19 Creative DIY Projects Featuring Rope

It’s incredible how many cool DIY projects are there to try and how many uses you can find for one simple thing. Take rope for example. It doesn’t seem that versatile at first but wait till you see these cool projects you can do with it. In fact, rope is one of the most adaptable materials you can use in a DIY project. It can be used in a variety of creative and cool ways and its role can be both functional and decorative. Check out these 19 examples for a little bit of inspiration and apply it to your own unique project.

Rope coasters.

DIY Cat Scratching post

One of the easiest and most useful things to do with rope is a coaster. To make one you need a lid from a frozen juice can, some nautical rope and hot glue. Clean the lid and put a big bead of hot glue in the center. Then just wind the rope around and glue as you go. Glue down the end and cut off the excess.{found on valleyandcolifestyle}.

Rope swing.

DIY Cat Scratching post

To make a rope swing you need is natural rope, a carabiner and a round piece of wood for the seat. Drill a hole in the center of the seat. Then, if you want, paint or stain the wood. Learn how to tie a secure knot and put the carabiner at one end. Of course, attach the rope to the seat as well. Then wrap it over a branch and loop it through the carabiner.{found on dukesandduchesses}.

Nautical themed.

DIY Cat Scratching post

Another great use for rope is if you want to give an old tray table a chic makeover to go with your nautical-themed décor, perhaps for your beach house. First spray paint the table and drill holes in the corners. Attach the lamp finials and wrap cotton rope through them and around the legs.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Rope vases.

DIY Cat Scratching post

Perhaps a braided rope vase is the missing accent piece in your home. It’s actually easier to make one than it looks. You basically just braid the rope, connect the ends and cover the line with more rope. You can also make a woven rope vase but you’ll need a container onto which to shape it. And, of course, there’s also the old-fashioned technique of simply wrapping rope around a vase or can and gluing as you go.{found on stylemepretty}.

DIY Cat Scratching post
DIY Cat Scratching post

A similar project can be to make a rope basket. You can use it as a pencil holder, to store your jewelry and for all sorts of other things. It can also simply remain a decorative piece. To make the basket you need cotton rope, glue, a needle and a glue gun. Start by coiling the rope and adding glue as you go. Make a flat circle and then start building the sides. Wait for the glue to adhere. Then, with the needle and twisted mason line, decorate the basket.{found on designsponge}.

Rope bowls.

Minimalist rope Bowls

All you need for this project is some rope and a sewing machine. Basically it doesn’t get simpler than this. all you have to do is coil the rope in a circle and sew it. This will be the base. Then make sides in a similar way. You can make the bowls as big or as small as you want, depending on what you plan to use them for. Find out more about this simple project on Fishandbull.

Versatile trivet tray

Versatile trivet tray

A trivet tray can be very useful. For example, it’s perfect for serving tea but you can also use it whenever you need a surface on which to place something hot. To make the tray, check out the instructions offered on Dreamgreendiy. You need a round wooden tray and a long piece of rope. start gluing the rope to the bottom of the tray from the exterior, slowly coiling it until you reach the center.

Woven rope basket

Easy colorful wooven rope

The supplies needed for this project include natural sisal rope, embroidery thread in any color you want, a large embroidery needle and a little bit of yarn. First make the base of the basket by coiling the rope and securing it with embroidery thread. You can create a symmetrical pattern or simply let it be random. Continue with the sides of the basket. Stack the rope on top of the outside piece and continue with the stitching. Decorate with colored yarn.{found on bhg}.

Custom rope container

DIY Wrapped rope container

A stylish rope container such as the one featured on Damasklove can be really practical and you can use it in a lot of ways. For example, use it to store your makeup brushes or your hairdryer and other things or put it on your desk and use it as a pencil holder. To make it you need two paper mache cylinders, some cotton rope, an assortment or embroidery floss colors, a permanent marker, some craft glue and a hot glue gun.

