Inspiring DIY Summer Wreath Ideas Full Of Joy And Color

Summer is full of cheerful and sunny colors that are just impossible to resist. A particularly lovely way to bring them into our homes and to display them in a unique and effective manner is through wreaths.

DIY Summer Wreath

A DIY summer wreath is just what you need right now to cheer up your home’s already beautiful decor. Let’s take a look at a few inspiring ideas so you can pick your favorite ones. 

DIY summer wreath – inspirational ideas

Butterflies and flowers

Butterflies and flowersView in gallery

Let’s start off with a truly special wreath design, one that’s full of color and also something else. This gorgeous design is featured on craftberrybush and what makes it stand out is use of these beautiful and delicate monarch butterfly ornaments. They really help this wreath stand out. 

A full summer wreath made of hydrangea flowers

A full summer wreath made of hydrangea flowersView in gallery

Hydrangea is really beautiful and have a special aesthetic that helps them stand out from most other summer flowers. Its delicate little flowers are gathered in bouquets which are perfect for making a full wreath like the one featured on danslelakehouse.

A patriotic twist

A patriotic twistView in gallery

This wreath design featured on petticoatjunktion combines two very distinct themes: summer and the 4th of July. Instead of an actual wreath form this one makes use of a summer hat, the kind that you’d wear at the beach. It’s decorated with red, white and blue ornaments for a patriotic twist.

A delicate lily of the valley wreath

A delicate lily of the valley wreathView in gallery

All flowers have a ton of charm and each one is special in its own unique way. The lily of the valley is one of the most distinctive types of flowers admired for its delicate appearance and enchanting scent. A lily of the valley wreath would sure look amazing and this design from danslelakehouse really knows how to highlight the uniqueness of these little flowers. 

A mix of fruits and flowers

A mix of fruits and flowersView in gallery

Flowers are not the only thing that you can decorate a summer wreath with. Including a few seasonal or brightly colored fruits in the design can help to put it over the top and to give it an original and eye-catching look. This beautiful wreath design shared on craftberrybush features a bunch of faux lemons which give it a super cheerful look. 

An asymmetrical approach
An asymmetrical approachView in gallery

Asymmetrical designs like the one featured on craftberrybush give the wreath a simple and modern aesthetic. At the same time, the exposed grapevine wreath section contrasts beautifully with the fresh greenery and the delicate flowers helping their colors stand out more. 

Watermelon inspiration

Watermelon inspirationView in gallery

Using greenery and flowers as decorations for a wreath is one option but there’s plenty of others that you also like to explore. For example, this fun watermelon-inspired wreath from craftcreatecook is made from a bunch of fabric strips tied onto a simple wire wreath form. Doesn’t it look delicious?

A symphony of pastel colors

A symphony of pastel colorsView in gallery

Vivid colors like yellow and orange sure have their charm but soft pastels do too so if you want a summer wreath that’s not as bold but still stands out and looks beautiful check out this one from artsychicksrule. It’s made from hydrangea flowers in light link, turquoise and white and it’s gorgeous. 

Colorful wreath made with mesh ribbon

Colorful wreath made with mesh ribbonView in gallery

Mesh ribbon is a really great resource if you want your DIY wreath to look very full but also to have a light and delicate aesthetic. You can use the mesh ribbon as a filler material or in combination with all sorts of decorations like some brightly colored summer flowers. Check out lifefamilyfun for more details and ideas. 

A tropical design

A tropical designView in gallery

Another fun and the inspiring idea is to give your DIY summer wreath a colorful and tropical look by using things like palm leaves and an assortment of flowers in fun colors like red, orange, peach and so on. You can find a lovely example in that sense on akailochiclife

Inspired by the ocean

Inspired by the oceanView in gallery

Summer is the perfects season for visiting the beach and bringing back all sorts of souvenirs like shells and seaglass. These can actually be your source of inspiration for a beautiful ocean-themed wreath. Check out the one featured on misskopykat if you want to see what other materials could be useful. 

A wreath shaped like a pineapple

A wreath shaped like a pineappleView in gallery

Speaking of tropical wreaths, check out this one from cottageatthecrossroads. It’s shaped like a pineapple which gives it a super fun appearance but it’s also made from a bunch of pinecones which is really cool in on itself. 

Cute flowers made of cork

Cute flowers made of corkView in gallery

This adorable wreath is made from some super simple materials like a bunch of wine corks and a thin wooden board. It has such a cheerful vibe even though there’s no fresh flowers or greenery involved in the design. Be sure to head over to diys for more details about this lovely DIY summer wreath. 

