Ironing Board Cabinet Essentials and Styling

Whether you have a laundry closet, room or you have to go to the laundry mat to take care of the dirty clothes, every home and apartment will need a place to unwrinkle the duds. And that means you’ll need an ironing board, but when space is sparse you won’t be able to use the standalone version, instead an ironing cabinet will be exactly what the doctor ordered. So check out all of these ideas how what you’ll need to create one and how to style it once you’ve got it.

1. Just A Flip

Store a flip-out ironing board

Sometimes it’s literally just a flip. In basements or closet, you may be able to store a flip-out ironing board that plugs right into the wall making ironing blouses in the morning quick and easy. Just be sure to store your starch and other necessities neatly in a basket below.

2. Drawer-Sized

Drawer-Sized iron Board

Your cabinet could really just be a drawer. Look how useful and functional this hidden drawer is! All you have to do when you need to sharpen some creases is put it out and get to work without having to unload and restore.{found on provincialkitchens}.

3. Racks Too

Racks Too - Laundry Room

Right beside this ironing board cabinet is a place to hang up what’s been pressed! That’s such a great addition to a utility or laundry room if you have the space. And the shelves help too, of course.

4. Modern

Built in laundry room with iron board

If you’re looking for a more modern way to design your laundry space and all its functions, look no further than this chic area. This too has that “drawer” feature that we love and cabinet built atop to hold all other ironing essentials.

5. Custom

Large board against the wall

Instead of just leaning a large board up against the wall, create a custom cabinet that matches the rest of your beautiful layout. Don’t be afraid to keep that same, personalized theme throughout the entire space.{found on brentgibson}.

6. Inside Hooks

Ironing board with storage cabinet

Make sure to add some hooks to the inside of your cabinet so you can hang pieces that you’re already done with. When you’ve got standalone cabinets – without a rack nearby – that small addition will really come in handy.

7. Offbeat Location

Offbeat Location - Kitchen Ironing Board

You can even provide yourself with an ironing board cabinet in an offbeat location. If you’re hurting for space or don’t have a laundry room (instead a closet) create a cabinet in a space like this in the kitchen or even a transitional area of the home.

8. Laid Atop

Laid Atop Ironing Board

If you can’t swing a custom cabinet, then work with what you’ve already got. Grab a smaller ironing board and set it atop the cabinets or cubbies that are already installed, giving you ease and functionality.{found on i3design}.

9. Pull & Fold

Drawer ironing board - pull and fold
Drawer ironing board - pull and fold - open

Here’s a closer look at what your board will look like when using the “drawer” method. It fits nicely inside without bulking up any corner or nook of the home.{found on choicewd}.

10. Traditional

Master walk in closet featuring a ironing board

Even in more traditional walk-in closets, you can find a spot to hold your fold out ironing board. Our only suggestion is to make sure there’s also a space to plug-in the iron, store the water and other needs.

11. Bigger the Better

Bigger then better the ironing board

Think about adding a pull-out ironing board in your closet island area. If you’re lucky enough to have a closet this large, you might as well use it to its full advantage!{found on bellasystemsphilly}.

12. Sided

Side ironing board for walk in closet

Not all boards have to flip out the traditional way. Instead, have your board ready for work without having to step to the side to use it. Just another thing to think about when custom building.

13. What’s Inside

essentials should be inside your ironing cabinet

Here’s a great example of what essentials should be inside your ironing cabinet for your to grab. Starch, bottled water, dryer sheets and other laundry needs that can fit inside as well – kept clear of clutter from atop the washer or dryer.{found on batchelorsway}.

14. Utilizing Space

Traditional Laundry room with ironing cabinet

This gorgeous laundry room is a great example of how to truly utilize the space you’re given. By no means is this a small utility room but when met with a large, bulky ironing board – clutter appears. That’s why this flip-out method is so functional!{found on braams}.

15. Involved

Yellow Walls and Cabinet that hide a ironing board

If you’re going for a traditional cabinet, don’t be fooled into thinking that all ironing board cabinets must be standalone versions. Instead they can be designed right into the rest of your laundry or utility fixture.

16. With Baskets

walk-in closet that has a built-in spot for ironing board

We love this walk-in closet that has a built-in spot for an ironing board. But what I personally love even more is that cubbies – with baskets – that are ready to store all of the have-to’s.

17. Hung Up

Bold laundry room with wallpaper and marshala washer machines

If you don’t want a fold out board, maybe try adding a peg to hang the board on the outside of the necessities cabinet. Just make sure to add a cover to your board to make a bit more stylish to look out if it’s left out in the open for everyone to see.{found on fortechsolutions}.

18. Lighted

Extra light inside the ironing board cabinet

We love the idea of adding an extra light inside your ironing board cabinet. Most laundry rooms or utility spaces are in darker areas of the home, like the basement, so that extra sparkle will help with all your creasing, folding and starching.{found on johnhallhomes}.

19. Practicality

Bathroom ironing board Practicality

A built-in cabinet with all the functions you need really is a space-saver. Just be sure to add an outlet and even a steam connection to make it a true, one-stop area of the house.

20. Hideaway

Hideaway ironing board

Sometimes you just need a cabinet to put away your ironing board to store while not in use. Here’s a great example of how to fashion that need. All while keeping all the other necessities organized and tidy.