Modern Living Room Designs – What Makes Them Special?

It’s easy to label a living room as being modern, rustic or industrial by simply looking at it? But gives it that look? Modern living rooms are characterized by a series of key features that set a certain type of ambiance in an instant and today we’ll explore some of those options to see what exactly makes a living room modern and how these elements can best be used in interior design.

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First of all, most modern living rooms have an open floor plan and are connected to areas such as the kitchen or the dining room. This allows them to feel open, bright and spacious. The spaces are often visually delimitated but without using walls.

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Also, you can tell that a living room has a modern design by the type of focal points it features. For example, a modern fireplace will definitely stand out.

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Huge, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and windows are another important characteristic for modern spaces in general. In the case of the living room, they emphasize the views and let in natural light.{found on YLAB Arquitectos}.

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Oversized wall art is quite popular in modern interior design. In the case of an open plan living space, one such detail is enough to make the whole volume look modern and sophisticated.{found on GLR Arquitectos}.

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Wood furniture is not a characteristic of modern décor. In fact, it usually defines traditional or rustic decors. However, you can tell that a certain piece is modern by its design which is simply, clean and eye-catching.

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The focus in modern living rooms is on comfort and simplicity. So a sofa or a sectional is, first of all, very comfortable but also modular and space-efficient in most cases. The focus is not always on looks or intricate little details like in the case of other styles.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

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A lot of modern homes have a very casual ambiance. The framed wall art is sometimes just leaning against the wall instead of being attached to it with screws and the way shapes and textures are combined is really great.{found on kennedynolan}.

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Pretty much every modern living room has one eye-catching element, that focal point that makes it stand out. This can anything from an actual living tree to a painting or a sculptural piece of furniture.

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The use of bold accent colors and unconventional forms and combinations of materials and textures is also something to take into consideration when designing a modern living room.

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Modern and classic work well together. It’s why a lot of modern living spaces include iconic pieces of furniture such as the Eames lounge chair. It’s their timeless beauty and elegance that allows the space to retain its modern flair.

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A key characteristic of modern living spaces is their simple, casual and fresh look. This is obtained through bright colors, functional designs and the right combination of materials.

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And even though it could seem odd, a lot of modern homes also includes elements of other styles so you could have industrial rustic and contemporary features in the same space. But as long as the modern elements prevail the situation doesn’t change.