Charming Ideas French Country Decorating Ideas

Romance, delicacy and a bit of European flair, decorating the home with a bit of France infused can be a calming and fun experience. And today we’re focusing on the countryside styling with is full of cottage features, vintage accents and whimsy spirits. Here are few charming French country decorating ideas and how you can transform your home into something full of that same, old-world aesthetic.

Brick Flooring

Brick Flooring for french country decor

There’s so much fun to be had when decorating with a bit of French-inspiration and country feels. And this weather, brick floor is just one way to make a splash in this realm of interior design.


Metal Accents

Metal accents - french country decor

Whether it’s a sconce on the wall or a bench made from this worn iron some metal accents adorned with delicate designs are a great way to add detail to your French-country room.

Open Shelving

French country open shelves

Open shelving is a key element to cottage, countryside decorating to its only natural that we add that idea in the mix when we’re talking about French inspiration. Use it as both function and focal interest inside the breakfast nook or kitchen!

The Garden

French country wood shutters for exterior windows

Even your outdoors can have a French flair. This delicate and quaint garden is the perfect addition to a home that’s been inspired by the European cottage-esque design craze.{found on woodburnandcompany}.


french country reading corner with initial

Add some personalized flair to your French-inspired space with initial accents hidden throughout the scene. On throw pillows, wall decor and more; these family adornments breathe live into the home.{found on worthingcourtblog}.


Linen-Draped living

Do you notice the linen-draped sofa in the center of this cottage-esque living room? That delicate and easy touch helps to create a soft, romantic space that we see in so many French-decorated homes.{found on corynnepless}.


French country table decor setting

There’s a definite flea-market flair that surrounds French decor. And with their furnishings that sentiment goes double. You can easily thrift your chairs, tables and the like and come out with a style that’s definitely infused with this countryside, European niche.

Muted Tones

Muted tones for french country kitchen

Whether it’s in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom or home office, if you’re inspired by the French then you’ll need to stick with muted tones, romantic shades and neutral colors when create your Euro, country-flavored spaces.


Chandelier over the french dining table

French country decorating has a definite girlish charm about it, and what is more girlish than a beautiful chandelier. Don’t be afraid to mix and match it with more weathers or farmhouse features either, like this dining room table!

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers for a coffee table

Fresh flowers are a good idea for most interior design styles. And when it comes to those with a country feel, it’s an absolute must. It helps create that fun, welcoming spirit and for French-inspiration, provide your rooms with lush, soft petals full of life!{found on etherealpluswhatilove}.

Intricate Details

Bathroom with a french country style

You must pay attention to the smallest of details, because the intricate, swirling features make this style genre pop and come alive. Just look at this gorgeous mirror, its frame gives us the artistic, Euro-flair you’re looking for.{found on walkerwoodworking}.


French country wallpaper for walls

So many are afraid to utilize wallpaper in their homes, as they feel that its an antiquated way to decorate. But don’t be! Floral patterns or intricate prints can help transform any part of your home into a French country affair that you’ve been dreaming of.{found on kentkitchenworks}.

Varying Texture

Varying Texture

Another key element in creating a room filled with French country decor is to think about the texture of each and every piece and accent that you include. Varying texture is what will help with the cozier, interesting or vintage-inspired look.{found on hgtv}.


Lavender accents

If you want to add a definite pop of color throughout the midst of romantic neutral and soft, muted tones then we suggest going with lavender. French lavender is a beautiful addition to the home, but it can also be a great way to inspire furniture and accents walls.

Billowing Bedding

Luxury bedding style

When choosing bedding that coincides with your French-inspired vision, think about soft and following fabrics first and foremost. There’s a bit of luxury involved here too, as well as girlish prints.


Stone walls and metalic stair railing

Stone accent walls, floors or small decor pieces, this is another natural element that you can use to help transform your home into something plucked right out of the French countryside.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood French Design

Whether it’s a palette used for a DIY wall art project or pieces made into a beautiful, farmhouse table, reclaimed wood can also be a beautiful and textural part of creating a French country-inspired room.

Farmhouse Elements

Turquouise french kitchen decor

Farmhouse elements will help to make your countryside vision come to life as well. Wood, brass and woven baskets are just a few of those key parts that will transform a more modern space.{found on bluebellkitchens}.

Golden Pieces

Golden accents

Whether it’s the frame of a hutch, a picture frame or the legs of a chaise lounge in the corner, a bout of golden pieces sprinkled throughout your French country decor will definitely pump of the feminine volume and make it a bit more luxurious.