15 Chic Living Room Colors

Everyone loves a beautiful living room. Often, it’s near the front of the house or is part of the space to which everyone inherently congregates. As a result, the living room tends to be the most (best?) decorated to match someone’s style out of all the rooms in a home. Color plays a big role in a living room’s style success, so it’s a good thing that there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from. If you’re designing your living room from scratch or simply need a style pick-me-up, here are 15 fabulous living room colors to consider. (You can also check out this article on how to choose the living room color that’s right for you.)

Chic Living Room Colors


sticks coffee table and mint armchair

Some people like color in smaller snippets, so for them to paint their living rooms in floor-to-ceiling shades of some color probably goes against their comfort grain. Mint, with its fresh, invigorating crispness, makes a lovely addition to the living room, but you can use it in whatever proportions make you happy, whether that’s a single mint-colored piece or mint paint all around. The effect is still light and friendly, which is a lovely balance to strike in any living room.

Elephant Grey.

Polart white and grey living room

A soft, warm neutral like elephant grey will likely be a prime color choice for any space, but in the living room it’s particularly useful because it’s, well, soft, warm, and neutral. The grey provides a fresh, modern backdrop to plenty of fabulous white silhouettes and works seamlessly to give some visual respite next to detailed wallpaper in the same palette. Regardless of your style, this neutral will probably work wonders in your own living room.

Warm Orange.

Warm delicious orange color

Warm orange is an absolutely delicious color choice for a living room, and not just because it’s pumpkin season. There is something inherently inviting and soothing when it comes to the colors illustrating fall spices. Opting for a rich, warm hue like this in the living room helps to balance out a space with somewhat harsh contemporary lines, with all the angles and sparse décor. The color fills in any gaps and leaves nothing wanting in this living room.

Deep Teal.

Deep teal living room color

As a beautifully balanced cross between, or combination of, green and blue, teal itself is a magical color that feels simultaneously soothing and energetic. Deep teal showcases that same sort of energy, but as a darker shade, it feels a bit more sophisticated and reigned in. For the living room that wants to be warm and welcoming but not in-your-face or peppy, deep teal is an excellent color choice.


Lavender Livng room Furniture

Dress up a typically soft pastel, like lavender, with plenty of bling in the living room for an edgy and glamorous aesthetic. Think of reflective and metallic as neutrals, and use them with aplomb. And keep other colors somewhat muted for a more monochromatic feel, with lavender coming forth as the star of the palette.

Mustard Yellow.

Mustard Yellow Sofa

Fall colors that tend to be among those 70s-throwbacks (including avocado green and sienna) are hot as living room colors these days. One way to amp up their relevance in today’s well-designed living room is to consider the color palette as a whole; mustard yellow can hold its own in a contemporary space, particularly when paired with cool steely blues.


Brown living room furniture

With the insurgence of grey as today’s neutral of choice, brown has taken kind of a step back from the design spotlight. But, as nature’s go-to color for grounding, earthy appeal, brown still has much to offer, even (especially!) in a cool and contemporary living room. Be sure to vary the shades, tints, and tones a bit to get a well-rounded blend of brown, and a monochromatic brown living room will be one of the coziest, warmest, and most inviting spaces for anyone to sink into.


Burgundy Living Room Color

Burgundy and other wine “flavored” colors are coming back as palette-able (haha) color options for contemporary spaces, particularly living rooms. Burgundy had its heyday in the 1990s but has disappeared for awhile. Its rich depth works well on larger living room pieces or even walls because it’s somewhat neutral but with a hint of something more.


Purple Living room Color Design

A variety of purples are finding their way into sophisticated living rooms for a number of reasons. One big reason is that, whether it’s a bright, vibrant tint or a muted, moody tone that’s used, purple can effortlessly transfer color energy in positive, chic ways. For larger pieces and walls, we recommend using purples that fall on the greyer and/or darker side of things.

Ballet Pink

Ballet Pink Armchair

A color associated with little girls’ rooms, this greyish tone of pink can also be incorporated into a grownup living room space with ease. Use the color on a living room piece with clean, modern lines to showcase class and taste. Another idea to make any type of pink work well in the living room is to pair it with black, whether that be a black wall, black coffee table, or even a black throw pillow.


Ebony interior design for masculine design

Obviously, black in the living room isn’t for everyone. But when it works, it works! To help a black-heavy space feel sophisticated and engaging (and not like a funeral site), you’ll want to pay attention to the details. Vary the sheens, keep furnishings elegant and tasteful, use beautiful lighting as points of emphasis and reference, and be committed. The result is uber dramatic and chic.

Brick Red.

Brick Red Sofa

The beauty of brick red, as a color, is that it’s part of the boldest, most energetic color family (red), but as a muted and less visually intrusive color itself, brick red can go where not all reds can. The modern living room is a prime location for brick red because it benefits from the aesthetic emphasis and urban, edgier feel of brick red, whether in large or small doses. Brick red can even act as a sort of neutral, in a way…sure, it’s an eye-catching, stand-outish neutral, but still.


Cobalt blue living room furniture decor

Cobalt blue has been around for a few years now as a popular color choice for many spaces, and it still works wonders in the living room. Confident, cheerful, and vibrant, this color brings a bold, modern touch to almost any living room space. Just as with any bold color, you’ll want to use it strategically and probably limit the visual “busy-ness” of the surrounding space, just to avoid visual chaos. (Unless you love that sort of thing, of course.)

Citrus Green.

andrew richard setting citrus green

Anything from lime to green apple to chartreuse can fall into the “citrus green” category; it’s up to you to decide which direction your living room should lean. With its fresh energy, zesty feel, and good cheer, citrus green is both friendly and carefree. It’s inviting and positive and ready to welcome any and all. Some might feel that citrus green is too in-your-face for the living room, but for those seeking to create a space where positive vibes abound, citrus green might be your new best color friend.

Sky Blue.

Skye blue living room decor

Whether you want to paint all the living room walls sky blue or incorporate one simple sky blue piece (or anything in between), your living room will benefit stylistically from the use of this gorgeous, liberating, and natural color. It’s a refreshing pop of color or a balance of visual temperature or a spark of color light – all of these things and more are what sky blue has to offer a variety of living room schemes. It’s as old as the earth but still absolutely relevant in today’s living room designs.