15 Ways to Clean with Natural Products

Lately, people have become more and more wary of what they’re putting into their homes as far as cleaning agents are concerned. For many, a great debate is waged – do I use chemicals to keep things clean, or do I use natural products to keep things safe?

Natural leather furniture for living room

The good news is, these requirements (clean and safe) are not mutually exclusive. Plenty of natural products can be used in home-cleaning remedies that will keep your surroundings sparkling, fresh, and non-toxic. Here are 15 ways to clean with natural products in your home.

Natural Floor Cleaner Wipes.

Natural leather furniture for living room

A mixture of vinegar, water, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils will help you create all-natural floor cleaning wipes. (Note: They’re recommended for use over a Swiffer mop base.) Bonus: these reusable and disinfecting wipes are a fabulous way to get a sparkling floor.

Natural Carpet & Rug Stain Remover.

Natural leather furniture for living room

Few things fill our hearts with décor dread more than a prominent stain on our favorite rug or carpet. Fortunately, there are natural remedies to take care of these stains, such as the combination of hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, dish soap, and a few essential oils. (Full recipe here).

Natural Heated Carpet Stain Remover.

Natural leather furniture for living room

This simple recipe, made with just vinegar and water, might seem too good to be true, but it’s touted as being the real deal when it comes to removing common food stains from your carpets. The trick is in heat application via an iron. (Full recipe here).

Natural Computer Monitor Spritz.

Natural leather furniture for living room

Sometimes the most often-used places are the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Your laptop or desktop monitor, for example. Who knew that a simple spray solution of white vinegar and distilled water, applied with a microfiber cloth, would be the difference-maker?{found on popsugar}.

Natural Kitchen Cleaner.

Natural leather furniture for living room

No one likes the idea of spraying toxins into their homes in the name of “keeping it clean,” but this is probably most important in the Food Central Station of the home – a.k.a. the kitchen. An all-natural kitchen cleaner is a useful alternative, especially one that uses simple products that you already have in the kitchen anyway, such as baking soda and vinegar.{found on herecomesthesunblog}.

Natural Kitchen Countertop Disinfectant + Strategy.

Natural leather furniture for living room

Place a spray nozzle on a brown hydrogen peroxide bottle (hydrogen peroxide is light-sensitive, so keeping it in its original bottle maintains its effectiveness), then grab another spray bottle of white vinegar. A food scientist developed this method to remove salmonella from meat and veggies – read about this best technique for keeping your kitchen surfaces food-safe and germ-free here.

Natural Wood Cutting Board Cleaner.

Natural leather furniture for living room

Dip a clean, dry rag into some coconut oil, and give your wooden cutting board (or serving bowl, for that matter) a thorough rub. This not only cleans, but it freshens and deodorizes the wood piece as well.

Natural Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Natural leather furniture for living room

Giving our beloved vinegar a break for a minute, a strong glass cleaner that cuts through the grime in a heavier-duty way simply combines rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol), non-sudsing ammonia, and water. A buffing done with old newspaper will make your glass shine. (Recipe here).

Natural Shower Cleaner.

Natural leather furniture for living room

To rid your shower of soap scum and potential fungus and bacteria, this all-natural cleaner is the key. You’ll need borax, castile soap, vinegar, and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural fungicide and is the leading warrior against bacteria. (Full recipe here).

Natural Bathtub Scrub.

Believe it or not, sprinkling some fine-grain salt (or substitute baking soda, if you prefer) onto half a grapefruit and using this to scrub your bathtub (elbow great required) will result in a crystal-clear surface. Not only will your bathtub look sparkling after a regimen of this natural scrub, but it will smell even better. Which, frankly, is about half the fun of cleaning anyway, isn’t it?

Natural Grout Cleaner.

Natural leather furniture for living room

This remedy doesn’t require much in the way of fancy recipes, but it hits it out of the park with its effectiveness. Take a toothbrush, dip it into undiluted white vinegar, and scrub your grout. The result will amaze you.

Natural General Household Cleaner.

For those of you looking to simplify your cleaning arsenal (who has space to store ten spray bottles, anyway?) while still keeping it all natural, this spritzer just might become your go-to cleaner, for wood products, the kitchen, or even bathroom. Two ingredients – white vinegar and citrus peels, like lemons and oranges – make this all-natural cleaner super simple yet very effective in cutting the grease.

Natural Upholstery Cleaner.

Natural leather furniture for living room

You’ll soon discover, if you haven’t already, that in the world of natural cleansers, vinegar will become your new best friend. This is the case even on upholstered surfaces. When mixed with a bit of liquid dish soap and warm water, vinegar will work to clean and brighten those tired-looking upholstered pieces, giving them a fresh look and vibrant appeal.{found on sniperight}.

Natural Wood Furniture Spray.

Natural leather furniture for living room

Some ingredients can be a bit harsh for cleaning wood surfaces, but this furniture spray utilizes olive oil to help maintain the luster and shine of your wood furniture. A bit of white vinegar serves as a disinfecting agent, and some lemon peel and rosemary (optional) add a lovely scent to the mix.{found on jordansonion}.

Natural Leather Conditioner.

Natural leather furniture for living room

Well-cared-for leather is a luxury and an investment into the future, so you’ll want to make sure you treat those leather pieces right! Good news: It could be as simple as mixing some natural baby oil with a bit of vinegar and a few drops of essential oil. (Full recipe options here).