20 Examples of Stylish Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block countertops are practical, easy-to-clean and made out of wood pieces glues together (usually Hard Rock Maple or Red Oak) – according to an old post. Making it a great choice for those that love to spend a lot of time and experiment in the kitchen. As long as you give it the proper upkeep, you’ll have counter tops that last a long time with minimal wear and tear.

1. A Bit Industrial

Industrial Kitchen with a Bar cart and Butcher Block Counters

Check out this galley-styled kitchen full of industrial edge and chic, masculine energy. And then pay close attention to the butcher block island in the center, making a great area to prep any meals for the entire family.{found on denverphoto}.

2. Chic Innovation

Chic Butcher Block Countertops

These butcher block countertops have been installed and taken care of to perfection. Surrounded by white, traditional cabinets and a clear air of innovation and modern style, this snippet is quite beautiful.{found on domesticimperfection}.

3. Make Station

Marble and burcher block combination for countertop

Check out this butcher block table that was make specifically for prepping and creating meals inside the kitchen. This space is filled with function and a mix of trendy traditionalism, making it an interesting mashup for the family to enjoy.{found on architecturalkitchens}.

4. User-Friendly

User-Friendly Kitchen Butcher Block Countertop

Creating a large butcher block area – whether the countertop, island or table – makes it a much more user-friendly design but it’s important not to neglect it’s care. Used as a constant cutting board, stay strong with the upkeep as to keep the function of the space alive.{found on cabinetsbygraber}.

5. Cozy Rusticism

Cozy Rustic kitchen Design

Even in more rustic or country kitchens, butcher blocks will find an easy home. The wood goes right along with a theme that needs a wood tone and it also engages that raw feel that these styles need to gather from.

6. Multi-Functional

Kitchen island with bucther block countertop used like table
Counter Butcher block for kitchen island

This butcher block kitchen island has so many uses. When you have a spacious kitchen such as this you have so much more room to work your magic in. And this large piece not only makes for a great spot to prepare for dinners and desserts but also makes for a perfect breakfast bar too.{found on insigniainspirations}.

7. Designer Divide

Designer Divide - Wood and Marble

Check out this design-worthy divided island. Marble on  a side for entertaining and a butcher block top – rich with dark woods – on the other for functional use. Not to mention the rest of the kitchen, which is full of enviable style.{found on akdo}.

8. Cottage Grade

Cottage Grade Countertop

Even if you bring in a hint of cottage flavor into your kitchen design you can find a spot to hold your bold butcher blocks countertops or island. This is just another gorgeous example of how to combine the usage and its natural styling.

9. Rolling Work Stations

Rolling work station for kitchen

This traditional kitchen has been revamped in we a direct vision in mind but we’re drawing our attention to the multiple rolling work stations – complete with butcher block toppings that give the family two different areas to work and separate responsibilities.{found on arciform}.

10. With Color

Colorful kitchen island extension

You may even want to add a bit of color to your kitchen and use that in the butcher block island that you decide on. Just look at this gorgeous example of a spacious, traditional kitchen with a bit of blue pop at the prepping station.{found on mitchwisedesign}.

11. Contemporary Charm

Contemporary Charm with Butcher Block countertop

Personally, I’m swooning for this kitchen space. Complete with stainless steel appliances, a splash of black, natural lighting and a butcher block island countertop that I could use for anything from cutting up Cobb salad ingredients to Christmas cookie decorating, it’s such a charming and contemporary combination.

12. Darker Choices

Kitchen island with a dark countertop

When choosing a butcher block, you can go with a darker, richer wood color. It will help in creating a cozy, more traditional look but it also provides a nice contrast to light and bright kitchens.{found on andrerothblattarchitecture}.

13. Two-Tiered

Two-Tiered Kitchen island extension

Here is an example of a two-tiered butcher block kitchen island that serves great use for a variety of functions that happen in the kitchen. But most importantly, it doesn’t take away from the overall design of the space.

14. Strategic Cream

Strategic Cream Kitchen countertop

There are so many reasons to love this creamy, welcoming kitchen. One being that strategic behind the design and placement of the butcher block prep station – which faces a TV!

15. Square Pop

Square kitchen island with butcher like countertop

Check out this butcher block island with overhead storage and a pop of olive colors underneath. This is just another example that provides great inspiration for those revamping or dreaming up their ideal kitchen.

16. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic Kitchen Design

Shabby chic is still in and trending so the “in-the-now” style includes this wonderfully eccentric kitchen. But pay close attention to the butcher block table in the center serving as a solid piece for the perfect mini work station.{found on debracampbelldesign}.

17. Just the Counters

Just The Counters

Instead of going for a butcher block island, this kitchen opted for the freshness of countertops covered in the wood. Do your prepping near the sink and your serving on the marble center!{found on jvwhome}.

18. Added Storage

Kitchen island with storage for cooking books

Even if you decide to go with a butcher block top on your kitchen island, you can still be a bit innovative with the bottoms. Add extra storage underneath if you need it – for cookbooks to pots and pans!{found on jennybaines}.

19. Blocked Out

Not only the countertop

Instead of covering just the tops, you may want to consider adding a portion to your kitchen that is an actual butcher block. Just look at this work station here give you more flexibility when it comes to dinner making.

20. Wraparound

butcher block countertop with a classic cutting board

This style combines a butcher block countertop with a classic cutting board, giving you the ease of the latter and the function of the former. We love the special wraparound style!{found on aparchitecture}.