Rope light fixtures

Rope lighting fixtures

This is one of the most interesting uses we could find for rope. The rope light featured on Vintagerevivals is not only really cool-looking but also quite easy to make. The supplies needed for the project include rope or cording, lamp cord, a socket kit, a small vessel that can be drilled into and some glue. Check out the full description of the project and feel free to customize it in order to suit your preferences.

DIY accent table

Simple accent coffee table featuring rope

The nautical-themed accent table featured on Dans-le-townhouse definitely has a lot of charm. The list of supplies is quite long so be sure to check out the full description of the project before starting. You’ll basically be building the table from scratch. Of course, there’s also the option to just give an existing side table a makeover using the technique and the design featured here.

DIY rope shelf

DIY Rope Shelf

A simple method for adding some storage to a room is by building rope shelves. The project is quite simple and you can find a full description on Apieceofrainbow. The materials and supplies needed include rope, wood shelves or some wood boards, paint and a drill. use paint to decorate both the shelves and the ropes and feel free to use any kind of rope you want. Sisal rope works well if you prefer a rustic look.

Simple vase makeover

Simple Vase makeover with rope

This project works great if you either want to make a custom vase for your home or to give an existing one a makeover. All you need for it is some decorative rope, a hot glue gun and a glass container or vase. Add hot glue to the bottom of the vase and start wrapping the rope around. stop when you reach the desired look. That’s basically the whole project. Of course, you can decorate the vase with all sorts of ornaments if you want. The full tutorial can be found on Loveandmarriageblog.

Rope-decorated photo frame

Rope decorated photo frame

Rope can be used as a decorative element for a bunch of beautiful DIY projects and makeovers. For example, an old photo frame can be decorated with rope and its design would change completely. To better visualize how such a transformation would go you can check out Polishedhabitat. Here you can find out how to use bits or rope to decorate a simple photo frame.

Rope jar lantern

Mason jar wrapped with rope

Another fun and interesting thing you can do with rope is a jar lantern. Obviously, you’ll need a jar and some rope. The project is really simple. Take some rope and glue it to the bottom portion of a glass jar. Then glue another piece under the rim of the jar. Make a handle and attach it. Now the lantern is ready to be used. Just put a candle in and hang ti somewhere. {found on thethingsshemakes}.

Magazine basket

Magazine basket wrapped with rope

Tired of always finding your magazines scattered around the house? Make a basket and store them all there. It’s actually not that difficult. You can find a great tutorial on Dwellbeautiful. The list of supplied needed includes an old or a cheap basket, sisal rope, a glue gun, painter’s tape and spray paint. Follow the instructions to obtain similar results and add your own twist to the design if desired.

Rope bird feeder

Rope Bird feeder

On Dabblesandbabbles you can find a nice tutorial on how to craft a bird feeder. You’ll need a clean tin can, some sisal rope, a piece of metal and a glue gun. Take the lid of the can and bend it in half. Then glue the small piece of metal to create a post for the birds to rest on. Insert the lid and glue it in place. Start gluing rope around the can making sure you leave a longer piece free so you can make a handle.

Decorative rope letters

Wall art using rope

Rope can also be used as a decorative element. For example, ever felt like your walls are missing something? Try completing the decor with decorative rope letters. Find out how to make these decorations on Lovegrowswild. The project is quite simple actually. Make a mixture of cornstarch, glue and water. Soak the rope in it and then take it out and arrange to form the word or letters you want to display. Let it dry and that’s it.

DIY scratching post

DIY Cat Scratching post

Let’s not forget about our cute little furry friends: the cats. They’re cute and cuddly until they start to ruin your furniture. To avoid such situations, offer them a scratching post. They really need it because it’s their instinct to keep their claws sharp. Obviously, you’ll be using sisal rope because it’s the best option for such projects. Use the rope to give an old and completely ruined scratching post a makeover or to build one from scratch. You can find an inspiring example on Dreamalittlebigger.