20 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

We’ve searched high and low and found 20 of the best front yard landscaping ideas for your home. They’re accessible, manageable and they’re easy to accomplish for even the most novice of lawn lovers.

 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

From highlighting the walkways to small and quaint flower beds, allow us to share with you some beautiful inspiration that you can execute in your own front yard. Let’s take a peek!

Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Front Yard

1. Flower Tufts

Porch Petunias

A simple walkway is highlighted by beautiful, trimmed grass and delicate tufts of flowers. Mix and match your favorites and make sure you keep up with any unsightly weeds that pop up.{found on kikuchiandassociates}.

2. Neutral Lines

Porch Petunias

We love the neutrality of this design. Gorgeous grass, scalloped mulching with small bushes, and white, wild-like flowers that add charm and creative spirits to the space. {found on fabulousflowerbeds}.

3. Lush Greenery

Porch Petunias

With just a pop of natural coloring, sometimes the right idea is to keep it in the same family. Lush greenery lines the walkway to the front door with a warmth and easy spirit. {found on lindenlandscaping}.

4. Clean Layers 

Porch Petunias

Simple and sweet, this landscape design is all about highlighting this charming home and makes a good impression. There’s a layer that was adding to enhance the richness of the house but there’s also a simplicity that makes it so comfortable and fresh. {found on siegelarchitects}.

5. Garden Feelings

Porch Petunias

Although this may seem untouchable and “hard” in the scheme of landscape design, it’s still very doable, especially when you don’t have a true “yard” to work with. It’s very garden in feel and fairy-tale like!

6. Simple Ease

Porch Petunias

Without a green thumb or a love for grooming your yard all year long, you may want to keep things simple at best. Some bushes that will create a lushness as they grow, green grass, and a couple of potted plants on the step throughout the warmer months is still a great option for a clean freshness. {found on dmge}.

7. Yellow Pops

Porch Petunias

If you have a larger home and a larger yard, you’ll need to make a bigger plot for your plants. But that doesn’t mean they need to be filled in every inch, but those yellow pops sure do make a difference!

8. Voluminous Colors

Porch Petunias

If you’re feeling bold, go for color. Pick your favorites and do a bit of research on plants that fit well together and create a lush and voluminous overall look.

9. Modern Lines

Porch Petunias

If your home is modern and more contemporary in overall style, then you don’t want too much fuss in the front yard. This look is easy to upkeep and chic enough to enhance the vision.{found on weaverdesigngroup}.

10. Unique Texture

Porch Petunias

Your landscaping doesn’t have to be all about plants and flowers, textures work too. Some potted plants can highlight a beautiful design of stones, river rocks, and gravel mist. {found on landwise}.

11. Window Boxes

landscaping ideas Window Boxes

Window boxes are a great way to add color and visual interest to your front windows, and they require less than a day’s worth of work to assemble yourself. You can either plant perennial plants in the window boxes that will come every year or choose new annuals to plant in the box each growing season. Window boxes can be painted or stained to match the trim of any home exterior design. These boxes are also perfect for plants that may try to overrun the rest of the yard, such as mint or strawberries. (via HGTV)

12. Water Feature

landscaping ideas Water Feature

A water feature adds a cool look to the front yard, but it also introduces the soothing sound of trickling water to your landscape design too. In hot summer months, a water feature can be a welcome sight to local neighborhood wildlife who might stop by to visit for a drink or a bath. Placing a few stones or other stations inside the fountain can prevent animals or insects from falling in and becoming trapped. Using a pump to keep water moving can prevent mosquitoes. (via Family Handyman)

13. Wheelbarrow Planter

landscaping ideas Wheelbarrow Planter

If your old wheelbarrow has rust or holes in it, don’t put it out to the curb just yet. Adding compost and potting soil to an old wheelbarrow and giving it a spot of honor in the yard can provide a front yard planter you can fill with flowers year after year. Make sure to drill holes in the bottom of the wheelbarrow to ensure proper drainage. Wheelbarrow planters can also be decorated seasonally with autumn hay bales or another seasonal yard decor. (via The DIY Playbook)

