The Meaning Behind Rich Brown Furniture And Interior Decors

Brown is the color of wood and that’s usually how it ends up in our homes. But there’s more to it than that. The earthy and organic nature of the color brown makes it a great candidate for sophisticated, modern and elegant interiors. There are many colors that pair well with brown and we’ll get to that in a minute. But first let’s reveal some of the general characteristics associated with the color brown, such as its stable and down-to-earth nature, its comforting look and its practical side which is really nice in interiors, especially when a low-maintenance decor is required.

Brown irregular coffee table with hairpin legs

There are many different shades of brown. The variations are dictated by the colors in its composition which can be any combination of black, yellow, red, gray, orange, green, blue, pink or purple.

Natural wood brown bench with green and grey

Brown and green pair really well together. They are both predominant in nature and they bring with them a very comforting and also fresh feel, making the decor welcoming, soothing and relaxing, just like a beautiful clear patch of land in a forest.

Brown bedroom headboard and nighstand

Thanks to its warm and comforting nature, brown is a wonderful color option for the bedroom. This is also a color that brings with it a sense of security which is important in the case of this particular room.

Brown velvet couch

Another thing to keep in mind is that brown is a very practical color. It hides stains really well and this makes it ideal for living room sofas, area rugs and other furniture pieces and accessories.

Triangular bathtub design

All bathrooms could use a touch of brown in their decor. Most often, this is introduced through wooden furniture but a more sophisticated idea can also be to have a tub lined with a wooden frame.

Floating brown bathroom vanity

If the bathroom is small, a touch of brown can make it feel particularly inviting and soothing but the rest of the decor would need to be bright in order to also maintain a spacious and airy feel throughout.

Bathroom brown furniture

Brown is also a color that can make a space look sophisticated and elegant and you can use this to your advantage to give space such as the bathroom or utility room a special look and to break the monotony of a sterile white background.

Brown walnut mirror frame above vanity

When paired with white, brown reveals its richness and elegance. The contrast accentuates these characteristics while also making the white accents look very pure, bright and fresh.

Brown sideboard with open spaces

It’s sometimes a wonderful idea to complement a brown piece of furniture with a small green accent. Also, different shades of brown go well together and you can play with them in a lot of interesting and stylish ways.

Round brown mirror furniture

Use brown as an accent color just to add a warm touch to a decor or to create a sense of calmness and comfort in the room. For example, a wooden mirror frame or a side table can be lovely accent pieces for a living room, bedroom or even for a bathroom or walk-in closet.

Modern coffee seating with a brown coffee table

Brown is friendly and approachable and it’s also an earthy and warm color and this makes it a perfect option for cozy areas such as an intimate seating area, a reading corner or a small breakfast nook.

Brown leather furniture

It’s difficult to say whether brown is a masculine or a feminine color. It all depends on the colors and proportions in its composition. For example, an orange-based shade of brown tends to be more on the feminine side.

Brown leather armchair

Besides being usually associated with wood, brown is also the color we often think of when picture leather furniture. It’s a shade that accentuates the organic nature of the material or at least tries to give it a genuine look.

Brown leather sofa

You can pair brown with brown, even though it may sound unusual or odd. Creating layers and putting together different shades of the same color using different materials, textures and patterns is quite fun and interesting.

Wood brown kitchen island

There are lots of other interesting combinations to consider. For example, brown mixed with warm hues is reminiscent of autumn and very comforting and brown paired with yellow results in a bright look that suits both traditional and modern spaces.

Brown kitchen furniture with black marble

When used in combination with purple, brown become a deep and rich color which adds drama to the space. On the other hand, when combined with pastels, brown looks sophisticated and even dramatic, eliminating the often juvenile look associated with those accent colors.