Mastering Your French Country Decorating in 10 Steps

Scandinavian decorating cannot resist adding warm knits and furs to minimal black and white spaces. Shabby chic goes for as much pink and lace as humanly possible. Country styling has eyes for plaid patterns and rough raw wood. But oh the French. French Country decorating definitely hits on all the perfections in interior styling. It’s not too cluttered but not too minimal. And boy do they know what luxury is. If that seems too complicated for you to pull off in your home, you’ve come to the right place. There are 10 basic steps to mastering French Country decorating in your home. Just follow the tips and you’ll have your home looking like a real French chateau in no time.

1. Good Bones

French country unfinished walls

Maybe you live in an apartment with bare brick walls. Maybe your home has crumbling plaster that reveals the lathe underneath. Or maybe you can boast a beautiful wood floor. French country decorating spotlights the good bones of your home, whether that’s stone walls or an old wood floor. Be sure you think long and hard about it before covering anything up with paint or carpet. (via Domaine)

2. Pastel Party

French country pastel decor

It’s a great thing that rose quartz is in this year because when you’re going French country, you want to use all the pastels you can get. Whether it’s paint or antique furniture or just a few throw pillows, add some pastels to your living spaces. The pink and blue combo pays tribute to Marie Antoinette. (via Le Grillon Voyageur)

3. Let It Sparkle

French country chandelier over dining table

One defining piece of a French country space is the sparkling chandelier. And I’m not just talking about over the dining room table. In a country French chateau, you’ll find chandeliers in various sizes in the living room, bedroom and even the bathroom. So don’t fight the sparkle. (via Inspiring Interiors)

4. Add an Armoire

French country armoire

You might be surprised what effect a piece of furniture has on the French country style. Every French country home has an armoire or two. Use one to display your dishes in the dining room and another to hold your towels in the bathroom. I wouldn’t blame you if you had a third for clothes storage. (via Vintage Home)

5. Large Cookspace

French countr kitchen decor

Every French country kitchen you see is going to have plenty of space for cooking. Just look at the size of that oven range! But if you live in a small space with a small kitchen, just be sure you add the pitcher of flowers, a good striped tea towel and the freshest ingredients. (via Luxe)

6. Well-Worn Fabrics

French country rumbled fabric

Time to go thrifting. When you’re decorating with French country, you want to find the old yellowed lace and the crinkly sheers and the rumply linens. Then layer them on your bed and your couch and your dining room table for a simple yet comfortable effect. (via Message Note)

7. Useful Art

French country useful art

While a centerpiece place will have a painting of a girl and her dog, much of the wall hangings in a French country home are actually useful objects. Use your pots to decorate the walls of your kitchen. Baskets can grace the laundry room. Straw hats would make a lovely addition to the entryway. All beautiful things and very useful in everyday life. (via Architectural Digest)

8. The Bath

French bathroom with a clawfoot tub

The French do know how to relax. So indulge in large warm bubble bath with a glass of wine. Of course you’ll have to have a large bath like this to do it. Bonus points if you can find a clawfoot tub. (via Architectural Digest)

9. Seeing Gold

French country with a gilded touch

In a proper French country home, you can always find just a glint of gold. Be it a piece of furniture or the frame of a mirror, make sure you add something gilded to every room. Just one thing will do the trick.

10. Embrace the Imperfections

French country imperfections

Vintage lovers rejoice. One of the best parts about the French country style is the ability to add anything old and chipped or wrinkled or well-worn to your home’s decor and embrace it! It means refraining from repainting that old chest. It means buying a new-to-you old chair and leaving it’s threadbare arms as is. It means dusting off the fraying book covers and giving them center stage on your bookshelf. Take the old and the forgotten and give it some love in your French country home. (via Apartment Therapy)