14. Sunken Container Garden

landscaping ideas Sunken Container Garden

Potted borders are a smart option for when you want to plant invasive plants in your front border beds, or if you want to easily swap out annuals each year. Using buried pots in your front yard beds involves burying pots in the bed up to the lip, then surrounding each pot with an attractive mulching material such as pine bark or river stones. Sunken containers keep your front beds looking neat and also help you avoid weeds with heavy mulch. (via The Home Depot)

15. Succulent Rock Garden

landscaping ideas Succulent Rock Garden

Succulents have gained popularity quickly over the years since they don’t require a lot of maintenance and come in a wide variety of interesting shapes and colors. Rocks or boulders in your front yard can serve as perfect staging areas for these small plants since they don’t require a lot of growing medium to thrive. Stones are a great visual complement to succulents and can help provide groundcover as protection from exposure. (via Southwest Boulder)

16. Clematis Climbing Wall

landscaping ideas Clematis Climbing Wall

Clematis is a fantastic flowering vine that looks great on the front of any home once it’s been established, but it needs a strong trellis to use as a climbing wall so it doesn’t damage the siding on the home. This DIY trellis is perfect for training up clematis, morning glory, or other types of decorative climbing vines in your front yard. Climbing flowers help make full use of vertical space and also help to draw the eye to architectural accents and trim. (via Fred Gonsowski Garden Home)

17. Shade Loving Plants

landscaping ideas Shade Loving Plants

Sometimes it can be difficult to landscape a front yard because it doesn’t get much light due to shade trees. It’s true that many flowers require full sun to bring out their brightest colors and features, but there are still many beautiful flowers that you can use to fill up your shady beds too. Deliberately picking plants and flowers that do well in the shade can prevent your front yard beds from looking scraggly all year. (via Country Living in a Cariboo Valley)

18. Lighted Driveway

landscaping ideas Lighted Driveway

Nothing feels quite as good as seeing the lights in your own home blazing when you’re pulling up your driveway in the evening. Extend that cozy feeling to your front yard by adding a lighted landscaping border to your driveway. These lights can also help prevent people from tripping and falling over landscaping features in the dark. Try using these DIY mason jar solar lights for some rustic charm. (via Hunny I’m Home)

19. Evergreens Entryway

landscaping ideas Evergreens Entryway

Evergreens are a good way to add some year-round greenery to your front porch and walkway since they stay vibrant all year. Evergreen plants such as dwarf Hinoki cypress trees and English boxwood hedges add structure to your front entry and can also help make a gorgeous front yard look even more sophisticated and put-together. Unlike other perennials such as potted citrus trees which may need to be moved indoors for the winter, evergreens can stay out all year. (via Medium)

20. Porch Petunias

landscaping ideas Porch Petunias

Petunias are one of the most commonly seen and popular yard flowers in North America, and for good reason. These colorful rays of sunshine come in a wide variety of colors, are easy to care for, and can put out blooms all throughout spring and summer if they are tended properly. Hang petunias in large hanging baskets to decorate your porch, but be sure to water regularly and remove old blooms to avoid them looking tattered in the summer. (Source: Garden Down South)


Front yards, entryways, and borders are one of the most visible parts of a home’s exterior landscaping. When it comes to curb appeal, nothing is more important than taking the time to assess your front yard and see where there are ways you could improve its aesthetic appearance.

Making a few minor changes to the layout of your front walk, driveway, or flower beds can make a huge difference in the overall vibe of your home. However, it’s best to look over all of your options carefully before you get started so you don’t make any costly changes you’ll have to revise later when you change your mind. Hopefully, the above list will give you plenty of front yard landscaping ideas to act as a jumping-off point so you can design the front yard of your dreams!