DIY Wooden Cheese Board To Beautifully Display Appetizers

The holiday is around the corner and Christmas entertaining is in full swing! Create this simple and super easy DIY wooden cheese board to quickly and beautifully display appetizers for all your guests.

wooden cheese board

Make the wooden board as large or as small as desired for your next party or quickly whip one of these boards up and throw it in a large covered tin (like a brownie tin with cover) to transport to the next event you attend!


DIY Fall Cheeseboard

Supplies you’ll need for wooden cheese board:

  • hardwood board (we used walnut here)
  • sanding block
  • paint brush
  • butcher block or any other food safe finish

Instructions step by step to build the rustic-inspired cheese board:

DIY Fall Cheeseboard

Step 1: Sand board the wooden piece

To create this simple cheese board, you can take an off cast piece of small hardwood and simply sand down the edges. If you need to cut a large piece to size, you can cut the board down to size using a table saw (or enlist help if you don’t have the equipment or ability to do this). Sand smoothly around the edges of the entire board to get rid of any splinters and wipe off the excess sawdust with a dry cloth.

Step 3: Apply finish

Set up a messy work surface (like newspaper or a piece of large cardboard) and apply butcher block finish to all the edges and both sides of the board. Apply generously and spread evenly using your paint brush. Allow the wood so soak up the finish and wipe off any excess globs of finish. Allow to dry for the length of time as indicated on the back of the can of finish.

DIY Fall Cheeseboard
DIY Fall Cheeseboard

Step 3: Let it dry

Once your board is dry and finished, get started serving! To create the perfect board, arrange cheeses, crackers, fruits and nuts. Arrange a few pieces of cheese to start, then add in crackers close by. Sprinkle in a few nuts and then finally add in a couple pieces of fruit (berries, grapes, pears, or even dried fruit which will stay fresher longer are all great options).

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To clean, wash with warm soap and water. Dry thoroughly. Moisturize with a food safe oil (like vegetable oil) frequently to keep the board looking fresh!

DIY Fall Cheeseboard
DIY Fall Cheeseboard