Make a statement through simplicity

Make a statement through simplicityView in gallery

It’s quite cool how a wreath as simple as this one can actually make a pretty big statement. This wreath looks beautiful and is super easy to make. All you need for it is a twig wreath, some peony stems and a cute bow or some ribbon. More details about it can be found on makingtheworldcuter

A basket full of flowers

A basket full of flowersView in gallery

Although we all have in mind the very classic image of a circular wreath, not all of them actually look like that. Try something different and a bit bold, like a summer wreath that looks like a basket and fills it with lots of seasonal flowers. Check out this one featured on theinspiredroom for more details. 

Try a nautical theme

Try a nautical themeView in gallery

Let’s go back a bit to the ocean-themed wreath idea. Here’s another version of that, this time with a really nice color palette and just a hint of turquoise. The distressed finish on the anchor ornament is a perfect little detail. Check out howtonestforless to see how this wreath was made. 

A rainbow of tiny umbrellas

A rainbow of tiny umbrellasView in gallery

Make your wreath stand out by decorating it with something a bit more unusual: tiny paper umbrellas, the kind that you decorate cocktails with. You can use a bunch of these to cove the entire wreath. Mix and match lots of different colors and patterns to get this crazy effect and embrace this look. Use a styrofoam wreath form to make this project easier. More details can be found on sadieseasongoods

Make a colorful fiesta wreath

Make a colorful fiesta wreathView in gallery

Ready to embrace color? Check out this magnificent fiesta wreath from designimprovised. It has all these different patterns and colors on it and even some dangly bits which help it stand out even more. It would sure make an eye-catching decoration.

A romantic design

A romantic designView in gallery

Here’s something cute and romantic that you can make for Valentine’s Day: a heart-shaped wreath decorated with lots of beautiful roses. The light pink and pastel colors featured on lydioutloud suit this design quite well and give the wreath a bohemian vibe. 

Have fun with more pineapples

Have fun with more pineapplesView in gallery

The bright yellow and green accents of this pineapple wreath really scream summer but the design is actually quite eclectic and unusual. This wreath is made using 8 pineapple honeycomb centerpieces and a flat styrofoam wreath. Putting these things together couldn’t be easier. Check out this project on twinspiration

A simple boxwood wreath

A simple boxwood wreathView in gallery

Simple and classic wreaths have a ton of charm too, especially boxwood wreaths which look great regardless of the season. This one is really easy to make using only a grapevine wreath, faux boxwood and some green floral wire. The tutorial for it can be found on andersonandgrant

Simple with a twist

Simple with a twistView in gallery

Based on this simple project from lilyardor you can come up with your own ways of making a simple green wreath stand out. You can add a few seasonal details to it for a bit more character. For instance, try some cute berries for a fall wreath or a few colorful flowers for a summer version of the wreath. 

A mix of greens and flowers

A mix of greens and flowersView in gallery

You might also like a wreath design that’s a bit more diverse and uses not one type of greenery or flowers but several. This lovely wreath featured on thediymommy is a perfect example. We love all the subtle differences between the color nuances and the contrasts that they create. 

Go with a farmhouse approach

Go with a farmhouse approachView in gallery

This farmhouse-style wreath from lydioutloud has one of the most interesting and unique designs so far. What really stands out is the fact it doesn’t use a classic wreath form but a wagon wheel decoration instead. It’s such a clever idea and it makes all the difference. 

A square wreath

A square wreathView in gallery

Not all wreaths are circular but most usually are which is why seeing something like this is rather unexpected. This square-shaped wreath featured on aprettyfix has a lot of charm and it’s not all due to its unusual shape. The way in which the different flowers and colors are organized and paired together is also part of the design strategy. 

Red, white and blue

Red, white and blueView in gallery

A simple red, white and blue wreath like this one from myfrugaladventures is just what you need for the 4th of July. This is actually a type of wreath that’s super easy to make because what you mostly need to do is wrap colored yarn around a straw wreath. Don’t forget the little white stars. 

Lemon freshness

Lemon freshnessView in gallery

Have you ever used lemons on a wreath? It’s a pretty unusual idea but also one that’s perfect for a summer wreath because yellow is such a bright, cheerful and sunny color. You can use styrofoam or plastic lemons to keep it lightweight and you can add a few little flowers too between all the greenery. Check out thenavagepatch for a full tutorial. 

Have fun with paper ornaments

Have fun with paper ornamentsView in gallery

Looking for some inspiration for a party wreath? Check out this colorful design featured on designimprovised. It’s made from a bunch of honeycomb balls in different colors and a bunch of paper flowers and it’s not just easy to make but really beautiful as well. 

A zebra wreath


Relying on a timeless combination of colors like black and white is a good way of making sure your wreath fits in pretty much any type of decor. Of course, using only those color can end up looking a bit boring. Try playing with some fun patterns like these zebra stripes and adding a few contrasting accents like the roses. Head over to girllovesglam for more details.