DIY Modern Wooden Cake Stand

Display desserts in style with a neutral and budget-friendly DIY wooden cake stand. Customize the size and make a few in varying heights, sizes, and woods. They also make a great housewarming or hostess gift for the next party you attend!

Wooden Cake Stand
DIY Modern Cake Stand

Supplies you’ll need for this wooden cake stand:

  • wood
  • sanding block or paper
  • tape measure
  • compass
  • pencil
  • small bowl
  • plumber’s putty or epoxy putty
  • saw

Instructions to build a wooden cake stand:

DIY Modern Cake Stand

Step 1: What dimension do I need?

Start by figuring out your desired dimensions for your cake plate (here we opted for 9 inches) and cut that number in half. That will be your radius for you cake plate. Measure that width on a compass, adjust your pencil and center point of the compass and draw yourself a perfect circle in the center of your wood.

Step 2: Circle cutting

Cut out your circle with a jigsaw, band saw, or coping saw.

Step 3: Sand the edges

Once the circle is cut, sand down the edges with your sander. You can use a power sander or sanding block if you prefer. If you’re working with a thicker piece of wood, try to round out the edges so the piece does not look too thick on the finished piece. Wipe off any excess sawdust.

DIY Modern Cake Stand

Step 4: Attach the pieces

To attach the bowl to the wood cake plate top, cut a piece of plumbers putty and prep it by rolling and kneading it between your hands. This will create a marbled ball of putty which you will push firmly against the bowl. Press the bowl firmly against the bottom of the wood plate right in the center. Let dry for the amount of time indicated on the back of your tube of putty.

To finish the wood, oil it with a food-safe oil like vegetable oil unless you want to leave it as is. Place the oil on wood, rub a thick coat on the top, and let it sit for a minute or two. Next use a cloth wipe off the excess oil that didn’t soak into the wood.

Display your cake, pie, or cupcakes on your new plate! When you’re done using it, wipe is clean with dish soap and a sponge. Dry thoroughly and re-oil as needed.

DIY Modern Cake Stand
DIY Modern Cake Stand
DIY Modern Cake Stand
DIY Modern Cake Stand
DIY Modern Cake Stand