theme and decorate it with things like flowers and ribbons to really emphasize the colors and textures used. Check out @pottersdotca for some more inspiration with your rose gold Christmas tree.

Blue Christmas tree decorations for an unexpected contrast

Rose gold Christmas Tree

It’s actually not a rule that you should only mix rose gold with other warm and soft pastels. How about a bit of contrast on your Christmas tree instead? This one shared by gengenchu features a really nice mix of rose gold and turquoise. The colors complement each other really well and look lovely in combination with these vintage ornaments.

A mix of golf and rose gold decorations

Rose gold Christmas Tree

Take a regular evergreen tree and fill it with gold and rose gold decorations to the point where the green becomes an accent color. Go with big and oversized ball ornaments and various other decorations as well as garlands and don’t forget to put a big decoration on top as well. What a perfect focal point for an elegant living room like this one. Follow @kellyraedonegan for more inspiring ideas.

Evergreen Christmas tree with rose gold garlands

Rose gold Christmas Tree

Here’s another lovely rose gold Christmas tree, this time centered between two comfy armchairs, just what this sitting area needs to look magical this time of the year. We love the roses and the ribbon garland that ties together all the little decorations and adds structure to the design. This is an original post by @kimdr.acula.

A snowy tree decorated with light neutrals

Rose gold Christmas Tree

Having a Christmas tree in the bedroom can be a bit distracting but not if you decorate it in a way that’s not overwhelming for the room. A selection of light and neutral colors could be perfect in this sense and you can add a bit of rose gold just to give it a chic look as well. We love how well this tree fits into the corner of this bedroom. Check out foreveryoungfarmhouse for all the details.

Rose gold Christmas tree ornaments that seep into the room’s décor

Rose gold Christmas Tree

As glamorous and as beautiful as a rose gold Christmas tree maybe, it doesn’t fit in all types of interiors. It usually goes well with spaces that already have a light and neutral-themed décor, like this beautiful living room shared by @olenagurr which has white walls, a beautiful fireplace with a light beige surround and a décor focused on texture in general.

A glamorous décor for the entire room

Rose gold Christmas Tree

This particular color theme and overall style can apply not just to the Christmas tree itself but the entire area around it as well. It’s quite the luxurious and opulent theme and it could look fabulous in the right setting. Check out this dazzling setup shared by @herealmlandreth59.

A super ornate tree as the focal point of the space

Rose gold Christmas Tree

It’s often nice if the tree tiself stands out so it could look really cool and stylish if you were to have a very ornate Christmas tree with lots of gold and rose gold details in a fairly simple and neutral setting. That way it would contrast with its surroundings without being too much for the room. This beautiful tree shared by @styling.our.home is a perfect example.

Letting the tree shine through all the decorations

Rose gold Christmas Tree

How about a rustic glam Christmas tree like this one for your home this year? It’s a natural tree and doesn’t have a perfect shape or a very full figure but that helps to give this scene a more authentic look. It’s decorated with a bunch of glamorous ornaments in metallic colors, gold and rose gold and that creates a lovely contrast with the dark green. Follow @shelleyshowroom for more inspiration.

Pick a color theme and go with it

Rose gold Christmas Tree

You can barely see the tree beneath all of these beautiful decorations and that’s actually the point here. It’s all dressed up and gorgeous and it actually doesn’t look overly decorated thanks to the simple and neutral color palette. If you want to make something similar start with a flocked tree. Check out my @wellihousedecor for more ideas.

Fully invested in the rose gold look

Rose gold Christmas Tree

Because rose gold is such a delicate and feminine color, you can take advantage of that and create a bohemian-looking Christmas tree decorated with flowers, cute bows and other such things. Cover the base with a faux fur skirt for a charming effect. We found this beautiful rose gold Christmas tree while browsing Pinterest.

Rose gold and florals are a perfect match

Rose gold Christmas Tree

This is another one of our favorite rose gold Christmas trees. It has a regular gold skirt and a mixture of gold, silver and roe gold ornaments including flowers, glittery decorations and garlands. The decorations at the top are quite lovely and refreshing. Check out Pinterest for more inspiring ideas.

Adding a chic twist to a snowy Christmas tree

Rose gold Christmas Tree

The nice thing about rose gold ornaments is that they look beautiful no matter what color the tree is. We like the contrast they create in combination with regular green trees but we also enjoy the white Christmas decor trend. If you want the best of both trends, consider a snowy Christmas tree like the one featured on blondeinthecity. Isn’t it exquisite? The matching garland on the wall is a chic touch as well.

Rose gold accents on a tiny Christmas tree

Rose gold Christmas Tree

Of course, you don’t have to replace all of your Christmas ornaments with rose gold ones just because you want to follow this trend. In fact, it’s best if you don’t. A little bit of contrast would be in your favor and can help bring out the beauty of the rose gold details. You can do this with any type of tree, whether it’s big, small, real or artificial. Check out 1111lightlane for more details and ideas.

A magical Christmas décor with rose gold and pastels

Rose gold Christmas Tree

It’s not just your Christmas tree that can look exquisite in rose gold but also everything else that’s Christmas related. Mix this lovely blush color with soft neutrals such as beige, ivory and white and add a few gold details as well for an extra chic decor. You can find numerous gorgeous Christmas decorating ideas involving rose gold on happilyeverafteretc. This is one our favorites.

A whole Christmas tree spray painted with a rose gold layer

Rose gold Christmas Tree

If you’re serious about having a rose gold Christmas tree this year (and the ones to follow) a particularly interesting idea is to spray paint the entire tree using rose gold paint. If the tree is white that should be pretty easy but you can still get this done with a green tree if you spray paint it white first. Sure, it would be a pretty time-consuming project but well worth the effort. You can find all the details of this project on littleinspiration.

Mix and match different rose gold nuances

Rose gold Christmas Tree

Since rose gold is not exactly a very well-defined nuance, you have a bit freedom when choosing your Christmas decorations. You can play with various similar shades and even add a few regular gold ones for a subtle but still noticeable contrast. There are plenty of inspiring examples on Pinterest related to this very idea.

Subtle rose gold accents beneath the fluffy white garlands

Rose gold Christmas Tree

There’s another rose gold Christmas tree that we really love and this one was featured on craftberrybush. We love the white garlands that look like soft snow and the subtle hints of gold and rose gold elegantly highlighted by the warm string lights. If you’re displaying presents under the tree, look for matching wrapping paper.

An actual rose gold Christmas tree with matching ornaments

Rose gold Christmas Tree

Even though they’re more difficult to find, rose gold Christmas trees actually come to certain stores and they look pretty cute. If you can’t find one you can always spray paint yours or just get a regular tree and fill it with rose gold ornaments. A faux fur tree skirt and some fairy lights would make it look even more stylish. Another neat trick that we learned from samanthahauger is that if you place a large mirror next to or behind the tree that totally changes the space.

A lovely Christmas décor themed around pastel colors

Rose gold Christmas Tree

It can be fun to plan a themed Christmas tree decor starting from the rose gold trend. Perhaps a woodland-inspired tree or a floral-themed one would be nice. You could add a few tiny unicorns in there as well. Rose gold is not just a stylish and sophisticated color but also a cute one. Maybe you can find inspiration on stylebyemilyhenderson. It would definitely if you already had other rose-gold features in the room such as wallpaper, lamps, accent furniture, etc.