Make A Nature Inspired Wall Hanging For Your Bedroom

Decorating walls has always been one of my favorite parts of each interior projects, mainly due to the fact that the possibilities are endless. It’s one of the most creative and personal ways to update your home, where you get the chance to express your current mood and personality. In case you wonder what are my  wall decor ideas – they tend to be influenced by the seasonal atmosphere, hence I decided to decorate my wall by hanging this Wooden Autumn Mobile with delicate gold accents.

Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile Decor

I believe that these kinds of mobiles, are true attention grabbers and can be personalized in many different ways – you can change its colors, patterns, size and the accessories, in other words you can make it just the way you want. Follow the instructions below to see how I made it:

Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile Closer

You will need:

  • 3 wooden sticks
  •  a string
  • brass spray paint
  • twigs of your choice to decorate your mobile
  • drill
  • sand paper (optional)
  • paint tape
Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile Materials


1. First of all, make sure that the wooden sticks are cut to the desired (all the same) length.

2. Use the drill to make holes for the string. You will need two holes, at the end of each side, of each stick. Make sure that the holes are big enough for the string to pass, but not too big, as later on you will be making knots, to keep them in place.

Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile First Step

3. Now sandpaper and wash the stick to make sure that their surface is smooth and clean.

Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile Second step

4. The next step involves adding gold accents to the sticks, so plan before how you want to decorate them. I decided to give them the golden shine at the ends, hence I used the paint tape to mark the parts to be painted.

Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile Stick

5. Place the sticks on the cardboard or newspapers to protect surfaces from getting dirty and spray paint the sticks with the brass color. Wait for the paint to dry well before continuing.

Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile Spray Paint

6. Now your sticks are ready so it’s time to make the mobile. Cut two strings of the same lengths that we will use to construct the mobile.

Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile String

7. Pass the string through the hole and make a knot, to keep the stick in place.

Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile Pass String
Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile Pass String1

8. Repeat it with the remaining two holes. At the end, you should have them arranged, like in the photo below. Repeat the procedure with the second string and the holes on the other side of the mobile, making sure to keep the same distance between the sticks.

Hanging Mobile art DIY

9. Once the base of your mobile is complete, decorate it with the  twigs. This is the part where you can really get creative and show your personality. I’m very much into minimalistic decorations recently, hence I kept it simple, but feel free to go crazy here! Secure the twigs with the string or tape and then hang your mobile on the wall!

Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile Closer look

Ta daaa! As you might have realized the leaves will be changing their colors into golden brown while they are on your wall, making it a truly Autumn decoration! You might want to keep the dry leaves or change for fresh twigs, depending on what you like better.

Hanging Wooden Autumn Mobile Above bed